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Amazing Spider-Man 2 first trailer

Okay so there is a lot of stuff packed into this trailer, but will the movie feel as crowded?

The last time we had a Spider-Man movie with this many villains it led to the entire franchise being rebooted, so it’s a little surprising to see so many crammed into this sequel. Except this time it looks like there may be a good plan behind it and it was mentioned in the first film.

Oscorp seems to be at the centre of all things superpower related. Peter Parker was bitten by one of their genetically altered spiders and now it looks like the company may be responsible for not only these villains, but future ones as well.

In the above still from the trailer you can see what looks like robotic wings and tentacles, which will likely belong to Vulture and Doctor Octopus in future Spider-Man films. This level of planning makes up for a lot of the worries about the overcrowded roster of villains as it seems like Harry Osborn, who will be the Green Goblin, is sort of a ring leader with Rhino and Electro almost as henchmen.

Though it’s a lot more organised than the three random villains from the third Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie, it is a little disappointing that Jamie Fox’s Electro doesn’t seem to be the main bad guy despite being at the centre of the ad campaign.

Dane Dehaan’s version of Harry Osborn has apparently skipped his dad to take on the title, which could mean that this time it will be the father avenging his son rather than the other way around. The big question is which one will kill Gwen Stacy?

There have been a number of other interesting sightings in the trailer. The above picture may or may not be Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat nothing is really confirmed about who Felicity Jones is playing.

Then there is this strange part that is a little confusing. If Shailene Woodley was cut from the film then why is she still in the trailer? Maybe she’ll just be ‘girl who almost gets crushed by car’ rather than the much more well known character Mary Jane Watson.

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Thor: The Dark World review

When we last saw Thor he was escorting Loki back to Asgard after yet another Earth city was destroyed at his hands, which is why it brings great satisfaction to see an Earthling cause so much trouble back on his planet in Thor: The Dark World.

The story begins with Thor’s grandfather defeating an ancient race of dark elves, who predate the creation of the nine realms. After the battle, the Asgardians seal away a fluid destructive force known as the aether so that it can’t be used to cause any more harm.

Back on Earth, Jane and her intern Darcy, who now has her own intern, are in England investigating strange energy signals when they stumble upon a place where the laws of physics don’t always apply and the link between worlds is weak. This inevitably leads to the reawakening of the almost extinct dark elves.

Thor and Loki

The name of the movie may be Thor, but it seems the hammer wielding hero still hasn’t managed to get out of his brother’s shadow and it’s beginning to look like you can’t have a Thor movie without Loki, which is only going to cause problems in the long run no matter how good Tom Hiddleston is in the role.

Loki is a much more fun character than the ever serious Thor and this time we get to see whether or not he can ever be trusted, when Thor goes against his Janefather, and maybe his better judgement, and teams up with Loki. The new dynamic between them is much more interesting than having Loki be the villain again and offers Loki the chance to grow as a character.

Asgard features heavily in this film and there are some impressive shots flying above the city that really help to build up this world. Though after a while it’s hard not to get distracted by the fact that not a single street scene ever takes place in the beautiful bright city. This is highlighted even more by scenes on Earth that can use actual streets.

This film also sees Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster go to Asgard for the first time and helps to introduce an almost non-existent love triangle between Jane, Thor and Sif. The entire weight of this love triangle falls on Jaimie Alexander’s shoulder who manages to convey the whole thing in dirty looks while secretly wishing she’d been cast as DC’s Wonder Woman instead.

The fight scenes in the movie are pretty fun to watch, which probably comes from director Alan Taylor’s work on Game of Thrones. If any of the Marvel movies could benefit from Game of Thrones it’s Thor, even if changing director almost cost them their female lead.

Much of the comedic relief comes from the Earth bound characters. Mostly Stellan Skarsgård’s crazy Eric Selvig and, queen of the one liners, Kat Dennings’ as Darcy. Even though most of the action happens off world it seems that Earth is still the place to go for comedy, which does cause it to take some damage so it’s not completely out of the danger zone.

Thor and Loki and Jane

Chris Hemsworth once again proves that he is perfect for the role of Thor, which probably means he’s never going to be returning to Australian soap Home and Away. Though I doubt that will bother most of this Marvel fans. Thor was arguably the strongest movie in Marvel’s cinematic phase one and it looks like it’s going to be holding onto this title for phase two as well.

When the movie ends, remember this is a superhero movie you’re watching and don’t leave your seat. This one is worth the wait and you don’t want to be the one who has to watch it in bad YouTube quality.

