Angry Birds The Movie Review

Coming out in 2009, the Angry Birds mobile game has been downloaded more than one billion times, but will that success translate to the big screen?

Angry Birds

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Captain America: Civil War Spoilers

As Captain America: Civil War rolls out worldwide, it’s time to look back on some of the more Spoiler aspects of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you may want to turn back now. You’ve been warned.

Civil War.jpg

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Captain America: Civil War Review

The Avengers assemble for a mission in Africa, but when it ends in tragedy the United Nations step in to take control of the team. Not wanting to be forced to follow government agendas, Captain America refuses to sign up, but, a guilt ridden, Iron Man believes it’s a fair compromise. Have you picked a side yet? Warning some spoilers to follow.

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Oscars 2016 results

Find out this years Oscar wins, losses and snubs right here.


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Iron Fist has been cast

The wait is over, Finn Jones is Iron Fist.

Finn Jones.jpg

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The Forest Review

Set in a world where twins are psychically connected, The Forest is a horror movie about a woman trying to find her sister in Aokigahara forest.

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Suicide Squad Trailer 1

Forget Justice League, there’s a cooler team of DC characters beating them to the big screen. Check out Jai Courtney steal the show in the first official trailer for Suicide Squad, unless you count the Comic Con footage.

Suicide Squad

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First Footage of Wonder Woman

Set to make her first live action film appearance in the upcoming Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman is one of the most recognisable comic book characters of all time. Can she pull off her own movie?

Wonder Woman

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Alan Rickman RIP

Reports that the iconic British actor passed away this morning from cancer have been confirmed by his family.


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Oscars 2016 Nominations

Is this the year that Leonardo DiCaprio has been waiting for or will the Oscar go to someone else? Will Mad Max: Fury Road race off with the award for Best Picture? Check out the nominations for the 88th Academy Awards right now and see what you think.


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