Oscar 2014 results are in

The 86th annual Academy Awards have come and gone. Did you favourite film win an award? How many winners did you guess right? Check out the list of winners below.



Oscar 2014 nominations

The nominations for the 86th annual Academy Awards came out this morning. Personally, I’m disappointed that Saving Mr Banks wasn’t nominated for the Best Picture award, but maybe that’s just me. Check out the list below to find out if all your favourite movies were nominated. (more…)

It’s a wonderful sequel… Hopefully

If you thought that Jeepers Creepers 2 getting a sequel was surprising then prepare for an even bigger shock as a sequel to the 1946 Christmas classic It’s a wonderful Life may be on the way.


According to Variety, the movie, which will be called It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, is expected to hit cinemas in time for Christmas 2015.

The film will be a collaboration between Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions and will star Karolyn Grimes who played Zulu, George Bailey’s daughter, in the original.

The story will focus on George Bailey Jr, grandson of the original lead character, who is shown what the world would be like without him by Zulu who is now an angel.

Though it’s not exactly a remake, the plot is so similar to the original that it might as well be. It’s hard to imagine a modern version of this classic tale being able to live up to the original, so let’s just be optimistic and hope that it doesn’t ruin the first one.


Looks like the rumours were false and Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions don’t own the rights and therefore can’t actually make the sequel.

Are you disappointed or relieved? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Trick r’ Treat sequel is coming

Fans of Legendary Pictures’ Trick ‘r Treat have been waiting a long time for this news and it is official, a sequel is in the works.

Despite originally being slated for a theatrical release in 2007, the movie end up coming out straight to DVD in 2009. Since then it’s gained a cult following, mostly through word of mouth.

The sequel was announced at a special screening of the first film and will be in the capable hands of Michael Dougherty who both wrote and directed the original.

Though a release date hasn’t been set yet, fans can now look forward to another visit from Sam.

Any thoughts? Leave your comments in the section below. Happy Halloween.

Oscar Nominations 2013

Check out this years Oscar nominations and let me know who you think is going to win or who you think should have been nominated in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to vote on your favourite film award ceremony at the end of the post.

MF (more…)

Two Year Blogiversary

On the 22nd of October 2010 I wrote my first post on a blog that I started as part of a HND course in journalism. Now, two years later, I’m studying for to get MA in journalism.

I’m really glad that I kept this blog going and I’d like to thank people for reading it and apologise for being so slow in writing lately. I will be better from now on, though I probably won’t be beating my record of six months consecutive posts anytime soon.

The Mass April Fool’s Day Effect

As if Mass Effect fans hadn’t suffered, now they must watch the game be turned into a cheesy 80s cartoon, but wait it’s the 1st of April.

Over the years IGN have celebrated the beginning of April by fooling their readers, or just making them laugh, with a fake story.  Last year it was a Harry Potter TV show and this year it’s a Mass Effect cartoon.

Recently, a lot of Mass Effect fans were disappointed with the ending of the third game.  I think it’s fair to say that fans wouldn’t actually like to see this Mass Effect show go into production, but as a short it’s pretty funny and, since Mass Effect is all about making decisions and the consequences that come with that, maybe next time you play your strategy could be to defeat the reapers with rock and roll.

What do you think?  Would you like a Mass Effect cartoon series?  Were you disappointed with how the third game ended?  Do you think the reapers could be defeated with rock and roll?  Check out the video below and let me know what you think by voting or leaving a comment in the comment section.  Also, don’t forget to follow and chick the like button.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is, for the most part, a day for drinking and celebrating.  Being Irish I feel I have the right to say that without any repercussions.  I was going to head in to the parade and post pictures of that, but I decided to celebrate the holiday in a much less conventional way.

Firstly, I have decided to stay in rather than go out.  I will be watching a movie and it’s not an Irish movie.  Funnily enough I actually have an Irish movie that I haven’t watched yet, but I’m opting to put on an American one instead.  Though in defence of my plan, the movie does feature part Irish actress, Olivia Wilde, it’s the 2011 film In Time.

In further rebellion of the holiday, which I actually like by the way, I will be eating an Easter egg.  Having only finished my final Easter egg from last year a few months ago, I went out and bought another one specifically for this occasion.  To keep some of the Paddy’s Day tradition alive I am wearing green.  However you celebrate the day, I hope you have a good one.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Ireland.

Saint Valentine’s Day: The True Story

Valentine’s Day was created almost 2000 years ago by the greeting card companies in ancient Rome.  The day originally honoured 14 martyrs, people who choose to die rather than renounce their beliefs, who became known collectively as Saint Valentinus.  Back then the cards would contain messages like ‘good on you for not renouncing your beliefs’ or ‘I hope you chose the right religion because you’re about to find out for sure’.

Over the years the meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day has changed and, while women still had not got the right to vote, the idea that a man had to court a woman, which became popular in the high middle ages, eventually became associated the day.  Men would show there love by sending cards, flowers and Cadbury’s chocolate to their love.  In those days the cards read more like ‘hey baby, consider yourself courted’ and ‘I’ll love you all knight long’.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day was removed from the General Roman Calendar Pope Paul VI, which technically means that Valentine’s Day isn’t really a holiday at all.  So you’re in a relationship, you’ve spent a fortune on gifts and you’ve just found out that it is you, not your single friend, that is in denial.  What do you do?  You could continue to pretend that Valentine’s Day exists, you could even argue that religious institutions are not the only ones able to deem something a holiday, or you could go the much more impractical route that is suing the greeting card company for leading you on all these years.  Even if you don’t win you can use the case as a way of suggesting some updated messages for the cards.  Think something along the lines of ‘you’re beautiful, but in a strange, why do you have a moustache, kind of way’, ‘once you ignore the outside appearance you’re okay’ or ‘you’re not a supermodel, but, until one comes along, you’ll do’.

Considering a lot of people argue that Valentine’s Day was just created by the greeting card companies, I probably just proved that it’s more of a legitimate holiday than they thought, but still Happy Valentine’s Day.

What do you think?  Do you class Valentine’s Day as a holiday?  Were you single this V-Day?  Have you ever spent a lot of money on someone’s Valentine’s gift?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below, also don’t forget to follow and click the like button, if you liked this post.

Resolutions = Promises You’ll Never Keep

Every Year hundreds of thousands of people make promises they will never keep, and though this happens all year round, it is most prevalent on New Year’s eve.  There are countries that have already welcomed in the new year, not China, and, no doubt, people who have already broken their resolutions.  Asking around it’s hard to find a single person who has managed to keep to such a promise, so I think I’ll stick to searching for needles in hay stacks instead.

It’s been a few years since I’ve openly admitted to a real resolution.  Mostly I make them quietly, fully expecting to keep these empty promises, though ultimately forgetting them mere days into the New Year.  Perhaps the problem lies in who we are making the promise for.  It’s much harder to disregard a promise made to a friend than it one made to yourself, isn’t it?  So this year my resolution is to you, anyone that reads this blog.  I aim to make a post every day for the next year.  Now remember, I may choose to give up at any time, but I have, in the past, made it to around seven months.

If I fail then I will know once and for all that keeping resolutions is not down to personal responsibility.  However, if I succeed I will have proved it is and should, if my opinion and wild speculation are taken into account, be nominated for a Nobel prize, in literature or whatever I’m not picky.  I’m excited about this new challenge, I had fun last time, mostly, and it’ll feel good to get back in that swing.  Thanks for reading, happy New Year and don’t forget to subscribe/follow, leave a comment, click the like button and follow me on Twitter, plus, if there’s any time left, enjoy yourself.