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Is this a TMNT?

Though it’s still not clear whether these turtles are mutants, aliens or robots in disguise one thing is for sure, they look pretty different from the animated versions fans know and love.

20140130-105941.jpg (more…)


Obama and the Queen visit Ireland

Today US president, Barrack Obama, visited the homeland of his great great great grandfather, Ireland.  Obama descends from one of the many people who had to leave Ireland all those years ago due to the famine.  His ancestors were from Moneygall in Offaly.

This is Irelands second political visit in a row, as Queen Elizabeth just left the other day.  Her visit was historically important to Ireland as it was the first time a Royal has visited since Ireland gained independence.  The Queen talked in The Garden of Remembrance and apologised for the lives that were lost in the battle for freedom.  There was a small riot, but the majority of people seemed to have no problem with her visit and this really is the closing of a chapter in Irish history and I’m glad I was alive to see it.

Though not as historically important, Obama’s visit was still a welcomed event.  In fact, he got a bigger crowd.  Sadly, in true Irish fashion, he was subjected to torture, by which I mean Jedward played for him.  I think Obama really enjoyed himself, he even tried Guinness.  As a treat, to show how happy Ireland is to have had him, I’ve made a picture of what Obama would look like had his great great great grandfather not left Ireland.

Handsome devil isn’t he.  Well he does have the good looks of the Irish.  Normally I really don’t like the way every American claims to be Irish, especially when they’ve never set foot here, but after hearing the speech about being united and all that I’m going to be more forgiving of it in the future.  We Irish are great after all.  Obama’s now over meeting the Queen, he’ll probably get stuck there by, yet another, ash cloud, so America may have to wait awhile before they are reunited with their president. 

What do you think?  Did you like Obama’s visit?  Are you glad the Queen came over?  Are you just a little bit Irish (go on I’ll be nice)?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Bane Promo Picture

A lot of movie goers will have seen Bane in the 1997 Joel Schumacher film, Batman and Robin, but way he was portrayed in the movie is far from his original comic book persona.  The bane of the film is a mindless bodyguard for Poison Ivy, in the comics, as well as strength, Bane has a keen mind.  He uses this mind to work independently to fight against Batman.  In the comics he is the only man to ever have ‘broke the bat’ which basically means he put Batman in a wheelchair.  He also once thought that he and Batman, Bruce Wayne, shared the same father, but it turned out he was wrong.

Now why am I telling you any of this?  Bane is going to be one of the villains in the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  From what I’ve heard, this version will be much more loyal to the source material than the previous movie was.  Tom Hardy was cast as Bane and I’m pretty confident in Nolan’s casting abilities so I’m sure he’ll be great.  The first promo picture of Bane was released.  It doesn’t really show much, but it does give an idea of the look they’re going for.  Check it out.

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