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Muppets Most Wanted review

Picking up literally in the same scene that the last film ended the Muppets soon realise that the cameras aren’t going away, which can mean only one thing, the comeback was a success so they’re getting a sequel.

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After a 12 year break, Phantom Menace star, Darth Maul makes an appearance in James Wan’s Insidious.

Okay so it may not be Darth Maul, but it’s pretty damn close.  Anyway, Insidious was made by, both, the creators of Saw and the creators of Paranormal Activity, which are two very different types of horror films.  Saw is all about the visuals, the traps, gore, etc, but Paranormal Activity focuses more on suspense, as a result, Insidious, falls somewhere in the middle.

The story follows a couple, Renai and Josh, and their three children as they move into a new house.  One of their sons, Dalton, is scared of his new room.  One night he hears a noise in the attic, which he explores, but a step on the ladder breaks causing him to fall.  He seems fine, besides being terrified by something in the corner of the room, but the next day they find he has slipped into a coma.  The strangeness in the house increases so much that the family, who are taking care of Dalton at home, decide to move.  However, the move proves fruitless and they are forced to face the truth; it’s not the house that’s haunted it is their son.

The film has received fairly positive reviews, but a common complaint, among fans and critics, is that the end of the movie cannot possibly live up to the high standard that is set by the rest of the film.  The plot sounds like a rollercoaster ride and, if the reviews are true, you’ll be watching it with your eyes closed.  If you live in America, you may already have seen it, but for us Irish folk, and people in the UK, we’ll have to wait until the 29th of April, which is only two days away, but still.

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star as Josh and Renai, respectively, and it was directed by James Wan.  If you’re a horror movie fan then this is probably a must see, it’s already the most profitable film of 2011 and it’s not even out everywhere yet.  Let me know what you think by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe.

Most Anticipated Film of 2011

Whether you’re after side splitting comedy, spin tingling horror or depressing drama movies, you won’t be disappointed this year.  A wide range of films will bounce on and off of cinema screens this year, some will be good, others will not.  You probably not know every film that’s coming out this year, but I’m sure you have one that you’re looking forward to and I want to know what it is.

The movie business is all about finding out what people like to see, because if you know what people it’s easier to get them to part with their money.  You may have heard 2011 being called the year of the sequel, which has a lot of truth to it.  This year we’re going to see the return of franchises that we thought were surely dead.  Among others, this means the return of Final Destination, which I’ll be talking about in the next few days.

The one I’m most looking forward to is Rise of the Apes, which returns to the wonderful franchise Planet of the Apes.  The film stars James Franco.  I’d love to talk more about this now, but the point of this post is finding out what films other people are tapping their foot in anticipation for.

Maybe it’s The Hangover 2 that has you pacing the floor or perhaps it’s The Avengers.  Also, what genre of movie is your favourite?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Be sure to check back tomorrow when I’ll be talking about one of the most shocking movie returns of the year.

Rapper Nate Dogg Dies Aged 41

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, better known by his stage name Nate Dogg, died yesterday at the age of 41.  Cause of the rappers death is, at this time, unknown.  He has previously suffered too two strokes, in 2007 and 2008, but it is unclear whether or not these contributed to his death.  Nate Dogg has released many of his own songs, but achieved greater success collaborating with other artists.

His death is seen, by fellow rappers; Snoop Dog and 50 Cent, as a major loss for RnB, both of which Tweeted about his death.  Some of Nate Dogg’s more well known songs are; G Funk, My World, I Got Love and Backdoor.  The rappers death comes as a shock to fans and he will surely be missed.  RIP.

Portal 2

Portal gained much, unexpected, success in 2007 and now finally players will get the chance to return and learn more about what was a two character world.

Portal 2 should be landing on a shelf near you this April.  However I wouldn’t imagine it’ll be landing there for long, as it’s become one of the most anticipated games of the year.  Hard to believe it comes from such humble beginnings.

The first game follows Chell, a silent character that must navigate her way through a series of puzzles.  She is aided by the use of gun that allows her to create portals (aka portal gun).  The enemy of the game is GLaDOS, an artificially intelligent computer system that goes insane.

Despite being defeated at the end of the first game, GLaDOS will be returning in the upcoming sequel.  This may not be a big surprise as she did taunt, during the end credits, that she is ‘still alive’.

The second game takes places hundreds of years after the first.  Chell, who has been in suspended animation for this time, will reprise her role as the main protagonist.  This time she will have a sidekick, a personality sphere called Wheatly that she must carry around.  Wheatly comes in useful when you need a door open, but, most importantly, he provides comic relief.

Although it takes place in the same labs as the first game, the scenery of the second has severely decayed.  This is mended after you wake GLaDOS from her dormant state and she begins fixing the facility.  The graphics look very impressive, plus new types of portals have been introduced to make the game even more interesting.

The developers have listened to fans and added a multiplayer mode, which is co-op.  Players will get a chance to player either split screen or online.  In multiplayer mode you will get to play as Atlas, a modified personality core, and P-body, a turret gun.  Sounds interesting don’t it.  The two player campaign is not the same story as single player; reports say that it takes place in a different time.  The feature requires that players work together, so new abilities were put in the online version to make it easier, players being able to place icons to instruct the other person for example.

Both the co-op and single player campaigns should take, roughly, twice as long as number one did, which means that fans can enjoy making portals for hours (well around six).  Due to demand you may need to pre-book this game so don’t procrastinate.  It will be released on PS3, xbox 360, windows and Mac.

Vote and leave a comment below or a portal will open up and send you to Denmark and you won’t know that language and will look like a fool.

(Not so) Romantic Music

First of all, with great remorse I must announce the deaths of, snowwoman, Mandy and, snowman, Jeffrey.  They both died today of natural causes (Partial melting and falling over).


Now onto today’s topic, which is romantic songs.  Love songs have been around for years, but what is perceived as romance has changed a great deal.  Recently, I was challenged to find a song that is more romantic than Bruno Mars’ song ‘just the way you are’.  At first I dived right into the task, which didn’t really get me anyway so I decided to try figure out why the song was considered romantic.

When I listened to the song I found out that he doesn’t once say that he’s in love with the girl he’s singing about and he only lists physical things that he likes about her, with the exception of her laugh which he calls sexy.  I don’t mean to sound like a feminist, but is this really what romance is now;

‘You look amazing’

‘Ah thanks, let’s have sex’

‘Giggle to get me in the mood’

‘No I hate my laugh’

Okay, so now you all know why I don’t write children’s books.  Even after I noticed the song was lacking some key moment features, I didn’t think it was unromantic.  That is, until I listened to it again.  It was strange it was like something was taken out of the song.  All I could hear was this kind of ‘I like you because you set off smoke alarms’ song, and I wasn’t that impressive.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good song.  It flows well, it’s got a good beat and all that stuff, it’s just not romantic at all. 

I still want to find a really romantic song to complete my challenge so if anyone has any please let me know.  If you’re going to vote please listen to the song (below) first, just to see if the article has changed your point of view on it.