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Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4 is set to arrive in cinemas on the 19th of October, just in time for Halloween, but is there any scare left in the series?

If there’s one thing movie goers have learned from the first three Paranormal Activity movies it’s that demons only go after people who have a strange compulsion to videotape their entire lives, watch out Kardashians. This message is further hammered home in the fourth instalment.

Paranormal Activity 4 takes place in 2011 making it the first full sequel to the original film, with number two acting as both a prequel and a small sequel. It follows a new, unrelated, family who have some creepy new neighbour, a mother a her child. After the mother is taken to hospital her creepy six year old son is sent to live with the family and brings some paranormal activity along with him.

Each Paranormal Activity film has brought something new to the mix, whether it’s the multiple cameras of number two or the moving fan camera in number three, and the fourth is no different. This time we get hidden cameras. The family’s laptops are all set to record with the only one knowing about it being the teenage daughter. Though in reality this would probably lead to some emotional scarring, in the movie it creates an interesting situation were the daughter is unable to prove what is going on to her family.

Another additional feature is the use of the Xbox Kinect’s motion sensors, which give viewers, and the family, the opportunity to see some ghostly movement. While it was fun to try spot ghostly activity in the bright green dots projected by the Xbox the majority of the time it was pretty obvious and seemed underused as it mostly picked up the movements of the living.

The actors were really good, which audiences have come to expect from Paranormal Activity movies. It doesn’t feel like watching actors it’s more like an actual family recording themselves. Even the children were sufficiently creepy. Though bringing in creepy children is likely to inspire comparisons between this film and classics like The Omen and The Shining and I think the writers knew that so they had fun with it even having a scene that actually mirrors one from The Shining, don’t worry you’ll know it when you see it.

Though the series was never one that I personally found particularly scary, the plot is very clever and will keep you interested whether it scares you or not. There’s even subplots that make the family that much more believable. Also the characters are likeable so you’ll actually be rooting for them and may even be disappointed if they die.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Paranormal Activity franchise? Do you think they should stop at number four? Will you be going to see this movie? Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below. Also don’t forget to subscribe and, if you liked this post, click the like button.


Paranormal Activity 4 Confirmed

Paramount has confirmed that a fourth film, in the Paranormal Activity series, is in production.

This news comes as a surprise to just about no one, these movies are so cheap to make and rake in millions.  It’s not hard to see why they’d want the franchise to continue, but how long can they keep going before they’re just forcing something, that should have ended a long time ago, into our faces?  Final Destination comes to mind, though I am a sucker for those films, and I’m not saying Paranormal Activity has reached that point yet, just wondering if they’ll stop before it does.

The first Paranormal Activity introduced the viewers to this couple, Katie and Micah, and we learn, along with the Micah, that Katie is haunted by a demon.  As the two, especially Micah, play around with the spirit the haunting gets worse.  We are then, in the second one, shown Katie’s sister, Kristi, and her family being haunted, which provides some answers about the demon.  The third instalment explores Katie and Kristi’s childhood, thus further going into the origin of the haunting, but leaving many unanswered questions about the characters in the present day.  This is potentially what the fourth film will focus on and if so this could, and probably should, be the end of the series.

Paranormal Activity is, in my eyes, a great franchise.  It takes everything good about old ghost stories and just looks at it in a different way.  There’s nothing really overly complicated, though the plot does get deeper as the films go on, and there’s something very scary about keeping things simple.  It’s like how bad practical effects are classic, but bad CGI is laughable.  My only hope is that they don’t mess it up.  Keep going for the story and the characters, not for the money and the fans.

What do you think?  Are you excited about Paranormal Activity 4?  Have you seen the other 3?  Do you think they’re scary?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe/follow and click the like button.  P.S. I have a Twitter account, just saying nonchalantly.


After a 12 year break, Phantom Menace star, Darth Maul makes an appearance in James Wan’s Insidious.

