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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Review

Anyone can save the Galaxy once, but you’ve got to be really cool to do it twice.

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Moana Review

Does Disney have another Frozen on its hands or will their latest princess sink.



Guardians of the Galaxy Review

A human, an assassin, a man out for vengeance, a genetically engineered raccoon and a living tree team up in Disney/Marvels most ambitious film yet, but could it also be their best?


Maleficent review

In 1959 Disney released Sleeping Beauty, which told the story of princess Aurora who was cursed by an evil fairy to fall into a death like sleep that could only be broken by true loves kiss. Now Disney is given that evil fairy, Maleficent, a chance to plead her case, but will it make a difference?


Are Children’s Shows On Too Late?

If you have small children or if you’ve ever babysat at night, you probably already know that kids TV plays pretty late now (one in the morning on some stations).  While I’m not denying how useful it is at keeping children occupied, I just can’t help but think how strange it is and how it encourages kids to stay up late.

When I was a child, what seems like a million irreversible years ago, I loved TV.  I didn’t watch it all the time, but if I was addicted to a show I made sure I didn’t miss it.  At that time children’s shows didn’t air after seven o’clock, at least not on any channel I had.  What would have happened if the shows I wanted to see didn’t start until ten?  I wouldn’t have been able to watch, but it most likely wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience for my parents.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe kids don’t need as much sleep as we think they do.  I don’t know I just noticed it tonight when I was babysitting my nephew, he’s too young for it really to affect him, but he still enjoys certain shows.  It just seems like, for an older kid, it would be a nightmare.  Imagine trying to get them up the next day for school.

If you agree or disagree let me know.  All comments are encouraged even if you just want to complain about the Disney Corporation.

Epic Mickey

No it’s not a porn movie.  It’s a new game starring Mickey Mouse.

Mickey goes through a mirror into a workshop were a land for all things forgotten was created.  Curious, Mickey picks up the paint brush and starts painting.  He accidently makes a shadow monster, which he then erases (destroying the newly created land, turning it into a wasteland).  A long time passes, and Mickey is attacked by the shadow monster.  It takes him to the wasteland, were it plans to remove his heart.

It’s a platform game with RPG elements.  Fans of Kingdom Hearts will probably like this game, as they seem very similar.  Disney fans, even the non-gamers, are expected to eat this game up.  This is mainly because everything in the game, down to the last barrel, has been taken from another Disney creation.  Old theme park rides will also be featured, but the thing I find most exciting about it, keep in mind I’m a total ‘geek’, is that characters that were taken out of past Disney projects will appear in the wasteland.  However I am worried that too much time may have been put into the appearance and not enough was dedicated to the actual story.

This game marks the long awaited return of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  Mickey Mouse was originally made as a replacement for Oswald, who was cancelled after the animators demanded more pay.  At the time Disney was just starting out, so after his staff betrayed him he once again started from scratch, but from then on he made sure he owned the rights to everything created in his company.  Oswald was then owned by Universal, but was bought back by Disney in 2006.  The day he made his return to Disney, Oswald merchandise became available in Disneyland.  Other than said merchandise the character has not appeared in a Disney production, since his return, but reps from Disney said he would be returning with a bang.

The weapon, in the game, is a magic paintbrush that gives players the ability to draw and erase objects.  The game was released on the 25th of November, exclusively for Wii.  If you haven’t got it yet I suggest putting it on your Christmas list, as it might just be a vital part of the Disney Universe.

Tron: Uprising

As I’ve said before, Tron is guaranteed to make a fair chunk of change in the box office, but that doesn’t mean that the movie is definitely going to be good.  Hollywood produces don’t understand that great sales do not mean great movie.  The popularity of the original Tron may draw people in, but they’ll only want more if the plot is good, despite this it has already been announced that an animated TV series has been commissioned.  The show will be similar to the Star Wars series Clone Wars, which helped bridged the gap between episodes II and III.  However as the game is attempting to do the same thing it is a reasonable assumption that the show is just a plan to make more money from the Tron franchise.

The series will have one major disadvantage which is that it will have a lot of limitations.  It will have to be set within a certain time, plus viewers will know what happens after, as they will probably have seen Legacy so the show will contain few, if any, surprises.

The TV series is not the only way that Disney is cashing in on the power of Tron.  A Tron monorail (Tronorail) has been set up in Disneyland.  There are also rumours that Tron fever is spreading through Disney and new rides and themed areas are on there way.

Let me know what you think below.  Do you think that Disney should make a Tron series?