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In Time

You may have heard the saying; time is money. Well in the upcoming film In Time, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, this is literally the case.

In the film, scientists have successfully stopped the aging process, which inevitably lead to overpopulation. To counter this they decided to make time, how long you have left to live, currency. Everyone ages until 25, then they must survive on time that they earn through work. This leads to the rich living forever, while the poor must fight to survive.

Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, is a 28 year old who is struggling to get by. He rarely has more than a few days. Then he meets Henry, Matt Bomer, a rich man who is tired of living. Henry transfers most of his time to Will, then leaves to die. Unfortunately, this act of kindness leads to Will having to go on the run from a police force known as the Timekeepers, who think that he murdered Henry.

The trailer does a great job of explaining the story. It gives a really clear idea of the movie will be like, which is good because it means that people going to see it will be the type of people who enjoy action/sci-fi films. It’s obvious that the film is making a comment on the gap between the rich and the poor in society. This is something a lot of people can relate to, especially in the recession (that’s right I said recession everybody that a drink).

Not many digital effects were shown on the trailer. All the characters have timers on their arms telling them how much time they have left, but that’s about it. This is unusual because it’s set in the future, which normally means plenty of CGI. There could be a lot more CGI in the actually movie, but keeping it to a minimum would be refreshing. After all, the story really doesn’t require that much, the dialogue should help establish the futuristic setting.

Though the rules of this futuristic world are outlined, they are not explained entirely. For example; if someone under 25 wants to buy something how can they? Time is currency and you are guaranteed not to die (by running out of time) before you’re 25. I expect this, and any other questions, will be answered in the film, but it may not be. You never know.

In Time comes out on the 28th of October in the US and the 1st of November in the UK and Ireland. Personally, I’m excited about this movie, but what do you think? Do you like the trailer? Is the story interesting? Do you think it’s strange that most of the actors aren’t 25? Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below, also don’t forget to subscribe and click the like button.


Little Red Riding Hood (Movie 2011)

We all heard the story when we were kids;

Little Red Riding Hood was walking to her grandmother’s house, when she was stopped by a wolf.  The wolf did not want to attack her in public so he found out where she was going then tells her to pick some flowers for her grandmother.  He rushes to grandma’s house, gets in by pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood, and swallows the grandmother whole.  He dresses in the grandmother’s clothes and waits for the little girl.  He fools her long enough to swallow her whole as well.  Unfortunately for him, a hunter comes and cuts him open, thus freeing, the still alive, Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma.  They then fill the wolf’s stomach with rocks.  He wakes up and goes to get a drink, because he’s thirsty after his meal, but he falls in and drowns.

The stories origins go back further than the Brothers Grimm, who wrote the, I guess you could say, official version.  In older versions, some of the grandmother’s ‘meat’ is left for Little Red Riding Hood, who is tricked into eating it and some versions even go as far as killing off Little Red Riding Hood.  The tale has some origins in Norse mythology, yes that’s Thor.  Is it faith or coincidence that the first post after my superhero marathon links to one of the heroes that were featured?

The live action movie version of the tale will follow one of the old variations to the story, by which I mean it will use a werewolf rather than a boring old cross-dressing wolf.  Interesting thought:  Is it really cross-dressing?  Has it ever been stated that the wolf is male?

The film stars Amanda Seyfried as Valerie aka Little (5’3 and a half) Red Riding Hood.  Valerie lives in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf.  She falls in love with an orphaned woodcutter, who, despite the period the film is set in, has regular access to hair gel which he uses to give himself the Edward Cullen look.  It’s not surprising, seeing as the movie is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who also directed the first Twilight movie.  Valerie, with the help of a hunter (Gary Oldman), attempts to fight against the creature.  Twilight fans should also be on the lookout for Bella’s father who is also in the film.

The trailer sets a dark tone and the movie looks interesting.  There is something special about re-interpreting old myths and stories, especially when they don’t try make them modern.  The movie is set to hit cinemas on the 11th of March.  What do you think?  Leave a comment and vote below… or a wolf will eat you.

Super 8

It’s not a secret that J.J. Abrams has a unique advertising style, considering the first Cloverfield trailer didn’t even give the film’s title.  This time Abrams has refused to give any details of the plot of his latest film, Super 8.  However the trailer does give enough information for people to form conclusions, hopefully wrong ones.

The trailer shows a train, which is transporting material from area 51, being derailed when it collides with a car.  Then the side of one of the train cars is burst off by something.  It does not explain why the creature inside needed the train to be stationary before it could escape.  However we do learn that the film is set in 1979, which is the same year Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq (just a random fact, probably won’t come up in the film, but might you never know with Abrams).

When the trailer was first released, rumours began to spread that this movie was a sequel (or prequel) to, 2008, Cloverfield.  Abrams has since come forward to say that this is not true.  The film will pay homage to Steven Spielberg and the science fiction films that he made in the 70s and 80s.

No big name actors have been cast in the film, which is always a good thing in my eyes.  The film stars Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota Fanning, Amanda Michalka, AJ from former band Aly & AJ, and Kyle Chandler.  The relationship between the characters has not been revealed; in fact we haven’t even been given their names yet.

The secrecy surrounding the film really adds to the, normally painful, waiting process.  The movie is scheduled to hit cinemas on the 10th of June 2011.  By then we may know a little more about the plot, then again we may not.  If you’re a Super Bowl fan, you’ll be happy to know that a new 30 second trailer will be airing during one of the commercial breaks.  Getting this trailer to air during the Super Bowl cost Paramount $3 million, so they better make the most of that time.

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