The Time Travelling Post

This post, which was written and published on the 9th of February 2012, will hopefully show the date the 8th of February 2012 instead.  This is because, as is suggested in the time, this is the time travelling post.  Sounds spooky I know.

Yesterday, around the time I normally write my blog, I was busy banging my head of a wall because it was either too full of ideas or not full enough.  Anyway, as the clock got closer to midnight I released that I would rather miss a day than publish something that wasn’t worth reading.  That’s when I came up with this idea.

The other day, I was looking back over some old posts and realised that I had, let’s just say, ‘phoned it in’ a few times and never went back to fix this problem.  Well with this time travelling post, I vow to go back and put something worth looking at in those wasted slots, though there aren’t that many.  Midterm starts after college tomorrow and by the end of it, hopefully, these holes will be filled.

Thank you for reading and remember to look back and see if you can spot any posts that were not there before, though there won’t be any new news because that would break the space time continuum and believe me you don’t want to do that.


How to Overcome a TV Addiction

Getting hooked on a TV show can be a traumatic experience, but don’t worry there are a number of solutions to this, very real, problem.

Poke your eyes out

Sometimes the direct approach is the best and by poking out your eyes you also get the added bonus of not having to pay for contact lenses or glasses, if you need them, and you get to bring your dog into places, like restaurants, were dogs wouldn’t normally be allowed.  Another advantage is that no longer will you have to worry about some stranger coming up and poking your eyes out, it’s already done and you’ve saved them the time.

Break the TV

No TV = no problem, right?  If, on a lazy Saturday night, you decide to put your fist through the screen, in an attempt to encourage Ted to hurry up and get to the point, then the temptation is cut off at the source, but seriously come on Ted this information is irrelevant to how you actually met their mother don’t toy with me.

Leave the remote somewhere far away

Next time you leave the country, why not take the remote with you and don’t worry about bringing it back.  Most people won’t sit through another flight just to change the channel and don’t worry about the buttons on the TV you won’t think of that, you never do (until you’ve torn the how apart looking).

Burn the entire cast

Well sure there are reruns, but is it ever really the same?

Promise yourself a gift in return for stopping

The best incentive to do anything is getting a reward.  So, in exchange for cutting back on your addiction, why not buy yourself the box set?  It’s so not the same thing as watching it on TV, this time you are in control and that means it can’t be bad.

Remember getting addicted to a TV program is a natural thing and is not your fault.  If you need further support then I suggest giving up.  Though I don’t advice you to try any of the methods listed, I do want to know have you ever, or do you now, have a show that you just have to see?  What is/was it?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also please feel free to subscribe/follow and, if you like this post, click the like button.

Goodbye Christmas, See you next year

Though Christmas ended a while ago my Christmas break from college did not, but it will very soon.  Tomorrow morning I will drag myself out of bed and venture out into the cold, nasty and dark world of outside, I’m not a morning person.  I will then drive, caught in traffic the whole time, to college, stopping only to pay €50 for petrol.  However, before I face this cruel faith, I have tonight.  So I’m off to run around and frolic with the other unemployed people.

Has your live returned to normal after the great Christmas Disruption?  If not, when will it and how will you spend your last day of freedom?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe/follow, click the like button and follow me on Twitter.

Starting Fresh

Though the site will not be undergoing any changes, as in it will run the same as always, one thing is different.  You may have noticed that the wordpress part is gone from the url.  Well that’s because today I bought the domain name  I chose to wait until the new year to do it, I don’t know why.  Anyway, I will be posting again tomorrow and in the coming days I will be releasing some videos of a new project that I’m working on.  I’ll be talking more about that on Twitter, with my one follower.  Thanks for reading and I hope at least a couple of you have yet to break your sesolutions.

I’m Back

This morning my plane arrived, on time, in Dublin airport.  I didn’t sleep last night so I’m not going to attempt a big post, but hopefully I’ll manage to get one up tomorrow.  I had a great time, however I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again.


At six in the morning I’ll be dragging myself out of bed and heading to the airport for a two day adventure in Leeds Bradford.  I’ll be back early on friday, hopefully not too tired to post.

Welcome Back

You may have noticed a decline in my posting lately and I’m happy to announce the return of my daily posts.  Starting tomorrow I will be posting everyday, just like old times.

There are many reasons why I haven’t been posting so regularly lately, but rather than go into all of that I will simple say how happy I am to be returning to the, sometimes stressful, world or daily posting.


I’m not quite finished with college yet, but today I got an important, and time consuming, part out of the way.  I’d just like to thank everyone for their patients and inform you that tomorrow all my posts will be fixed.  That includes this one which will be changed as well.  I’m looking forward to having the site back to normal.  Thanks.

Adopt a Word

The other day I read someone’s blog and they had written about all the things they’d done when WordPress was down a while ago.  One of the things they had mentioned was adopting a word.  The idea is that, in a desperate attempt to save the English language, you make a promise to revive an uncommon word by using it as often as possible.  Inspired by this, and fuelled by my anger over the new words that were recently added to the dictionary, I decided to give it a go.

At first I browsed the internet for uncommon words.  I found one that I liked; it meant ‘the first person you see after you leave your house’.  I was going to pick it, but I couldn’t find it in my dictionary and though I’m sure it’s a real word, I decided not to use it.  Naturally, I thought the simpler way would be to just look through the dictionary until I found one I liked, however I soon realised that there are a lot more common words than uncommon ones (obviously).  Eventually, in the ‘L’ section, I found a word I liked.  The word is ‘loquacious’ and means talkative.  It comes from the Latin word for speak, which is ‘loqui’.  When used as a noun loquacious becomes loquacity as in ‘I prefer tongue tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity’.

I will now attempt to use the word loquacious as often as I can and hopefully it will spread and become part of normal speech.  Now I urge you to, not only use the word loquacious, but also find an uncommon word and adopt it.  Think of the future.  Next time the dictionary is updated poor little loquacious could be out on its ear.  We must save the words before it’s too late.

What do you think?  Will you save a word from extinction?  Is loquacious your new favourite word?  Let me know by leaving a comment and voting below.  Also don’t forget to subscribe.