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The Call review

Despite what you might think when you see WWE stamped on a film, you may not want to dismiss The Call so fast.

After making a mistake that ends up costing someone their life, Jordan Turner, played by Halle Berry, decides to take a break from dealing with emergency calls and instead begins teaching others how to handle them. Her career change doesn’t last and it isn’t long before she is thrown back into her old role. Now she must attempt to guide a young girl named Casey Welson, played by Abigail Breslin, in an escape from the boot of a car.

The movie wins some major points by avoiding the traditional police chasing after a kidnapper clichés. Setting the story in an emergency call centre gave an interesting insight into the people who do that for a living and how the job actually works. The actors playing Jordan’s co-workers help to create a family atmosphere and you can see that they support each other and are friends. On the other hand, her relationship with her boyfriend Paul, played by Morris Chestnut, seems out of place and at times unprofessional. It almost feels like the relationship was included just to tick a box because it didn’t really add anything to the story to include it.

The movie starts off great, Jordan is powerless, she can’t physically do anything to effect the outcome of the situation which creates some very tense scenes. For the most part, the film is intense, gripping, exciting and thrilling, but it loses some of these qualities towards the end were it goes from being a very believable story to something a bit more far fetched. In fact the last third of the movie feels more like what everyone in that situation would want to do oppose to what they actually would do. Even so, Halle Berry managed to portray the character in a way that none of it really seemed out of character, except maybe the very end.

As far as villains go Michael Eklund plays a similar role to that of the weekly killer on an episode of Criminal Minds, he’s creepy enough that you’ll believe he’d murder someone but not so creepy that you don’t believe he could function in society. His motives are explained, but he doesn’t do a bad guy monologue going into every detail which was nice. The main problem with him was how easy he should have been to find, he pretty much left a trail to follow and the police couldn’t find him because ‘he wiped’ stuff with a cloth.

If you’re looking for a movie that will keep you interested all the way through, then you’ll probably enjoy The Call because it is fast paced and has an good story, but if realism is extremely important to you then you might fall out of love with it towards the end.

What do you think? Are you going to see the movie? Does setting it in an emergency call centre interest you? Would you like to have that job? Let me know what you think by voting and leaving a comment down below and remember guy’s if you call 911 there is a chance you’ll get to speak to Halle Berry.

Oscar Nominations 2013

Check out this years Oscar nominations and let me know who you think is going to win or who you think should have been nominated in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to vote on your favourite film award ceremony at the end of the post.

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Writer Confirms No Time Travelling in The Planet of the Apes Sequel

If there’s one thing that everybody remembers about the original Planet of the Apes movie it’s the Statue of Liberty scene were Taylor discovers that there is no home planet for him to return to as this ape filled land is actually Earth’s grim future.  It’s a great twist and sets up for the time travelling sequels, which explore the rise of the apes, the fall of humanity and the eventual destruction of Earth.  However, all of this stuff isn’t shown in a linear view, but rather a circular one ending, not with Earth blowing up, but with the apes rising.  Time travel has, from the first film adaptation, been a crucial part of The Planet of the Apes, so why won’t it be part of the new movie series?

Rick Jaffa, who co-wrote The rise of the Planet of the Apes and the upcoming sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, has spoken out about the decision to not include time travel in this telling of the ape saga.  In an interview with Total Film he said ‘it’s the one big element that we made a conscious decision not to explore in the first one, and we were worried that there might be some backlash in the science fiction community because of it. When the story first came together we were very, very excited, and yet before we pitched it, I thought, “the one thing missing though is time travel. But it’s not necessary for this particular telling”’.

The origin of The Planet of the Apes story is not the original film, but rather a French novel called La Planète des singes.  Interesting this story doesn’t actually involve time travel at all and ends in a way similar to that of the 2001 Tim Burton adaptation of The Planet of the Apes, though it is less confusing than Burton’s version.  Should the latest adaption of the book stick with the science fiction time travel angle, that the older films are famous for, or is it a good thing that they are leaving it out?

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The Avengers VS Batman ticket sales

Just as word began to spread of The Dark Knight Rises successfully reaching the 1 billion dollar mark, The Avengers has knocked it out of the spotlight by hitting 1.5 billion dollars.

After being re-released in American cinemas for the Labor Day weekend, The Avengers added another 620 million dollars to their domestic intake.  This pushed there total profits to around 1.502 billion dollars worldwide, which means that The Avengers is now the third highest grossing movie of all time.  Ahead of The Avengers are The Titanic and Avatar, both made by James Cameron.  Though inflated ticket prices and the cost of 3D now mean that fewer tickets have to be sold to reach such high figures.

