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Norman Osborn cast in The Amazing Spider-man 2

Chris Cooper has been cast as Norman Ozborn in Marc Webb’s upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spider-man.

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If perfection was one pill away, would you take it?  Who wouldn’t?  What if I told you it comes with side effects and murderous hit men?  Still want it?  It may sound strange, but this is the plot of Alan Glynn’s book The Dark Fields, which has now been turned into a film called Limitless.  The book itself is being re-released under the new title Limitless.

The film stars Bradley Cooper, as Eddie Morra (Spinola in the book) an out of work writer whose girlfriend leaves him.  He is then offered an experimental drug, NZT (MDT-48 in the book), that increases his focus and confidence.  He is able to remember everything he’s ever read, heard or seen.  Eddie becomes successful and this success attracts unwanted attention, that’s where the hit men come into it.

For the trailer I can already tell I’m going to like this film.  The concept is interesting and it was executed well, I can already tell they’ve made numerous changes from the book, some that seem pointless, but I’m not going to hold it against them.  The really feels like something you won’t mind sitting down and watching for an hour and forty five minutes, which is the running time by the way.

The movie comes out, in Ireland and England, on the 23rd of March.  Be sure to see it if you’re a fan of action and/or Robert De Niro.

What do you think of the movie?  Given the chance would you take the pill?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Since 1941 Captain America has stood out as an American patriotic hero, in shiny red boots (not entirely different from those of Dora’s apprentice).

For the majority of his fictional life Captain America’s secret identity has been Steve Rogers.  Got the hand it to Steve a less man would have hung up his boots long before now, but that’s not how Steve rolls.  Steve fights for justice and he’s fought his way onto cinema screens and in 3D no less.

Chris Evans will be playing Steve, and has bulked up (a lot) to make sure he does the part justice.  In fact CGI is being used to take muscle away from Evans for the scenes before he becomes Captain America.  Encase you’re not a fan of the comics, don’t worry Steve doesn’t get his powers from a radioactive spider, kryptonite or an obscene amount of money, no he volunteers to become a super soldier.

The movie also stars Hugo Weaving, Samuel L Jackson, Dominic Cooper and Sebastian Stan.  The funniest casting of the film will have to me Stan has Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s teenage sidekick.  I got a feeling some alterations to the character may have to be made as Sebastian Stan is almost thirty, and is only two years younger than Chris Evans.

The movie is paving the way for the Avengers movie, which will be directed by Joss Whedon, who is one of my all time favourite directors.  Avengers will take characters from other Marvel movies, like Iron Man, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk and unite them as the Avengers, just like in the comic books.

Captain America is scheduled to be released on the 22nd of July 2011, The Avengers will come out the 4th of May the following year and will also be in 3D.