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21 Jump Street Movie Review

The hit 80s television series 21 Jump Street is coming to the big screen with a remake, sequel, parody, I have no idea. 

Having been born after the TV series had ended, I wasn’t even aware of its existence until I heard about the movie.  However, before I saw the movie I sat down and watched some of the episodes and found them to be really enjoyable.  I knew the film was a comedy so I was already expecting it to be completely different, which meant it wasn’t really a shock when that turned out to be the case.  I’m a big continuity geek, so I really didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but I can honestly say that I laughed for basically the entire film.

There are some references to the original series in the film, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a sequel or follow up to the series.  Still, it’s not a remake either and I found it to be more of a parody than anything else and not just a parody of 21 Jump Street, but movies in general.  Even going as far as characters being aware that they are merely stereotypes and being encouraged to embrace it and things, that would normally explode in film, not blowing up.

Unexpectedly, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make a great team and, even though the characters are opposites, it was done it a way that makes their friendship really believable.  However, the gay vibe was coming off strong and at times it did seem like the pair would make a pretty good couple, I can only imagine what reaction that would have got (Oscar nomination probably).  The two main characters are stereotypes themselves, but they use that to show how high school has supposedly changed since they were actual students.

Johnny Depp makes an appearance in the film as, I’m going to say, a version of his former Jump Street character Tom Hanson.  His part was very well done and completely unexpected.  I think that people who are fans of the original won’t like what they’ve done with his character, but then again I don’t really think fans of the series are going to like this film.  It’s very funny and I did love it, but I know that if in years to come a show that I loved is turned into a movie that bears little resemblance to the show I wouldn’t like it.  So if you’re a Jump Street fan, oddly enough, this may not be the film for you.

Basic plot aside, there really is no real resemblance between the film and the show, the entire tone has been changed and let’s face it Channing Tatum is not going to pass as a teenager, though he was really good in the film as was Jonah Hill who actually co-wrote the script.  The film will be in cinemas on the 16th of March and I would recommend it because it’s really funny, but if you’re a massive Jump Street fan don’t expect anything like the original show.

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21 Jump Street Movie

Last night I was recieved an e-mail, which I read early this morning, from Sony.  Don’t worry I’m not in any trouble, but they did announce that there is an embargo on reviews of the 21 Jump Street movie.  This means that I have to take the review down until the 5th of March.  I apologise for any inconvience this may cause, but the review will still be up a full 10 days before the films release.  If you can’t wait until the 5th, just know that it is an extremely funny movie.  Thanks for reading.

As of the 5th of March the embargo has been lifted and the full review is online once again and can be read here.

Hop Movie Review

Every year more Christmas movies come out, there must be hundreds, but how many Easter movies can you name?  There’s not many, but this year one has hopped its way to cinemas.

Hop follows E.B. a talking rabbit who is next in line to be the Easter Bunny.  However, E.B. is reluctant to follow in his father’s footsteps and would rather become a drummer.  One day E.B.’s father makes fun of E.B.’s dream of becoming a rock star, so E.B. runs away.  Desperate to find somewhere to stay, E.B. travels to a place that’s been good to bunnies since 1927, The Playboy Mansion.  After getting rejected, E.B. walks around and is hit by a car.

The driver of the car is, out of work slacker, Fred O’Hare, note the not so subtle hare reference.  Reluctantly, Fred allows E.B. to move in with him.  However, Fred does not own the house he is merely house sitting for his sisters boss. 

Unbeknownst to E.B., his father has sent a trio of trained ninja bunnies, The Pink Berets, to find E.B. and bring him home to Easter Island.  While all this is happening, an evil chick, named Carlos, is conspiring to take over the role of Easter Bunny, thus putting chicks in charge of Easter.

The movie was good, but the end really let it down.  There were some funny parts that worked well, but the ending just seemed so forced and felt extremely rushed.  It’s unfortunate, as the rest of the film was fairly well paced.  There honestly was no point where I was actually bored, but, as I said,  the predictable fake ending really goes against the movie.

There are some pretty well known people in the film.  E.B. is voiced by Russell Brand, who also makes a cameo appearance in the film, James Marsden plays Fred O’Hare, Kaley Cuoco plays his sister Sam, Hugh Laurie plays E.B.’s father and Hank Azaria, aka Apu from The Simpsons, plays Carlos.  Hugh Hefner, David Hasselhoff and Chelsea Handler all make cameos, the first two as themselves.

The movie is watchable and will provide some laughs, but the end just lets the whole thing down.  It will put you in the Easter spirit though, so it may be worth it.  The film is in cinemas now and was directed by Tim Hill, check out the trailer below.

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The Avengers

Today is a special day; it’s the last of the three part superhero marathon.  To finish up we’re going to discuss the upcoming Avengers movie.  We’ll also be talking about some members of the Avengers that didn’t get their own section, either because they aren’t getting a solo movie or because their solo movie is already released.

Many heroes have joined the Avengers over the years, but the original members were Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, The Wasp and Ant-Man.  However, the timeline was rewritten to make Captain America a founding member in place of Hulk.  The Avengers were formed when Thor’s adopted brother Loki accidentally gets all five heroes in the same place at the same time.

Iron Man is the story of a rich man who decided to become a superhero.  The concept for Iron Man was to create a character that nobody would like and make them like him.  To achieve this, they made him everything that was hated at the time.  The Cold War was happening so they made him a rich weapons manufacturer, in a time where everyone was poor and sick of war.

The recent Iron Man movies have been a complete success and characters from the films will be appearing in the Avengers movie.  Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff and Phil Coulson will all be returning, but War Machine will not.

The Hulk was an incredibly bad movie in 2003, but in 2008 they went back and did it again, with better results.  Rumours of a sequel start spreading around, but they were delayed because of the Avengers movie.  The Hulk will not only be in the Avengers movie, he may also have a few sequels after it.  There is a downside to this uplifting story of a green man, he has been recast.  Edward Norton played Bruce Banner in the 2008 film, but he will not be returning, the following statement was released;

‘Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members,’ said marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige in a statement.  ‘The Avengers demands players who thrive working as part of an ensemble, as evidenced by Robert, Chris H., Chris E., Sam, Scarlett, and all of our talented cast.  We are looking to announce a name actor who fulfils these requirements and is passionate about the iconic role in the coming weeks.’

They went with Mark Ruffalo.

Hawkeye is also set to be in the Avengers movie.  He will be played by Jeremy Renner.  Renner has announced that the costume will not be the one from the comics, it will be something more ‘reality based’.  Here’s what I think of that.

Hawkeye started out as a villain, but then joined the Avengers as their ass kicking, arrow slinging companion.  Like most of the heroes in the upcoming film, he does not have superpowers.  However, he is a great archer and has several ‘trick arrows’, a lot like DC’s Green Arrow, who was created over 20 years before Hawkeye.

Samuel L. Jackson will be returning as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, and he won’t be working alone.  Cobie Smulders will be portraying agent Maria Hill.  Cobie was one of the front runners to play Wonder Woman, but unfortunately the movie, which would have been directed by Joss Whedon, never got made.

Whedon will be directing the Avengers movie, which is set to hit cinemas on the 4th of May 2012.  Whedon is a great director, who really cares about the characters in the movie, so it is in good hands.  The Avengers looks like it’s going to be an amazing cinematic event, lucky we don’t need to wait too long to get a taste of the action as Captain America and Thor are both being released this year.

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