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Saint Valentine’s Day: The True Story

Valentine’s Day was created almost 2000 years ago by the greeting card companies in ancient Rome.  The day originally honoured 14 martyrs, people who choose to die rather than renounce their beliefs, who became known collectively as Saint Valentinus.  Back then the cards would contain messages like ‘good on you for not renouncing your beliefs’ or ‘I hope you chose the right religion because you’re about to find out for sure’.

Over the years the meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day has changed and, while women still had not got the right to vote, the idea that a man had to court a woman, which became popular in the high middle ages, eventually became associated the day.  Men would show there love by sending cards, flowers and Cadbury’s chocolate to their love.  In those days the cards read more like ‘hey baby, consider yourself courted’ and ‘I’ll love you all knight long’.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day was removed from the General Roman Calendar Pope Paul VI, which technically means that Valentine’s Day isn’t really a holiday at all.  So you’re in a relationship, you’ve spent a fortune on gifts and you’ve just found out that it is you, not your single friend, that is in denial.  What do you do?  You could continue to pretend that Valentine’s Day exists, you could even argue that religious institutions are not the only ones able to deem something a holiday, or you could go the much more impractical route that is suing the greeting card company for leading you on all these years.  Even if you don’t win you can use the case as a way of suggesting some updated messages for the cards.  Think something along the lines of ‘you’re beautiful, but in a strange, why do you have a moustache, kind of way’, ‘once you ignore the outside appearance you’re okay’ or ‘you’re not a supermodel, but, until one comes along, you’ll do’.

Considering a lot of people argue that Valentine’s Day was just created by the greeting card companies, I probably just proved that it’s more of a legitimate holiday than they thought, but still Happy Valentine’s Day.

What do you think?  Do you class Valentine’s Day as a holiday?  Were you single this V-Day?  Have you ever spent a lot of money on someone’s Valentine’s gift?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below, also don’t forget to follow and click the like button, if you liked this post.


Footloose Remake

In a town were dancing is against the law, the teenagers fight for their right to boogie.

The 1984 hit film Footloose is being remade and brought to the next generation. The film is set in the fictional town of Bomont and will star Kenny Wormald as Ren McCormack, played by Kevin Bacon in the original, and Julianne Hough as Ariel, originally played by Lori Singer.

Bomont is an uptight old-fashioned town were, after five teens die in a car accident coming home from a dance, a law was passed to stop minors dancing in public (seems like they probably should have just banned driving, but that would be ridiculous). Then a city kid called Ren, moves to town and rebels against the law. Ironically the town were dancing is illegal is also the home of some really skilled dancers, like no way they got that good without practice.

The trailer was good, but will modern audiences be able to take the plot serious? There’s one part were, in court, Ren says ‘there was once a time for that law, but not anymore’, the law forbidding public dancing was only passed three years before Ren moved to Bomont, that’s not a lot of time for the law to go from necessary to unnecessary. Then again, the law was completely crazy to begin with, or was it? The whole idea of a town that banned dancing wasn’t made up. The inspiration came from a Elmore City, a place in America were dancing was banned until 1980. However, in reality the ban was put in place in the late 1800s, which is a little more believable than 2008.

As far as dance movies go, it seems pretty good and, though the cast look too old to be effected by the no minors dancing in public law, the characters seem believable. It should also be noted that, despite it now being a classic, the original Footloose got really bad reviews, makes me wonder if this one will do any better. Maybe the modern setting and music will help the story. Speaking of music, the trailer plays a number of songs; some are reminiscent of the Step Up movies, while others are more country. The trailer itself gives the same impression; Step Up with a country edge.

We won’t really now if it’s good or not until the movie comes out on the 14th of October, but what do you think? Did you like the original? Are you looking forward to seeing a modern version? Do you hate dance movies? Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below. Also don’t forget to subscribe and click the like button.

College Results

I woke up at eight in the morning, immediately demonstrating my graceful moving skills by hitting my side off the corner of a shelf.  An accidental, but handy, way to ensure I didn’t use the snooze button, though I don’t recommend it.  I hurried unnecessarily fast with a mix of nerves and excitement acting as a caffeine substitute.  Today I got my results from college.

When I arrived there were only two of my classmates there.  I waited as they went in one at a time and I listened as they told me how they did and then it was my turn.  I sat down in a chair, facing two of my lecturers (ex-lecturers).  After some small talk I was given a big brown envelope.  Inside the envelope were my results and several other pages I didn’t care about at the time, recommendations for colleges and stuff, I quickly found my results and the first thing I said was,

‘I only got a pass in quiz radio?’

