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It’s a wonderful sequel… Hopefully

If you thought that Jeepers Creepers 2 getting a sequel was surprising then prepare for an even bigger shock as a sequel to the 1946 Christmas classic It’s a wonderful Life may be on the way.


According to Variety, the movie, which will be called It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, is expected to hit cinemas in time for Christmas 2015.

The film will be a collaboration between Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions and will star Karolyn Grimes who played Zulu, George Bailey’s daughter, in the original.

The story will focus on George Bailey Jr, grandson of the original lead character, who is shown what the world would be like without him by Zulu who is now an angel.

Though it’s not exactly a remake, the plot is so similar to the original that it might as well be. It’s hard to imagine a modern version of this classic tale being able to live up to the original, so let’s just be optimistic and hope that it doesn’t ruin the first one.


Looks like the rumours were false and Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions don’t own the rights and therefore can’t actually make the sequel.

Are you disappointed or relieved? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

If you’re an Uncharted fan you might already know that this November Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be coming out, November 1st in America and November 4th in the UK and Ireland.  What you probably don’t know is that you could be playing it as early as the 28th of June.  Anyone that buys Infamous 2, or is a PlayStation Plus subscriber, will have the chance to play a multiplayer beta of the game.  Don’t worry, if you don’t want to buy Infamous 2 or pay to become a PlayStation Plus member you just have to wait until the 5th of July when it becomes available on the PlayStation Network.

This time around the plot focuses on Drake and Sully as they try to find a lost city known as the Atlantis of the sands.  The game takes place in a desert settling.  Naughty Dog chose to have this game based in a desert as a challenge, as sand is extremely hard to animate.  The attention to detail shows and has really paid off, visual the game is a masterpiece.  Also the addition of a split screen multiplayer mode pushes the franchise forward and sets it up to be as successful as the previous two instalments.

Many features have been added to the game, including the ability to fight more than one enemy at a time and automatic ammo pick up.  The AI has been improved greatly; Drake and Sully now function as a team rather than simply a player and a computer.  The AI becoming more intelligent works against you as well, now enemies can form groups to attack you together.

All signs are pointing to this being one of the best games of 2011, but we won’t know for sure until we get to play it ourselves.  What do you think?  Leave a comment and vote below to let me know what you think.  Also don’t forget to subscribe.

Superman: Man of Steel 2012

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s a British guy in a cape.

Next year Superman will be landing in cinemas once again.  The movie is going to be a complete reboot and will be unrelated to previous Superman films.  The plot is somewhat of a mystery, but, as usual, rumours have been circling the web, some ridiculous.  At this stage all we really know is that a portion takes place in Smallville, probably a big portion as they cast Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent.  A name has not been confirmed, but it is rumoured to be Superman: Man of Steel.

The villain hasn’t even been confirmed yet, though most believe its Zod.  We probably won’t have to wait very long before all the missing pieces are revealed, as the whole film is being rushed to avoid a payout.  The family of the original creator of Superman have won a case to regain some rights to Superman and his origin.  The judge ruled that Warner Bros did not have to pay the family for Superman movies that had already been made, but would have to start production of a new Superman movie by 2011 or the family could sue for loss of earnings.

So far four cast members have been announced.  Henry Cavill will play Superman, making him the first non American to portray the man of steel, Amy Adams was cast as Lois Lane, Diane Lane is Martha Kent and, as mentioned above, Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent.  The interesting thing about the casting is that there is almost ten years between each of the actors.  Henry Cavill is 27, Amy Adams is 36, Diane Lane is 46 and Kevin Costner is 56.  Maybe it’s a conspiracy.

Personally, I really like Superman and I’m looking forward to this movie, at least until I have reason not to.  Christopher Nolan is producing the movie and David S. Goyer is writing it.  Nolan became interested when he heard Goyer’s idea, so you know it’s got to be good.  Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen, is directing the film.  It’s beginning to sound like this movies going to be darker than other Superman films.  I just hope they make it serious, because comic book movies usual don’t work well unless they take themselves serious.  The movie will be released some time in December 2012.

What do you think?  What would you like to see happen?  Is the age gap a conspiracy theory?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Six Month Anniversary of Blogging Every Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since I start blogging.  I’m really enjoying it and I hope that you’re enjoying reading it.  To honour my six month anniversary of posting everyday I’ll be talking about my experience writing a blog.

My first post was about Paranormal Activity 2, I wrote it straight after I came home from seeing it in the cinema.  I was babysitting my nephew, so it took a while to write the post, but I was glad that I had because it set my whole blogging career in motion.  From then on I wrote every day.  It was so easy at first, everything was fresh and there was so much to write about.  As time went on I realised that sometimes I would really have to work hard to get myself to write.  There’s always something to write about if you’re willing to look hard enough.

I have lazy days and there are days when I want to write about other topics, that’s why I added the random section.  For a while it did become a crutch, but as I got used to researching and writing a piece every day, I was able to reduce the amount of random posts.  Once I’d done that, the blog began to get more hits.  That’s not to say the random posts didn’t get views, they did.

If you write a blog the hardest thing to do is find the time to write it.  At one stage, I was posting all my articles at two in the morning (I don’t need much sleep).  It was only when someone told me that the quality of these posts was not as good as the ones written later in the day that I stopped and began writing in the evening instead.

Another tip I’d give is to only post stuff that you wouldn’t mind your worst enemy reading.  If you’re like me you won’t really mind people joking about what you write, but some people genuinely don’t like that.  Just make sure you don’t post anything you don’t want getting back to you.  I had a bad experience with the song I wrote for Near fm.  I wrote the song for an assignment in college.  We all had to do a group presentation and I thought it’d be fun if my group sang.  One of the members asked me to put the song on my blog so he could read it, I posted it and he liked it.  In the end the group wouldn’t sing it, but someone (Robbie) told everyone it was on my blog and it was read out as part of our presentation.  I would have preferred all of us making fools of ourselves together, but I got top marks so I don’t care.