Will Batman be able to overtake The Avengers before he leaves cinemas or will he need to be re-released to catch up with the superhero team?  Only time will tell, but he does have a lot of making up to do to knock them off the number three spot.  Maybe if they had converted to 3D they’d be closer contenders, though personally I’m glad they didn’t.  What do you think?  Would you like to see The Dark Knight Rises come back to cinemas in a couple of months?  Do you think it should have been done in 3D?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe and click the like button.

A Few Best Men Review

Picture this, before one of them gets married a group of guys go out to celebrate, get drunk, wake up with no memory of the many things they did the previous night and then have to try fix everything in time for the wedding.  While this may seem like a totally original, never seen anything like it before plot to some, others may notice some striking similarities with a little known movie called The Hangover.  However, don’t worry because A Few Best Men does plenty to set itself apart from The Hangover franchise, like having a story that isn’t completely predictable.

When David (Xavier Samuel) returns home his friends are shocked to discover that he is engaged to his holiday romance, Mia (Laura Brent).  David then brings his friends to Australia, where Mia is from, so that they can all meet Mia’s family a few days before the wedding, but will the English lads fit in?  After they there, David goes off with his bride to be while his friends take a detour to get something extra special for the bachelor party.  From here there’s a bunch of crazy stuff involving sheep, alcohol, gun violence and some missing cocaine, but let’s not spoil all that.  However, even with all the wild stuff that happens at, and because of, the bachelor party the most unrealistic thing in the movie is how quickly the wedding was put together.

Despite the obvious comparison to The Hangover, A Few Best Men didn’t feel like a rip off.  The characters are likeable and their friendship seemed much more real than those in The Hangover, particularly David and Tom (Kris Marshall) who seemed more like brothers than friends.  As the movie progresses so do the characters and you can see the relationship between Mia and David begin to show cracks as they start to realise how little they know about each other and maybe their holiday romance should have ended at the airport.

The best thing about the movie is that no matter what crazy problem the boys bring on themselves, the characters always seem real.  They are believable as a group of people that grew up together and care about each other.  They took in David, who doesn’t have any family, ‘even though everyone though he was gay’ and they all just became brothers, which is what motivates them to try keep the wedding on track.  Then again, if male bonding and crazy bachelor parties don’t get you to the cinema, go for Olivia Newton-John who plays the hilariously crazy mother-in-law.

A Few Best Men hits cinemas today so be sure to check it out if you like comedies, even if The Hangover wasn’t your favourite movie you’ll definitely find a laugh or two at this English/Australian mix, which is brought to you by the people behind Death at a Funeral (the English version).

The Dark Knight Rises Review

It’s been a long wait, and a lot of hype, but The Dark Knight Rises is about to land in cinemas, on the 20th of July.  Is it possible for the movie to meet the high expectations of the fans?

The Dark Knight Rises picks up Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, which is a little confusing at first because some important things have happened in those years.  Batman taking the blame for the crimes, and death, of Harvey Dent has brought about significant change as a new law, inspired by Dent, has given police the power they needed to take Gotham back from the criminals.  With the mob finally behind bars, Gotham no longer needed Batman.  This lack of purpose and the loss of Rachel have turned Bruce Wayne into a recluse.  However, the threat of new evil is enough to shake Batman out of retirement.

Anne Hathaway had an extremely challenging role.  There have been so many great portrayals of Catwoman over the years and she managed to surpass them all.  This version of Catwoman is tough, independent, layered and sexy without being ridiculously over sexualised.  Without a doubt she was the right person for the job.  She was given a really interesting character to play and she did it justice in a way that nobody thought she could.  It’s easy to forget who is actually playing the part and get lost in the character, which proves just how great an actress Hathaway really is.

Selina Kyle is a great character, with a rich history and it was really nice to have this history explored but not thrown in your face.  The Selina shown in this film is the finished product.  You can see what she does and who she is, but not how she got there.  This may not sound like a good thing, but it really is.  How often do people sit you down and explain why they are the way they are?  It doesn’t happen.  It’s clear the character has been through a lot and has had a troubled past.  In fact, escaping that past is a huge motivating factor for her.

