Avengers: Infinity War Review

It’s been 10 years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began. Over these 10 years Marvel has released 18 movies. Each one telling its own story while also contributing to an overarching narrative, while sometimes the interconnected story may have seemed forced or even created a barrier for entry for late comers, seeing all those threads finally come together is an event not to be missed.


First there was nothing, it was fine if not a little boring, and then came the big bang which created the universe and with it the Infinity Stones. Each stone represents a different force in the universe; there’s the mind stone, the reality stone, the power stone, the space stone, the time stone and the soul stone. No one being has ever wielded more than a single stone. That is until now.

When the movie starts Thanos has already begun his quest to assemble all six stones. Starting where Thor Ragnarok left off, Thanos quickly retrieves the stone from within the tesseract while simultaneously putting Thor on the endangered species list. From there he sends his children to hunt down the remaining stones, two of which are on Earth. One with Doctor Strange and the other is inside Vision.


The two invasions bring together different combinations of Avengers and a lot of the movie focuses on these different teams and how they diverge and come together in bigger formations. With each hero entering the story exactly when a skill or power they possess is needed, everyone is guaranteed a moment to shine. Despite the extremely large cast, screen time is shared pretty evenly though there are occasionally long gaps between character appearances as the story cycles through the multiple story arcs.

When it comes to setting up a connected universe, there’s no one better than Marvel. Still it’s been a while since Marvel has had a good villain and since Thanos is the big bad that all roads have been leading too it’s great to see that he is able to deliver on that promise. Until now Thanos has been nothing more than a two dimensional moustache twirling bad guy, so it was surprising to see his character explored deeper.4Like all good villains, Thanos sees himself as a hero and in a twisted way he’s right. Knowing that the universe has a finite amount of resources, Thanos commits genocide so that the survivors may thrive unburdened by the drain on resources caused by overpopulation. Even more surprising is the relationship between Thanos and his children. As Gamora continues her journey to destroy him we see that their relationship is more complex and that they both do care for one another on some level.

Even without the Infinity Stones, Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in there is, but with them he could wipe out half the population of the universe with a click of his fingers. Knowing the unstoppable power Thanos would possess adds to the tension as the characters scramble to prevent him from assembling the stones. With some having to make some hard choices about what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to save the day.6The relationships between the different Avengers are, as always, really fun to explore; whether it’s characters like Scarlett Witch and Vision who have a growing history together that we’ve seen develop through multiple movies or ones like Iron Man and Doctor Strange who are meeting for the first time. One pairing that’s definitely side lined this time around is Black Widow and Hulk. While both characters have roles in the overall story they only briefly interact with each other. A stark contrast to their roles in Age of Ultron were they’re budding romance was front and centre.

Only so much can fit in a single movie and their will they won’t they relationship was not the only thing missing. Some heroes are entirely left out of the film, but the cast is so big that you may not notice right away. That’s not to say they won’t appear in next year’s follow up movie which as of now is untitled so as to avoid spoiling the end of Infinity War.2While the movie is great on its own, it’s clear that there’s more to the story. It’s not hard to see why the people at Marvel are trying to warn people about spoilers, how this first part of the story wraps up is very surprising and is best experienced unspoiled; something that may be extremely difficult for anyone who goes online after the movies official release date.

If you’re a diehard Marvel fan then you were definitely going to see this anyway, but even casual fans will find a lot to enjoy here. Though some homework may be required to understand who all the characters are, the main plot and motivations of both sides are explained very well within the movie.

Infinity War is the 19th movie in the MCU and it’s a bittersweet end to Marvel’s overarching story. Don’t miss it.



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