Angry Birds The Movie Review

Coming out in 2009, the Angry Birds mobile game has been downloaded more than one billion times, but will that success translate to the big screen?

Angry Birds



Into the Woods review

In a desperate attempt to break the curse that prevents them from conceiving a child, a baker and his wife enter the woods in search of four magical ingredients. If they find all of the ingredients in time then the witch, who cast the spell, will remove it.

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Muppets Most Wanted review

Picking up literally in the same scene that the last film ended the Muppets soon realise that the cameras aren’t going away, which can mean only one thing, the comeback was a success so they’re getting a sequel.

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Anchorman 2 review

For better or for worse, people are going to be quoting Anchorman 2 for years to come, but can it, and it’s catchy one liners, live up to the original or is it just another sequel that should never have been made.


Finding himself being overshadowed by his wife Veronica, anchorman Ron Burgundy takes an opportunity to change the way news is reported forever by joining up with the worlds first ever 24 hour news channel GNN. Will the anchorman and his friends be able to thrive in the competitive new work environment or have they become outdated?

For any fan of the original, this film isn’t going to disappoint. It’s full of the same well timed catchphrases and witty dialogue that made the first one so popular, but if you didn’t like the first film than this sequel will do little to change your mind.

The film is a little too long, at two hours long it feels like the movie would have benefited from a shorter running time. Even though the film drags a bit towards the middle, there are moments later in the film that make up for it.

One of the best things about the movie is how the characters make fun of the way news is today, even making valid points about some of the problems facing the industry without ever becoming too serious or preachy.

A lot of people will probably be surprised at how a piece of valid social commentary is seamlessly slipped in to the ridiculous gags that fans of the film know and love.

Will Ferrell and friends have managed to make a proper sequel that doesn’t rely on or try to repeat the story of the first one and it paid off as this sequel is arguably a superior film.

Funny to the end, Anchorman 2 should definitely please its existing fans while possibly bringing in new ones.

What do you think? Are you an anchorman fan? Did you want a sequel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Ron Burgundy reports on Love/Hate series finale

Anchorman, Ron Burgundy, gives an excellent description of the hit Irish series Love/Hate.

New Anchorman 2 trailer

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming sequel to Anchorman.

Scary Movie 5 first trailer

Can Scary Movie be funny without Anna Faris and Regina Hall? Well a lot of people would argue that it hasn’t been funny in a long time anyway, so let’s just ignore the fact that it’s basically Ashley Tisdale and Erica Ash doing bad Cindy and Brenda impressions.


The first trailer for Scary Movie 5 shows that it will have the same level of sophisticated humour as the previous instalments, with guys getting hit with falling pans and heading crotch first into a door. However, it seems more like one of those really bad Scary Movie spinoffs than an actual sequel, which may have something to do with losing the lead actresses.

Despite rumours, it appears that Final Destination will not be the centre of the parody this time around. Instead the focus is on Paranormal Activity and Black Swan. The plot follows two friends as they try to dance ballet and one of them has a baby and lives in a haunted house because a witch sent a demon to haunt her possibly because she’s a ballet dancer, yeah it’s a bit all over the place.

If you’re a fan of well thought out, clever and well-structured comedy them you probably were never planning on seeing this film anyway, but if you like movie parodies, overacting and a third thing then you now have plans for the 19th of April when the film hits cinemas.

What do you think? Are you disappointed to see Cindy and Brenda leave the franchise? Do you like Ashley Tisdale and Erica Ash better? Will you be going to see this movie? Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

A Few Best Men Review

Picture this, before one of them gets married a group of guys go out to celebrate, get drunk, wake up with no memory of the many things they did the previous night and then have to try fix everything in time for the wedding.  While this may seem like a totally original, never seen anything like it before plot to some, others may notice some striking similarities with a little known movie called The Hangover.  However, don’t worry because A Few Best Men does plenty to set itself apart from The Hangover franchise, like having a story that isn’t completely predictable.

When David (Xavier Samuel) returns home his friends are shocked to discover that he is engaged to his holiday romance, Mia (Laura Brent).  David then brings his friends to Australia, where Mia is from, so that they can all meet Mia’s family a few days before the wedding, but will the English lads fit in?  After they there, David goes off with his bride to be while his friends take a detour to get something extra special for the bachelor party.  From here there’s a bunch of crazy stuff involving sheep, alcohol, gun violence and some missing cocaine, but let’s not spoil all that.  However, even with all the wild stuff that happens at, and because of, the bachelor party the most unrealistic thing in the movie is how quickly the wedding was put together.

Despite the obvious comparison to The Hangover, A Few Best Men didn’t feel like a rip off.  The characters are likeable and their friendship seemed much more real than those in The Hangover, particularly David and Tom (Kris Marshall) who seemed more like brothers than friends.  As the movie progresses so do the characters and you can see the relationship between Mia and David begin to show cracks as they start to realise how little they know about each other and maybe their holiday romance should have ended at the airport.