They were shocked and it turns out it was a mistake, it was meant to be a merit.  They took the sheet and tore it up.  One of them left the room to print out a fixed version and the other stayed and had a chat.  It wasn’t too long before I was handed the correct version of my results.  I finished with an overall distinction (which is the best you can get) and now have a HND in journalism.  I’m really going to miss my class.  I had a really great experience and I hope to keep in touch with them in the future.

What do you think?  Have you kept in touch with many of your college or school friends?  Did you have a good or bad experience in college or school?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Space Battleship, Gantz, Movie Release dates and Vampires from Jersey

Rather than give each of these things its own post, I’ve decided that they should be joined together as one post.  It’s not that all three don’t deserve a separate post, it’s just that two of them already have one each and the third is going to have its own, you’ll know why by the end of the post.

There has been a lot of interest in the release date of the live action Gantz movie.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before more details came out, as distributors were fighting over the rights.  I haven’t heard any official announcement, but I did find out that the live action movie will be available on amazon soon.  Amazon has different sites for different countries, it doesn’t has an Irish one get though, but the UK version will stock the DVD from the 3rd of October and the US version will have it from as early as the 30th of August.  It’s unclear whether both DVDs are included or not.

Though it hasn’t gotten as much interest, it’s a movie I’ve personally been waiting for.  Space Battleship Yamato will come to DVD and Blu-ray on the 24th of June.  This news comes from the movies official blog.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t specify if it is a worldwide release.  I’ll be on the lookout for more details so don’t be afraid to leave a comment asking for more information.

The third thing is a solution to all the gaps that my blog acquired back before college ended, that’s right I’m finished for the summer.  All I have to do now is pick which college I head to next year.  Anyway here’s my solution, fake movies.  I recently listened to a radio show were contestants had to mix too movies together to make a different movie.  Inspired by this I will be filling the gaps with movie posters, and small plots, that mix two or more movies, TV shows, games or books together.  Here’s an example.

Snooki Stackhouse is a poof haired girl who enjoys her life of drunken pickle eating in Jersey Shore.  Through the magic of her poof she can read the minds of others, except supernatural creatures like vampires.  It’s the perfect relationship except he has no tan and she’s dying of skin cancer.

What do you think?  Are you happy about the release dates?  Do you think it would work out between Bill (the Vamiation) and Snooki?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

The Muppets First Trailer Review

It starts with one man forgetting his anniversary and ends with a Muppet adventure.  That’s right I’m talking about the Muppets movie again.  Why?  Because they released a trailer.

The trailer is actually disguised as a melodramatic romance movie and then it’s revealed to be a trailer for The Muppets.  Making the fake trailer was a really clever idea; it kind of taps into some of the fun of the film.  Near the end we do get to see some of the actually footage and it looks impressive.  The tone matches with earlier Muppet movies and that’s really the most important thing.

It’s clear from the trailer that there will be some musical numbers, which isn’t surprising if you’ve ever watched The Muppets before.  The new songs will be written by Flight of the Concords star Bret McKenzie, but some of the classics will also be making an appearance too.  Among these classic songs is the hit Rainbow Connection.

So far I’m impressed by what I’ve seen, not that I was expecting otherwise.  The people working on the project really care about it and it’s great to see that.  It would be a complete shock to me if this film didn’t end up being a hit.

What do you think?  Are you impressed by the trailer?  Did you like how it started with fake footage?  Let me know by voting and commenting below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe.

The Origin of Easter

Have you ever wondered how Easter became what it is today?  What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection of Christ?  Well there’s actually a simple answer and it involves people pushing religion on each other.

Every Spring Pagans held a festival to honour their god Eastre, who’s symbol was a rabbit.  When the Christians came to convert the pagans to Christianity, they found that the Eastre celebration happened to be on the same day Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  To make it easier to convert the pagans they simply allowed them to continue their festival, which involved painting eggs, but in a Christian way.

So that’s why we get chocolate eggs delivered by bunnies every year on the date Jesus returned from the dead.  It’s actually a lot simpler than I thought; I was expecting a big government conspiracy.  Let me know what you think of the origins of Easter by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe.

