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First Footage of Wonder Woman

Set to make her first live action film appearance in the upcoming Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman is one of the most recognisable comic book characters of all time. Can she pull off her own movie?

Wonder Woman



Batman at the MTV Movie Awards

More footage from The Dark Knight Rises was shown at this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

It begins with a scene in which Selina Kyle, Anne Hathaway, is being interrogated by John Blake, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  After this we get to see a variety of other shots from the film, the most interesting, in my eyes, is what appears to be the Lazarus Pit.

In the comic books, the Lazarus Pit is used by Ra’s al Ghul, who is set to appear in the film, as a way to heal otherwise fatal injuries.  However, using the Lazarus Pit comes at a cost; it has a nasty side effect of turning people insane.  Since Bane is the man who broke the bat, the Lazarus Pit could potentially be used to heal Bruce Wayne’s back.  They may even not included the side effect in the film, but there have been scenes, shown in a TV spot, were Bruce was walking with a cane which could just be from a bane beating rather than a recovering spine.

Another interesting part in the clip shows Batman and Catwoman working together.  Selina is a really interesting character and every time more footage of her is realised it gets easier to see Christopher Nolan chose Anne Hathaway for the role.  The movie version seems to be close to the way she was portrayed in her early appearances and it’s nice to see that she has a criminal record and isn’t just going to run around fighting crime with Batman the entire movie.

The Dark Knight Rises will hit cinemas hard on the 20th of July with a massive running time of two hours and forty five minutes.

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The Muppets First Trailer Review

It starts with one man forgetting his anniversary and ends with a Muppet adventure.  That’s right I’m talking about the Muppets movie again.  Why?  Because they released a trailer.

The trailer is actually disguised as a melodramatic romance movie and then it’s revealed to be a trailer for The Muppets.  Making the fake trailer was a really clever idea; it kind of taps into some of the fun of the film.  Near the end we do get to see some of the actually footage and it looks impressive.  The tone matches with earlier Muppet movies and that’s really the most important thing.

It’s clear from the trailer that there will be some musical numbers, which isn’t surprising if you’ve ever watched The Muppets before.  The new songs will be written by Flight of the Concords star Bret McKenzie, but some of the classics will also be making an appearance too.  Among these classic songs is the hit Rainbow Connection.

So far I’m impressed by what I’ve seen, not that I was expecting otherwise.  The people working on the project really care about it and it’s great to see that.  It would be a complete shock to me if this film didn’t end up being a hit.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer Review

Could curing Alzheimer’s bring upon the fall of humanity?  Find out this August when Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes to a cinema near you.

The movie, which was originally called Rise of the Apes, shows that curing a serious disease may actually bring on an ape revolution that could destroy the human race (think twice before you donate to cancer research next time).  The concept differs greatly from the original series, but maybe that’s not a bad thing.  It is, the originals are perfect.

Unlike every other Planet of the Apes film, the apes in this one have been created digitally with CGI technology.  There are pros and cons with this decision.  Since the film is showing the apes when they were still like, well, apes, costumes probably wouldn’t have been a good way to go.  However, I do think that at parts in the trailer it looks like a King Kong movie.  The ultimate question about the CGI is whether or not it will really look convincing while interacting with the environment and actors.  At the moment, it’s not perfect, it’s far from it, but judgement should be reserved until more footage is released.

The story is not related to the original franchise, thank god.  Fans should be glad to hear this as it doesn’t even come close to fitting in with the canon of the original movies.  The plot is similar to Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, in which an ape named Caesar starts a revolution against the humans who have enslaved apes.  In the new film, an ape, also named Caesar, starts a revolution against humans who have used apes as test animals.  The main difference between the stories is how the apes became more evolved.

At first the trailer was disappointing, but I forced myself to watch it a few more times and it was still disappointing.  Then I found out that they weren’t messing with the continuity, so now I don’t have many problems with it.  The film’s director, Rupert Wyatt, hopes that this film is ‘not a continuation of the other films’ and he hopes it will bring fans of the old movies as well as some new ones.  If this goes well they intend to make sequels, not just a sequel sequels.

Planet of the Apes is such a great series that is really underappreciated these days.  I was, and still am a bit, hesitant about this film, but I’m starting to get excited as well.  Just as long as it doesn’t mess with the originals I’m going to give it a chance and recommend that you do to.  Also just a note, pay no attention to the joke at the start, cancer research is a worthy cause, as is finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, though that may be dangerous.

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