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Mad Max: Fury Road review

Mad Max is back after a 30 year absence from film, but can director George Miller recapture the excitement of the world he created after all these years?




Yogi Bear: The Movie

I’m shocked and horrified that, what will no doubt be, one of the best movies of the year has Justin Timberlake in it.  Yes its true Timberlake will be playing Boo-Boo in the new Yogi Bear movie.  Also a 3D road runner clip is set to play before the movie starts.

We all remember Yogi Bear the picnic basket bandit.  Well he’s coming to the big screen, and in shinny 3D no less.  For once I won’t complain about 3D because, like Tron, I feel Yogi Bear needs 3D to reach its full potential.  Ironically both Tron and Yogi Bear are due to be released on the 17th of December, which is just ten days away.  By end I should be seventy pages deeper into Lord of the Flies, because I’ve decided to read seven pages a day to finish it on Christmas Eve.

Yogi Bear, though set in the summer, should never get you into a Christmas mood with its happy, childish, slightly nostalgic atmosphere.  This might just have made my day, which has been entirely dedicated to college work.  Maybe you love it or you could hate it, either way let me know by commenting and voting below.  Don’t let Timberlake bring you down after all it could be worse; Justin Bieber or Jedward could have gotten the part.  One last thing I just thought I’d let everyone know that today I got attacked by earphones.  My hair got stuck and while I was trying to free myself I acidently let go of one of the ear pieces and it hit me in the face.