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J.J. Abrams IS the director you’re looking for

Despite previously saying that he would not like to direct the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise, reports have come out saying that J.J. Abrams will indeed be taking the job.


The story first appeared on movie site The Wrap where it says that Abrams was won over by Kathleen Kennedy, the new head of Lucasfilm. However, neither Lucasfilm nor J.J. Abrams himself have confirmed the reports.

Putting Abrams behind the wheel would be a smart choice for Disney, who recently purchased Lucasfilm. J.J. Abrams has successfully turned Star Trek into a mainstream success, making it appeal to more than the niche trekkie market, turning him into the ideal candidate to put Star Wars, which is already enjoyed by mainstream audiences, back on the right track.

While it would be hard for anyone to make a Star Wars movie that is worse than the prequel trilogy, not to say that it is without any merit, hopefully Abrams can return the saga to its former glory with episode VII which will be the first of a new trilogy set after the events of the original three films.


Disney has released a statement confirming that J.J. Abrams is the director for the upcoming Star Wars sequel.


Super 8 Review

Super 8 is movie about a group of kids who, while recording there own short film on a super 8 camera, witness a train being derailed.  Then, something that was being transported on the train escapes and the Air Force try to cover it up. 

The story takes place in 1979 and is reminiscent of old Spielberg movies, namely E.T., Close Encounters and The Goonies.  The plot is effectively split in two, there is the fun heartfelt story about kids growing up and learning to deal with loss and there’s the monster roaming around attacking people.  Though you may not think they would, the too actually blend together quite nicely.  After the train crash, the monster and the children are kept separate for a while.  As the children learn more about the creature the two stories combine, but the time apart gives plenty of room for character development.

When you care about the characters in a film, then it’s a good film and by that logic Super 8 is a good film.  Its character driven, you can relate to them and they feel like real people.  Some of the actors, including the kid who plays the main character, have never been in a movie before.  You really wouldn’t know, because they all do a great job.  One of the best storylines in the film is Joe, the main character, dealing with the death his mother, which had nothing to do with the creature.  The actor, Joel Courtney, did an excellent job.  It’s a very emotional story and he’s new to acting, but he was great and will no doubt be starring in many more films, as will the rest of the kids, who were also great.

Now on to the monster, which I won’t give away too much about.  One thought that popped into my head was that the film felt like a 70s version of Cloverfield.  Abrams said that he was trying to make homage to classic Spielberg films, but you can see his style is in there too.  This part of the story was slowly explained to the characters, and the audience, then finally, when everything is clear, the too come together and each story completes the other.  I’d love to go into more detail, but to avoid major spoilers I won’t.

The effects are fantastic.  The train crash scene was amazing and the monster blended in with the real world quite nicely, not perfectly but it worked.  All and all the film is entertaining and will leave you with a smile on your face feeling like a kid again.  I strongly recommend seeing it, though be careful bringing kids because, though it may seem like its kid friendly, it has parts that aren’t, but if you want a funny, action packed, heartfelt, intriguing, fun adventure then this is the film for you.

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Unusual behaviour on the set of Criminal Minds (more firing and rehiring)

Normally, when you fire two of your lead actresses and bring in a replacement, two actresses leave the show and a new one comes on.  However, things work a little differently over on the set of Criminal Minds.

After firing AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, the producers hired Rachel Nichols as a replacement.  Recently, news that Cook would be returning surfaced and it was said that the same would be true for Brewster if the pilot she was working on was not picked up.  The pilot wasn’t bought and now it has been confirmed that Brewster will also be coming back, so where does this leave, their replacement, Rachel Nichols.  Unfortunately, the actress has been let go, which basically means that they’ve come completely full circle.

Nichols character was introduced shortly after AJ Cook departed, at this time Paget Brewster’s character, Emily Prentiss, was still on the show.  Prentiss was given a much bigger send off, her story arc spanning the majority of the season.  Fans showed how much they cared for both Cook and Brewster by making a petition that got over 60,000 signatures.  It’s doubtful, but perhaps Nichols will also be rehired in the future.  For now the new mystery is whether or not Thomas Gibson, Hotch, will be returning next season.

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JJ Returns to Criminal Minds

A few months ago, Criminal Minds fans were devastated by the sudden departure of AJ Cook who played JJ, Jenifer Jareau, one of the primary female characters on the show.  Cook was let go in an attempt to prevent the show from becoming stale.  However, reactions were extremely negative, as JJ is a fan favourite.  After hearing that over 60,000 people had signed an online petition to bring her back, the studio rehired Cook, who said she was hurt after being let go but found the fan reaction very comforting.

Cook wasn’t the only cast member to be pushed off the show, Paget Brewster, who plays Emily Prentiss, was also removed from the show.  However, she was given the option to stay on as a recurring character rather than a series regular.  Her final episode was ‘Lauren’ which still hasn’t aired in some countries, including mine, so I won’t spoil it.

JJ will be returning as a series regular at the start of next season, but she says that both her and her character have changed due to the experience of leaving.  Being kicked off the show was a ‘wakeup call’ to just how harsh the entertainment industry can be.  The ‘new JJ’ will be more serious and mature but don’t worry ‘she still has heart’.

Brewster has also been offered the chance to return, whether it’s as a series regular or not isn’t clear.  After leaving the show, she did a pilot for a different show.  If the show doesn’t get picked up she may return, but if it does chances are Prentiss has left the building.

