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Angry Birds The Movie Review

Coming out in 2009, the Angry Birds mobile game has been downloaded more than one billion times, but will that success translate to the big screen?

Angry Birds



The Resistance is Over (at least for Insomniac)

The PlayStation 4 at E3… 2015

Recently games sites have been debating whether or not the PlayStation 4 would be revealed at this year’s E3, but now Sony has officially put the rumours to rest.

It all started when, video game site, MCV wrote an article about a new Xbox and PlayStation being shown at E3 2012.  This information spread around the web and it wasn’t long before people start coming up with arguments against it, the strongest of which was from Michael Pachter, an industry analyst, who said that since ‘neither console is launching in 2013… there’s no reason to tease them in 2012’.

Kaz Hirai from Sony has now stated, in an interview, that they will not be showing the PS4 at E3 as they are sticking to their initial 10 year plan, which means that the new console won’t hit shelves until 2016.  We can look forward to seeing it at E3 2015, at least.  Personally I think this is a good thing, as there is still a lot of potential for the PS3 and, with so many people getting invested in the online features of games, it’s going to take a lot to get people to move over to another console.  Sony’s announced doesn’t necessarily prove that MCV are wrong about the Xbox 720, but they did get the information from the same source so I’m fairly confident that too is false.

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PlayStation 4?

The PSN is now returning to Japan, meaning that it will be officially restored worldwide.  So what’s the last thing PlayStation users want to hear?  Your console is outdated.

Yes that’s right the PlayStation 4 is on it’s way, or at least that’s what the internet rumours would have you believe.  However, Sony has previously stated that they have a 10 year plan for the PS3 making news of a PS4, coming out as early as 2012, a little hard to swallow, though it does sound like it would be a good console.

According to rumours, the new PlayStation will have a built in movement sensor like the Kinect and will be assembled by the same companies that make the PS3, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology.  The PS4 will, supposedly, be ready to distribute in 2012, with a minimum of 20 units being shipped that year.

As unlikely as it may sound, Sony does have reason to make a new console, after all the Wii U and Xbox Kinect have brought some great new features to gaming.  Sony’s 10 year plan may not be holding up to the advances in technology.  For now we can only speculate as to whether or not the rumours are true, but hopefully Sony will release a statement soon.

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Get Well Soon PlayStation Network

I’ve been slacking lately, but I’m trying my best to get back on track.  Anyway, something else’s that’s been slacking lately is the PSN, PlayStation Network, which has been down for over a week.  Slacking may have been a bad word to use seeing as Sony have been working hard to basically redo the entire network, plus they’ve been sued over the whole thing, but hey I needed a segway, which apparently isn’t a proper word according to spell check.

The reason the PSN is down is because hackers got in and stole player’s personal details.  This includes; real names, e-mail address and even credit card details.  Don’t panic, the credit card details were encrypted, it all comes down to how good a job Sony did encrypting them.

Exactly how much longer the PSN will be down is unclear, but Sony has announced that no one will lose any data.  This means your trophies are safe.  Sony is also trying to think of a way to reward players for being so patient, not that you had a choice.  It’ll probably be a patience trophy or something cheap like that.  Then again, I shouldn’t make fun because avid trophy collectors would probably love it.  Let’s just hope the PlayStation Network makes a speedy recovery.

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Sony Delays New Handheld Console?

Sony has delayed the release of the Next Generation Portable (NGP), due to the disaster in Japan.

The handheld game, which was supposed to come out at the end of 2011, has been delayed because of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Sony is hoping that the NGP will boost sales and enable them to compete against Nintendo, who is currently wiping the floor with Sony and their outdated PSP.

Sony’s going all out with the NGP; they have lined up some great games to be released on the console, including Metal Gear Solid and Resistance.  The device itself also has some pretty cool features.  For starters it has two analog sticks, oppose to one like the original PSP, it may not seem like much, but it will make it possible to play great first person shooter games.  The screen is a touch screen and on the back of the NGP there is a touch pad, it also has both a front and rear camera and a microphone and stereo speakers.

When it’s released, buyers will have the option to buy one with 3G support or a cheaper one without 3G support.  The one that has 3G features will come with pre-loaded applications, such as augmented reality.  For people who don’t know, augmented reality is basically like a virtual reality helmet, you move your head, or in this case the device, and the view on the screen also moves.  Augmented reality is also a feature on Nintendo’s 3DS and that has 3D on its side, which the NGP will not.

I have to say, I think releasing two versions is a mistake.  If you buy the cheaper version, like a lot of young people will to be part of the trend, you will be missing out on much of the fun.  Let’s hope the NGP doesn’t fail like its predecessor the PSP Go.  However, currently the original PSP is outselling the 3DS in Japan, so there might be hop for Sony yet.


Jack Tretton, Boss of Sony’s US branch, stated that the NGP would be delayed, but hopefully would be released in at least one ‘territory’ in 2011.  However, his statement has been denyed by, Sony Japan’s, Satoshi Fukuoka, who claims that there will be no delay in the release of the NGP.  Who’s right is a mystery, but if Sony wants to take on the 3DS they should go with Fukuoka’s plan.

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