Okay so it may not be Darth Maul, but it’s pretty damn close.  Anyway, Insidious was made by, both, the creators of Saw and the creators of Paranormal Activity, which are two very different types of horror films.  Saw is all about the visuals, the traps, gore, etc, but Paranormal Activity focuses more on suspense, as a result, Insidious, falls somewhere in the middle.

The story follows a couple, Renai and Josh, and their three children as they move into a new house.  One of their sons, Dalton, is scared of his new room.  One night he hears a noise in the attic, which he explores, but a step on the ladder breaks causing him to fall.  He seems fine, besides being terrified by something in the corner of the room, but the next day they find he has slipped into a coma.  The strangeness in the house increases so much that the family, who are taking care of Dalton at home, decide to move.  However, the move proves fruitless and they are forced to face the truth; it’s not the house that’s haunted it is their son.

The film has received fairly positive reviews, but a common complaint, among fans and critics, is that the end of the movie cannot possibly live up to the high standard that is set by the rest of the film.  The plot sounds like a rollercoaster ride and, if the reviews are true, you’ll be watching it with your eyes closed.  If you live in America, you may already have seen it, but for us Irish folk, and people in the UK, we’ll have to wait until the 29th of April, which is only two days away, but still.

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star as Josh and Renai, respectively, and it was directed by James Wan.  If you’re a horror movie fan then this is probably a must see, it’s already the most profitable film of 2011 and it’s not even out everywhere yet.  Let me know what you think by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe.

Paranormal Activity 3

Six months and one day ago, I wrote about Paranormal Activity 2, today I’m going to focus on the third instalment of the franchise.  I didn’t find either of the first too particularly scary, I’m weird like that, but there’s no denying that they are really good and unique movies.

The plot of the third one is still somewhat of a mystery, which has opened the imaginations of fans.  Some want another prequel that shows Katie and Kristi being haunted as kids.  A prequel going back that far would mean that HD cameras would not be realistic, so I’m pretty sure this will not be the direction they take the movie in.  Others wanted to go back even further and show the relative that started this whole thing off, which probably won’t happen for the same reason as before.

An interesting theory is that it will follow ghost hunters; no I don’t mean a sophisticated team of Ghostbusters, just regular people, with a camera, that want to see a ghost.  Of all the theories I read this is my favourite.  Others include the police setting cameras up around the city to try find Katie and Hunter, Katie recovering from possession and going up against the demon and the whole thing just being a reality show.

While reading all the speculation, I couldn’t help but come up with a theory of my own.  The trailer for the second one shows scenes that aren’t in the movie; Hunter disappearing from the crib and appearing in the mirror.  I think that this is something they may use in the third one.  Hunter could be trying to contact Ali for help and the movie would follow her, with cameras, trying to find and save her little brother.  I could be wrong, but it’s what I’d like to see happen.

The movie is expected to come out on the 21st of October, in time for Halloween.  Be sure to check it out if you’re a horror fan.  You can share you’re theories about Paranormal Activity 3 in the comments below and don’t forget to vote.

Six Month Anniversary of Blogging Every Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since I start blogging.  I’m really enjoying it and I hope that you’re enjoying reading it.  To honour my six month anniversary of posting everyday I’ll be talking about my experience writing a blog.

My first post was about Paranormal Activity 2, I wrote it straight after I came home from seeing it in the cinema.  I was babysitting my nephew, so it took a while to write the post, but I was glad that I had because it set my whole blogging career in motion.  From then on I wrote every day.  It was so easy at first, everything was fresh and there was so much to write about.  As time went on I realised that sometimes I would really have to work hard to get myself to write.  There’s always something to write about if you’re willing to look hard enough.

I have lazy days and there are days when I want to write about other topics, that’s why I added the random section.  For a while it did become a crutch, but as I got used to researching and writing a piece every day, I was able to reduce the amount of random posts.  Once I’d done that, the blog began to get more hits.  That’s not to say the random posts didn’t get views, they did.