As well as my six month anniversary (blogiversary), I also broke 10,000 hits today.  I didn’t ever expect to get so many hits.  I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, seeing the number of views makes me so happy.  It feels great to have my work read, so thank you all.  Well we’ve reached the end of this anniversary post, but tomorrow, in honour of my first post, I’ll be writing about Paranormal Activity 3, so be sure to check that out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve struggle through so many technical difficulties to get it up but apparently it’s Matt’s fault whoever that is.  Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

The Resident

In every city thousands of women live alone, Juliet is not one of those women.  After renting an apartment that seems too good to be true, Juliet finds out that she’s not alone.  Her seemingly nice landlord has become obsessed with her and is watching her every move.  There isn’t a safe room in the apartment, so she’ll have to fight to survive.

I always have my doubts about films that only have one or two victims.  Let’s face it, the main character, most likely, isn’t going to die, so you go in already knowing how it’s going to end.  At least when there’s five or six main characters there is some real danger for the characters, because they can’t all survive.

The trailer looks good, but not great.  It really reminds me of Vacancy.  It has all those unbelievable tunnels that you only see in the movies, probably because most real killers are just going to kill you and not play hide and seek first.  It really doesn’t even look scary, bear in mind I’m really not easily scared.  If you liked Vacancy you’ll probably like this as well.  It stars Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee. 

One thing I do love about the film is that the name could have two meanings.  She’s the resident of the apartment but she’s also a doctor (one of the levels of qualifications of doctors in a resident). 

It’s in cinemas now if you want to check it out.  Let me know what you think by voting and leaving a comment below.

TimeSplitters 4

TimeSplitters is a game that has inspired millions to make their own levels, shoot their friends and even film machinima.  When I was a kid TimeSplitters made me want to create my own game and it gave me all the tools I’d need to do it.  It focus’s strongly on multiplayer and is really a game without limits.

TimeSplitters 4 was confirmed, which made fans very happy, then this happiness was taken away when the Free Radical, the company that makes TimeSplitters, was bought by Crytek.  In 2009, two years after it was first announced, TimeSplitters 4 was officially put on hold.  Crytek UK, which was once Free Radical, then said that if there was a high demand for the game then it would be made, so fans petitioned.  On the 1st of November 2010 Crytek UK announced that they are talking with publishers to see if release a fourth TimeSplitters is the right move.

TimeSplitters allows players to play against friends or ‘bots’ in many different types of games, it also has a story mode and allows you to make your own levels, that can either be free play or have a story.  It’s a truly unique series and it would be a shame if the sequel never gets finished and released.  Some fans have used the game in a different, creative way.  They’ve made machinima, which, encase you don’t know, is when a game is used to make movies or series.  Not many people use TimeSplitters to make machinima, in fact these might be the only ones.  Their show is called As the Hamster Wheel Turns (ATHWT).  The first episode is below so check it out.

If you want TimeSplitters 4, then demand it.  The battle is far from over so don’t forget to sign the online petition.

Don’t let TimeSplitters die.

Here’s a trailer for TimeSplitters 4

Don’t forget to vote and comment.

It’s Christmas

Hi everyone, just writing to say enjoy Christmas, or at least what’s left of it.  Today didn’t turn out like I’d thought, in a good way.  I got some games that I’ll be reviewing over the next few days so don’t forget to check back, including Tron: Evolution and The Sims 3.

A Very Glee Christmas

It’s Christmas time on Glee and they’re doing their first Christmas episode.  Ho ho hold on a minute, how can this be Glee’s first Christmas episode if this is the second season?  The reason is, last year Glee skipped Christmas.  They have a mid-season break at before Christmas and don’t return until after so the producers just decided not to do one, but this year the last episode before the break is Christmas themed.

I’m not accusing Glee of being depressing and dark.  It’s the opposite and fans expect that, but this episode was so sweet and merry that it could melt teeth.  Brittany, as usual, was one of the best things in the episode.  Her innocent belief in Santa was heart warming.  I do have to wonder why all her friends seemed surprised by her belief, seeing as at least two of them have known her for years.

Sue was evil, that’s nothing new, but this time I just wanted to punch her.  She’s getting a little flat, there’s only so long you can play the ‘I’m tortured because I had a bad childhood and a Down syndrome sister’ card.  Then again little ray of character development do shine through on occasion and I was very disappointed when she gave up the principal position, because it really gave her a chance to show another side.

Rachel and Finn are two of the most boring and annoying characters in the show.  I hate it when they come on screen, but independent of each other I can handle them in small doses.  This episode shows them trying to piece their relationship back together; well it’s more like Rachel trying to win Finn back.  As usual the Glee kids use song to get what they want.  I know it’s a show about twenty something year old teenagers that sing but I’m getting real tired of them saying ‘well we are in glee, why don’t we sing’.  Okay we all get autotune’s great.

The episode was watchable, but not really good.  Maybe if you’re in the Christmas spirit, and want to hear a million Christmas songs sung by some of the world’s oldest teenagers, you’d enjoy it, but bar that it wasn’t a masterpiece.  In fact very little happened to further develop any of the characters story and I couldn’t help but notice that there was still one character left alone on Christmas.  If you’re a devote Gleek then you’ll probably love it, if not you probably won’t.  Nothing really happens in this episode so you wouldn’t be lost if you gave it a miss.