New Grit

True Grit was originally a book by Charles Portis.  In 1969, a year after the books release, a movie adaptation was made, this movie starred John Wayne as, a character with true grit, Reuben (Rooster) Cogburn.  John Wayne won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award (Oscar) for his performance; this was the only time, in his entire career, that Wayne got an Oscar.  Although the book was a standalone story, the movie had two sequels.  The first, of these sequels, also starred John Wayne and followed the same basic story as its predecessor.  The second, on the other hand, starred Warren Oates; this sequel was made-for-TV, which shows the decline in popularity from the first, which did so well, and its sequels.

The 2010 version is not just a simple remake.  It’s the reopening of a genre of movie that hasn’t really been explored in film lately; hopefully it will be more successful than when Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino brought back Grindhouse.  Even if you’re not a fan of westerns, it’ll be interesting to see how modern technology affects the genre.

The movie is about a fourteen year old girl called Mattie, who hires Cogburn, an aging US marshal, to help catch Tom Chaney, the man that killed her father.  Mattie is determined to go along on the search, even though Cogburn tries to stop her.  A Texas Ranger called La Boeuf, is also looking for Chaney and goes along with Mattie and Cogburn, against Mattie’s will.

This version is closer to the book than the first one.  The book is narrated by Mattie, as an old woman who is retelling the events of how she avenged her father’s death.  The new movie is also narrated by an older Mattie, but this was left out of the original movie, possibly to leave it open for sequels.

The new True Grit, and its cast, has already been nominated for many awards, including the Oscar for best actor (Jeff Bridges is nominated).  Winning awards isn’t anything new for the cast, Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges play La Boeuf and Cogburn respectively, both of which already have an Oscar.  The movie is already been released in the US, but it doesn’t come out in Ireland until the 11th of February, the day after it opens for the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

What do you think of this movie?  Do you think this is the return of westerns?  If so, do you think it’s a good think?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Old vs New

As you may already know, I’m a horror movie addict.  It seems strange talking about horror movies this close to Christmas, but I’m writing my thesis on the representation of paranormal in media so horror movies are sort of on my mind.  While researching for the thesis I have to watch paranormal movies and today’s was The Shining.

I’ve never found The Shining scary; it’s disturbing at times, but not scary.  Yet older people have told me time and time again that movies like The Shining and The Exorcist were the scariest movies in history.  Neither of these movies, in my opinion, can compare to some of the modern horrors.  I haven’t been scared by a movie in years, but some recent movies have come closer than The Shining ever will.

I wonder what reaction I’d get if I forced someone who was frightened by The Exorcist to watch Paranormal Activity.  Maybe they wouldn’t find it even remotely scary.  Perhaps, since I don’t find that generation’s horrors the tiniest bit creepy, they would not think this generation of horror was scary.  So which is better old or new?  Maybe fear is in the eye of the beholder, but maybe there’s something else too it.  Do the older horrors have something the new ones don’t, or vice versa?

The thing I love most about horror is that it breaks barriers.  It can be, but isn’t always, an unpredictable rollercoaster.  Having said that movies like The Exorcist were pushing boundaries back then too, we only have the freedom of the modern horror because cinema evolved and is still evolving.  I think I figured it out and all by myself too.  Modern movies enjoy more freedom and thus can push further so they can be scarier, but they would not be able to do this were it not for the classics.

Do you agree with me?  Maybe you think old horror is true horror, let me know by commenting a voting below.

Books vs Movies/TV shows

Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood, Percy Jackson and many others, all started as books.  A long before the cinema goer cared what happened to Bella Swan she was ink on a page, ink that captivated readers, and Harry Potter originally fought the Dark Lord in the imaginations of readers.

As a fan of books, movies and TV shows, it’s hard for me to say which is better.  When it comes to judging between movies and shows that started as books it’s sometimes better just to take them as entirely different entity’s that just share some names and maybe a title, because a lot of the time so much of the story has changed that there is hardly a resemblance.

By listening to people talk about this, I’ve learned that a fool will always say the book is better (even if they haven’t seen it).  No offence intended, sometimes the book is better but it’s not always.  I like the True Blood TV series better than the books.  I may change my mind but at the moment that’s how I feel, Harry Potter books will always be better than the movies, Twilight movies aren’t good but the books are, and I’ve never read Percy Jackson but I love the movie.

One downside to books is that they take so long to read (for me at least).  A movie goes on for a set amount of time and if you sit there facing the screen for that long then you’re done.  On the other hand, movies are limited in a way the books are not, special effects can only do so much.  Another thing I like about books is the thought that a character has a million faces; everyone pictures them just a little bit differently.

I’m not trying to make an overall judgement, but I want to know which you prefer.  Everyone has a preference.  Do you curl up with a book, or relax with a movie/TV show.