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Back to the Future: The Musical

Have you ever just watched Back to the Future and thought ‘this would be perfect for a Broadway musical’?  No, me either, but someone did because that’s what’s happening.

Though nothing is set in stone, writer and director Robert Zemeckis is in talks to transform the hit film into a singing dancing extravaganza.  Co-writer Bob Gale and the film’s composer Alan Silvestri are also involved in the project.  At least it’s in the hands of people that genuinely care about the story and the characters and, with the composer from the films involved, it’s likely that the musical will have a sound that is reminiscent of the movies, which is cool.

Nothing truly official has been announced, no actors have been attached to the project and no schedules have been released so it could be a while before we see people seeing Grease Lightning about the Delorean.  Still, I have a good feeling about the shows chances.  The films are so popular that I’m almost positive the musical will get made, I’m even fairly confident that it will be a success, though I’m not entirely convinced that there is an obvious link between diehard Back to the Future fans and Broadway musical fans.

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see how the film translates to a stage show and what parts warrant songs.  Though I’m not a big musical fan, I think I’d give this a shot, after all it is Back to the Future we’re talking about.

What do you think?  Do you think it’s a good or bad idea?  Are you curious about it?  Would you go to see it?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also, if you liked this post, please click the like button and follow, if you really liked this post.  If your own Twitter you can also follow me there at!/AdamODwyer1 and remember, providing you are a real person and not spam I will follow you back.


The Christmas Overdose and Toys That Should Never Be Made

Do you remember that great feeling you got on Christmas when you were a kid?  I do and, since the reveal of the great Santa mystery, that feeling has been gone.  Personally, Christmas has never been my favourite holiday, but still I can’t help wonder if the lack of Christmas spirit is throw a lack of trying.  That’s way this year I’ve invented something called The Christmas Overdose, which is when you overdose on Christmassy things; movies, books, music, traditions, etc.  So I thought it’d be fun to bring my writing into the overdose, which is why today I’ve prepared five really bad gift ideas.  These are five toys that don’t exist and we’re lucky they don’t.  I made the pictures myself so I’m almost positive you won’t see them on shelves this year.

Convertible cars and dream houses don’t pay for themselves.  During the day Barbie may be cruising around town with Ken, but at night she works that pole in her very own strip club.  Other toys can look, but if they touch Ken will show them the door.

With the overcrowding in Sylvania having a baby is a tough decision, but sometimes it can’t be helped or can it.  Since the introduction of the Sylvanian abortion clinic, unwanted pregnancies and overpopulation are things of the past.

Re-enact all your favourite moments for World War II with this new Lego World War II set.  Lego Hitler is included.

Will you or your friend manage to get lucky for times in a row?  This is a fun two player game that half of the contestants can play again.

If you’re bored of simply drawing a stickman on a page, then why not add some excitement to the game by bringing in this enlightened new element.  Risk yours or other people’s lives, if you’re nervous get grandma involved (it’s probably almost lights out for her anyway).

Naturally I discourage anyone from actually trying to make these games.  I’ve been a bit worried about offending people, but hopefully I didn’t.  It’s all intended as a joke, but do let me know what you thought, even if it’s bad, by leaving a comment and voting below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe/follow and click the like button.  If you want to follow me on Twitter it’s!/AdamODwyer1.

Resident Evil 5 Movie Confirmed

The Resident Evil film series has, without a doubt, been a success, but should it finally be allowed to rest in peace?

From a financial point of view, the films are hit, but fans of the games often have different opinions.  Their main complaint is that the movies are not canon with the game series.  However, the films do keep elements from the game and give a fresh start to people who know the games story inside and out.  People less familiar with the franchise sometimes think that the movies inspired the games, rather than the other way around.  This isn’t entirely wrong as some bits of the first movie, the laser room and the red queen, have made it into the games.

So far, there are four live action Resident Evil movies, each ending in a cliff-hanger.  The writers claim that they take it one film at a time and never plan to have a sequel, but we know they’re lying and a fifth Resident Evil movie has been confirmed.  Personally, I’m relieved, because the way the last one ended was far too open to end the series, plus my favourites have been the odd number ones, one and three, so hopefully this will follow suit, that’s not saying I don’t like two and four, I do.

I’m sure there’s an army on each side of the fence, one that wants the movie franchise to die and another that can’t wait for this movie.  What I want to know is where do you stand?  Do you want this film to be scrapped or are you dying, and coming back to life, to see it?  Let me know my voting and leaving a comment below.

