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Pan review

A magical land that you’ve seen a million times before, but also completely different.



Resident Evil 5 Movie Confirmed

The Resident Evil film series has, without a doubt, been a success, but should it finally be allowed to rest in peace?

From a financial point of view, the films are hit, but fans of the games often have different opinions.  Their main complaint is that the movies are not canon with the game series.  However, the films do keep elements from the game and give a fresh start to people who know the games story inside and out.  People less familiar with the franchise sometimes think that the movies inspired the games, rather than the other way around.  This isn’t entirely wrong as some bits of the first movie, the laser room and the red queen, have made it into the games.

So far, there are four live action Resident Evil movies, each ending in a cliff-hanger.  The writers claim that they take it one film at a time and never plan to have a sequel, but we know they’re lying and a fifth Resident Evil movie has been confirmed.  Personally, I’m relieved, because the way the last one ended was far too open to end the series, plus my favourites have been the odd number ones, one and three, so hopefully this will follow suit, that’s not saying I don’t like two and four, I do.

I’m sure there’s an army on each side of the fence, one that wants the movie franchise to die and another that can’t wait for this movie.  What I want to know is where do you stand?  Do you want this film to be scrapped or are you dying, and coming back to life, to see it?  Let me know my voting and leaving a comment below.