The best thing about the movie is that no matter what crazy problem the boys bring on themselves, the characters always seem real.  They are believable as a group of people that grew up together and care about each other.  They took in David, who doesn’t have any family, ‘even though everyone though he was gay’ and they all just became brothers, which is what motivates them to try keep the wedding on track.  Then again, if male bonding and crazy bachelor parties don’t get you to the cinema, go for Olivia Newton-John who plays the hilariously crazy mother-in-law.

A Few Best Men hits cinemas today so be sure to check it out if you like comedies, even if The Hangover wasn’t your favourite movie you’ll definitely find a laugh or two at this English/Australian mix, which is brought to you by the people behind Death at a Funeral (the English version).

Rock of Ages Movie Review

A movie based on a Broadway musical based on hit songs from the 80s, there’s an Inception joke in there somewhere I know it.

Rock of Ages delivers exactly what it promises; it’s a fun, feel good movie that, unless you harbour a deep hatred for musicals or 80s music, will leave you with a smile on your face.  The film follows a small town girl named Sherrie (Julianne Hough) and a city boy called Drew (Diego Boneta), yeah I know songception, as they try to make it as performers in Los Angeles, but end up working in a club called The Bourbon Room.

Though Sherrie and Drew meeting and falling in love was a big part of the story, it was clear that they weren’t the only two characters worth paying attention too.  Tom Cruise stole a lot of the attention with his portrayal of rock star Stacee Jaxx.  He did a really great job and deserves praise for his performance, which was unexpectedly brilliant.  Jaxx is a drunken musician who’s difficult to work with and causes girls to faint upon seeing him; he also has a monkey sidekick which adds to the cool factor.  In both acting and singing Cruise did a really good job with the character.

The plot of the movie is noticeably different from the stage show.  This could cause fans of the stage version to feel disappointed with the film, but hopefully they will still be able to enjoy the ride.  Changes seemed to be made to give the film a happier ending than the show, which was probably for the bested.  Movies like this tend to work better when they leave the audience smiling, not to say that the Broadway show wouldn’t have that effect it’s just not as obvious a happy ending as the one in the film.

If you’re a fan of 80s music then you’ll have a hard time not singing along, but try to save that for the DVD release if you don’t want to get kicked out of the cinema.  Even if you don’t know anything about the 80s you’ll probably leave the cinema smiling anyway, especially after seeing Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand who have great chemistry and were one of the highlights of the movie.  All things considered, Rock of Ages is fun and light.  A great piece of escapism that will leave you wishing your life was a musical.

What do you think?  Having you ever seen the stage version?  Would you like to?  How do you feel about the changes that were made?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe and, if you liked this post, click the like button.

Men in Black 3 Review

For a while it didn’t really look like there was going to be a third Men in Black film, but after a ten year absence Agents J and K have returned to the big screen.

Regardless of how you felt about the second film, if you enjoyed the first, you should give this sequel a shot.  The story picks up years after the events of the second film with an old foe of K’s escaping from an alien prison.  When word spreads J, seeing K is hiding something, begins to tire of the seemingly emotionless relationship the two have.  Then, with a simple alteration to the timeline, Agent K disappears from the present having now been killed in 1969.  J, being the only one who remembers the original timeline, must travel back in time to prevent the change.

Originally the plot seemed like a way to deprive MIB fans of Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the role of K brilliantly, but it quickly became clear that although Jones is physically absence from a large part of the film he is there in spirit, as Josh Brolin has clearly done his research and emulates Jones perfectly.  Brolin’s version of K is more open than his older counterpart, which is because an event that causes him to become emotionally distant hasn’t happened yet.  His enables J, played by Will Smith, to get to know his partner a little better.  Also, despite Brolin in reality being 44, a year older than Will Smith, his character is 29 making him the younger agent.  This adds a new interesting twist to their relationship, similar to K discovering the changes that had happened during his absence when he returned in number two.

The plot was interesting and funny, which was somewhat of a surprise as I had prepared myself for 106 minutes of boredom.  Though it’s never really clear about why Agent J can remember K in the present, it does give a vague reason, but I’ll let it go because the rest of the plot was interesting and really enjoyable.  Seeing MIB in 1969 was like watching an old sci-fi movie, even the aliens were made to look like the ones that would appear in those kinds of films.  Time travel is always a really interesting plot device, but it’s also so easy to do wrong.  If it’s too complex then you lost most of the audience and you risk making mistakes, if it’s too simplistic then it just won’t feel real.  MIB 3 probably would have been close to the too simple side were it not for Griffin, played by Michael Stuhlbarg.  Griffin is similar to Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen, except he’s funny and generally a nice guy.

The biggest let down of the film is that Frank, the talking Pug, isn’t in it.  Frank appeared in both previous MIB movies, receiving a larger role in the second instalment because of how much audience’s loved his character in the first film.  It seems like a strange choice not to give him a part, considering he’s a fan favourite.  I guess in a world were Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t even get to appear in the full film, no one is safe.  All things considered, Men in Black 3 is a fun, clever and interesting movie that deserves to be given a chance.

Did you like the film?  How do you think it compares to the previous two instalments?  Which MIB film is your favourite?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe and, if you liked this post, click the like button.