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Super 8 New Trailer Review

You may remember, last month I wrote about the upcoming film Super 8, well now a new even longer trailer has been released.  When I last wrote about it, very little was revealed about the film, but now more plot details have be shown.  Although we’re still in the dark about what the monster looks like.

The movie is about a group of children who, using a Super 8 camera, try to make their own monster movie.  However, while filming, they witness a train being derailed and some creature escaping.  Strange things begin to happen around town, people are attack, all the dogs run away, etc.

While watching the trailer, I couldn’t help thinking of E.T., maybe it’s just me.  Then again, the film is an homage to Steven Spielberg and his work, so I guess some familiarity is to be expected.  The movie looks great and I’m genuinely looking forward to its release, but if even one dog is killed off I will walk straight out of that cinema.  They could write off the entire main cast and I’d sit there munching popcorn, but one dog gets hurt and it’s the end of the movie for me.  I think that not seeing the creature adds so much to the excitement, similar to how much buzz formed around what the Cloverfield monster would look like.  Let’s just hope fan are happier with the appearance this time around.

This is J.J. Abrams first original project and it comes out on the 19th of August, in the UK and Ireland, and the 10th of June, in the US.  His work is always great though, so I have no doubt that Super 8 will be able to hold its own against the classic Spielberg films that inspired it.

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Super 8

It’s not a secret that J.J. Abrams has a unique advertising style, considering the first Cloverfield trailer didn’t even give the film’s title.  This time Abrams has refused to give any details of the plot of his latest film, Super 8.  However the trailer does give enough information for people to form conclusions, hopefully wrong ones.

The trailer shows a train, which is transporting material from area 51, being derailed when it collides with a car.  Then the side of one of the train cars is burst off by something.  It does not explain why the creature inside needed the train to be stationary before it could escape.  However we do learn that the film is set in 1979, which is the same year Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq (just a random fact, probably won’t come up in the film, but might you never know with Abrams).

When the trailer was first released, rumours began to spread that this movie was a sequel (or prequel) to, 2008, Cloverfield.  Abrams has since come forward to say that this is not true.  The film will pay homage to Steven Spielberg and the science fiction films that he made in the 70s and 80s.

No big name actors have been cast in the film, which is always a good thing in my eyes.  The film stars Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota Fanning, Amanda Michalka, AJ from former band Aly & AJ, and Kyle Chandler.  The relationship between the characters has not been revealed; in fact we haven’t even been given their names yet.

The secrecy surrounding the film really adds to the, normally painful, waiting process.  The movie is scheduled to hit cinemas on the 10th of June 2011.  By then we may know a little more about the plot, then again we may not.  If you’re a Super Bowl fan, you’ll be happy to know that a new 30 second trailer will be airing during one of the commercial breaks.  Getting this trailer to air during the Super Bowl cost Paramount $3 million, so they better make the most of that time.

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Criminal Minds JJ’s Departure

Tonight the last episode of Criminal Minds, to feature A.J. Cook, aired.  Her character, JJ, receives a job offer she literally can’t refuse.  JJ may not be the only character leaving the show this season; CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said that they want to ‘shakeup’ the cast.  Paget Brewster’s character is being phased out and will no longer appear in every episode.

Nina Tassler explained that the reason Cook got fired is the upcoming spinoff series, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour.  No she won’t be in the spinoff, but developing a spinoff series has made them take a look at the cast members and they deemed that JJ had gone as far as she could go.  Even though they are reducing Brewster’s role they hope she doesn’t leave the series, but it does seem like they are targeting the woman.  That doesn’t include Kirsten Vangsness, who is so popular that she will be the only character that is set to appear in both the original series and the spinoff, at the same time.

Now back to this week’s episode, which guest starred the entire cast of Joan of Arcadia, well two of the cast members anyway, Michael Welch and Chris Marquette.  A girl goes missing and the Arcadia boys are the only suspects.  While the rest of the team try to interrogate the boys, JJ must talk to the girl’s parents to see if they have any details that have been overlooked.  It’s JJ that notices the clue that unravels the whole mystery.  She then has to say goodbye to the other team members, which is a teary goodbye, especial for Garcia.

None of the characters is guaranteed to stay, so who would you save if you had the choice?

By the way random fact:  Did you know that Charlie Sheen’s real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez?  I found out by accident and just thought it was interesting.

Criminal Minds Season Six Premiere

Tonight the new season of Criminal Minds premiered.  Fans of the series finally got to learn the outcome of the cliff-hanger from the end of season five.  This episode will also be the second last one to feature the character JJ, who will be leaving the show in next week’s episode.

The episode focuses on the team as they try to find a serial killer, nicknamed the prince of darkness, and Ellie, the girl he kidnapped.  I haven’t been a fan for very long, but I’ve seen a lot of episodes and this is one of the best.  I love episodes were the characters get so involved and make it personal.

The team’s big break comes when they learn that the killer is listening to the radio.  They decide to contact him by broadcasting on every station at once, which takes JJ a while to organise.  Once she gets clearance she must then convince him to let Ellie go, which is something she’s never had to do before.

When they do finally catch the killer Derek kills him, this could mean that yet another character is going to be under investigation.  The relationship between Garcia and Derek was tested as he yells at her twice, but she doesn’t take offence and they do make up.

I thought the episode was good, but how did you find it?  Let me know by voting and commenting below.