If you write a blog the hardest thing to do is find the time to write it.  At one stage, I was posting all my articles at two in the morning (I don’t need much sleep).  It was only when someone told me that the quality of these posts was not as good as the ones written later in the day that I stopped and began writing in the evening instead.

Another tip I’d give is to only post stuff that you wouldn’t mind your worst enemy reading.  If you’re like me you won’t really mind people joking about what you write, but some people genuinely don’t like that.  Just make sure you don’t post anything you don’t want getting back to you.  I had a bad experience with the song I wrote for Near fm.  I wrote the song for an assignment in college.  We all had to do a group presentation and I thought it’d be fun if my group sang.  One of the members asked me to put the song on my blog so he could read it, I posted it and he liked it.  In the end the group wouldn’t sing it, but someone (Robbie) told everyone it was on my blog and it was read out as part of our presentation.  I would have preferred all of us making fools of ourselves together, but I got top marks so I don’t care.

As well as my six month anniversary (blogiversary), I also broke 10,000 hits today.  I didn’t ever expect to get so many hits.  I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, seeing the number of views makes me so happy.  It feels great to have my work read, so thank you all.  Well we’ve reached the end of this anniversary post, but tomorrow, in honour of my first post, I’ll be writing about Paranormal Activity 3, so be sure to check that out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve struggle through so many technical difficulties to get it up but apparently it’s Matt’s fault whoever that is.  Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Old vs New

As you may already know, I’m a horror movie addict.  It seems strange talking about horror movies this close to Christmas, but I’m writing my thesis on the representation of paranormal in media so horror movies are sort of on my mind.  While researching for the thesis I have to watch paranormal movies and today’s was The Shining.

I’ve never found The Shining scary; it’s disturbing at times, but not scary.  Yet older people have told me time and time again that movies like The Shining and The Exorcist were the scariest movies in history.  Neither of these movies, in my opinion, can compare to some of the modern horrors.  I haven’t been scared by a movie in years, but some recent movies have come closer than The Shining ever will.

I wonder what reaction I’d get if I forced someone who was frightened by The Exorcist to watch Paranormal Activity.  Maybe they wouldn’t find it even remotely scary.  Perhaps, since I don’t find that generation’s horrors the tiniest bit creepy, they would not think this generation of horror was scary.  So which is better old or new?  Maybe fear is in the eye of the beholder, but maybe there’s something else too it.  Do the older horrors have something the new ones don’t, or vice versa?

The thing I love most about horror is that it breaks barriers.  It can be, but isn’t always, an unpredictable rollercoaster.  Having said that movies like The Exorcist were pushing boundaries back then too, we only have the freedom of the modern horror because cinema evolved and is still evolving.  I think I figured it out and all by myself too.  Modern movies enjoy more freedom and thus can push further so they can be scarier, but they would not be able to do this were it not for the classics.

Do you agree with me?  Maybe you think old horror is true horror, let me know by commenting a voting below.

Paranormal Activity 2

Hooray you’ve finally recovered from Paranormal Activity; you can stop living in fear and start turning the lights off when you go to sleep.  That is unless you plan on going to see number two.  This sequel/prequel has proven that Hollywood doesn’t ruin everything as the ride is no less scary the second time around.  Just like the first one you’ll be dreading the nights, but as it goes on the days will no longer protect you from the scares. 

The actors were great Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat reprise their roles, but play a much smaller part.  This story revolves around Katie’s sister Kristi, her partner Dan, his daughter Ali, and their baby Hunter.  The cast looked natural together and seemed like a real family, which helps you sympathise with them as they are literally dragged through hell.

The movie is full of tension which pays off in a big way, as it’s so packed with jumps that you’ll spend the majority of the film in the air.  However these jumps are not your typical horror movie jumps, no these jumps feel natural like they should be there and were not just put in for the sake of it.  Even without the heart attack inducing jumps, the movie is creepy and you’ll definitely think twice before you turn off the lights again.