Bane has never really been done justice on film before so Tom Hardy didn’t have as much to live up to in that respect, but he’s still playing the man who broke the bat which is a pretty big deal in the comic world.  While it was sometimes hard to understand him, it didn’t really hurt the performance.  To keep the film grounded in reality some changes were made to the character, though they didn’t seem necessary they provided a deeper, more emotional reason for why Bane fights.  As a villain he is very direct and calculated, while also showing no remorse for his actions.  He is pure brute force.

In the comics, Bane has such an interesting backstory and fans may be disappointed to see that it has been changed somewhat.  The alterations feel largely unnecessary as it seems like there were many other ways they could have made the same point without messing around with his history.  However, the edits do provide some twists and turns while also giving fans of the comics something new.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, who both starred in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, are new to the Batman universe.  Levitt plays orphan turned police officer, John Blake, and Marion Cotillard plays Wayne Enterprises board member, Miranda Tate.  Both do a really great job with their characters, proving once again that Nolan has a keen eye for casting the right people.  While Miranda Tate helps bring Bruce Wayne, played once again by Christian Bale, out of is reclusive state and back to Wayne Enterprises, John Blake works with Commissioner Gordon and Batman to try bring down Bane.  Blake’s ideals sever to highlight those that both Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon once had but have now lost.

Though the film’s long running time, of just under three hours, may be challenging on the bladders of those who ordered the extra-large drink, ever second is necessary to the development of the characters and the story.  This is not a brainless action film it has depth, social commentary and extremely interesting characters.  The series is brought to an amazing conclusion that should leave fans feeling fulfilled, but, at the same time, little sad as it still feels like there is so much life left in the franchise.

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Spartacus: War of the Damned at Comic-Con

The first trailer for the final season of the hit Starz series Spartacus has been shown at comic-con.

Spartacus: War of the Damned looks to be filled with just as much gore and sex as the previous seasons.  It seems like the show had such a short run, three seasons (four if you count the prequel, Gods of the Arena), but it does seem, from a storytelling angle, it is time for the show to come to an end.  Even though most people know how Spartacus is going to end the show looks like it will be a hell of a ride to get to the tragic conclusion.

Check out the trailer below.

The Batmobile and Bat-Pod come to Dublin

If you’re a Batman fan and you were walking around Dublin today then you may have hit the jackpot as the Tumbler and Bat-Pod from the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises, were on display to celebrate the film’s release in just ten days.

Whether or not you made it in to see them, here are some interesting facts about the Tumbler and Bat-Pod that fans of Nolan’s Batman franchise may find interesting;

The Tumbler/Batmobile

●The Batmobile has not been changed since it was introduced in the first film in the series, Batman Begins.  However, in The Dark Knight Rises, a number of tumblers make an appearance in their original camouflage colours.

●There are three different types of camouflage tumbler, one with a swivelling turret gun, one with a guided missile launcher and one with a gun.

●The Batmobile was designed by Christopher Nolan and Production Designer Nathan Crowley in the filmmaker’s garage in Los Angeles.  They made a prototype of their design by sticking toy cars together.  The final prototype was a combination of a Lamborghini and a hummer.

●The tumbler name comes from its military history due to its ability to jump and tumble.

●The car has no front axle.  This is because Nolan wanted the wheels to be held from the side, which, at first, was believed to be impossible.  Eventually, Special Effects Supervisor Chris Corbould and Workshop Supervisor Andy Smith found a way to make side-mounted wheels work.

●Everything on the Batmobile has been built from scratch.  This means that it was not made by customising existing vehicles.

●The Batmobile has six wheels – two in the front and four at the back, which are monster truck tires.  Three different sets of tires with varying amounts of tread were created so that stunt driver George Cottle could decide how much skid power he required at any one time.

●The vehicle runs on regular unleaded fuel and weighs two-and-a-half tons.

●The vehicle can jump six feet in height and has jumped a distance of 60 feet.

●Its top speed is 105 miles per hour and acceleration is 0-60 in five seconds

The Bat-Pod

●The Bat-Pod design is the same as it was in The Dark Knight.

●The Bat-Pod is designed and developed to give Batman a swifter mode of travel around Gotham City streets.  Just like the Batmobile it is built to handle different terrains and is equipped with numerous weapons.

●The tires are identical to those on the Batmobile.

●The entire weight of the Bat-Pod is 730 lbs.

●The bike is designed so that the rider can stay level at all times, even when the bike is tilting.

●It can go as fast as the Batmobile.

●It’s a self-righting bike, which means it can stay upright without a foot stand.

●Every element of the Bat-Pod has a designated function; nothing exists for aesthetic purposes only.

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