The Oscar Winners 2011

Winning an Oscar is pretty much the best thing that can happen to an actor, director or anyone in the film industry.  The winners are selected by other members of that field e.g. Best Director is picked by directors.  It’s basically like all your co-workers saying ‘you’re the best’.  It’s the high point of their career, they’ve peaked and it’s all downhill from there.  With the exception of those who win multiple Oscars, those bastards.

Here are the results of some of the more well known categories:

Best Picture
The Kings Speech

Best Director
Tom Hooper – The Kings Speech

Best Actor
Colin Firth – The Kings Speech

 Best Actress
Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale – The Fighter

Best Supporting Actress
Melissa Leo – The Fighter

Melissa Leo’s speech was interesting; she managed to say the ‘F’ word on, what’s probably, the most elegant event there is.  This is the first year that I’ve actually watched the Oscars, granted I didn’t get to see it all because of the time difference, but I’ll catch a repeat.  To be honest, I was expecting it to be overly formal and boring, but it wasn’t (which is a good thing).  I’ve annoyed people all day, as I desperately try to describe the opening clip that, hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway made.  It was hilarious, but the funniest part was Franco’s grandmother who stood up and proclaimed ‘I seen Marky Marky’.

Do you agree with the results?  Leave a comment and vote below.

New Grit

True Grit was originally a book by Charles Portis.  In 1969, a year after the books release, a movie adaptation was made, this movie starred John Wayne as, a character with true grit, Reuben (Rooster) Cogburn.  John Wayne won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award (Oscar) for his performance; this was the only time, in his entire career, that Wayne got an Oscar.  Although the book was a standalone story, the movie had two sequels.  The first, of these sequels, also starred John Wayne and followed the same basic story as its predecessor.  The second, on the other hand, starred Warren Oates; this sequel was made-for-TV, which shows the decline in popularity from the first, which did so well, and its sequels.

The 2010 version is not just a simple remake.  It’s the reopening of a genre of movie that hasn’t really been explored in film lately; hopefully it will be more successful than when Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino brought back Grindhouse.  Even if you’re not a fan of westerns, it’ll be interesting to see how modern technology affects the genre.

The movie is about a fourteen year old girl called Mattie, who hires Cogburn, an aging US marshal, to help catch Tom Chaney, the man that killed her father.  Mattie is determined to go along on the search, even though Cogburn tries to stop her.  A Texas Ranger called La Boeuf, is also looking for Chaney and goes along with Mattie and Cogburn, against Mattie’s will.

This version is closer to the book than the first one.  The book is narrated by Mattie, as an old woman who is retelling the events of how she avenged her father’s death.  The new movie is also narrated by an older Mattie, but this was left out of the original movie, possibly to leave it open for sequels.

The new True Grit, and its cast, has already been nominated for many awards, including the Oscar for best actor (Jeff Bridges is nominated).  Winning awards isn’t anything new for the cast, Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges play La Boeuf and Cogburn respectively, both of which already have an Oscar.  The movie is already been released in the US, but it doesn’t come out in Ireland until the 11th of February, the day after it opens for the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

What do you think of this movie?  Do you think this is the return of westerns?  If so, do you think it’s a good think?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Being Human US Remake 9 Days To Go

In nine days the American remake of Being Human will air.  On the 17th of January the world will finally know whether or not the remake is as good as the original.  It’s still unclear if it will premiere worldwide on that date or if it’s only going to air on the American Syfy.  Personally I think it should air on the UK Syfy as well.  After all fans of the original should be the first to see it, not the last.

The promos don’t look promising I’m afraid.  British humour doesn’t translate very well and I fear that American’s might not pull it off, but I hope they do.  Some of the changes to the series have been revealed.  In the US version vampires have superhuman speed and psychic powers; they do not have either of these in the UK series.  Also Vampires can drink blood from a blood bank, which they can’t in the English version because it tastes disgusting.  Oh and ghosts can fly, and look ridiculous while they do it, thankfully they can’t do that in the UK show.

I’m don’t agree with a lot of the changes that have been made, I would have preferred a unity in folklore and completely changing the story, but they seem to have done the opposite; keeping the same storylines and just messing with the folklore.  In fact an interesting thought would be to develop continuality between both versions.  There are millions of ways that you could do it, but they didn’t.

I’ve yet to see the show being advertised on TV, but that’s not saying much because I don’t watch Syfy very often.  I’ll put up another post when I find out whether or not it’s going to be shown in countries besides the US, so don’t forget to check back.