Angry Birds The Movie Review

Coming out in 2009, the Angry Birds mobile game has been downloaded more than one billion times, but will that success translate to the big screen?

Angry Birds

Life is happy for most of the birds in town, but not Red (Jason Sudeikis). Living down on the beach, away from the other birds, Red has a reputation for being angry. Shortly after he is sent to anger management, where he meets Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride) and Terence (Sean Penn), the pigs arrive on shore. Most of the birds trust the new arrivals, but when they’re betrayed it’s up to Red to teach the birds how to be angry.

2016 is a big year for video game adaptations, along with Angry Birds, we also Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed movies to look forward too. Could the rise of the video game movie take audiences away from the current trend of superhero movies? Or will they be rejected by fans like Super Mario Bros. and Resident Evil?


As far as games go, Angry Birds is very simple. Shoot birds at pigs. So, the story of the movie is basically just the writers coming up with a reason to shoot birds at pigs and that reason is omelettes. Unlike Super Mario Bros. or Resident Evil there isn’t really a story that a movie could mess up, making it a much safer adaptation than, let’s say, Assassin’s Creed.

The biggest hurdle the movie has is the wide appeal of the Angry Birds mobile game. Children and adults both play the games, but will they both like the movie? There are jokes aimed at older viewers, maybe even a few too many, but there’s nothing that will scar little kids. Be warned though, a lot of the best parts are in the trailers.


In the Angry Birds universe birds can’t fly. Instead of not addressing it the writers threw in a line saying that most birds evolved to not fly because there was nowhere better than their island. Is that why they use slingshots in the game? Wouldn’t it have been easier to say they could fly but couldn’t get the speed to destroy buildings without the slingshot? It’s just strange to explain away flying and then throw in a real fact about birds evolving from dinosaurs, which children might think is made up for the movie.

Weird exposition aside, Angry Birds is an okay movie that manages to advertise the mobile game without feeling like a feature length advert. There isn’t much padding, the story is what it is and that made the movie feel very quick. Emotional themes like not having parents, the type of thing Pixar would have jumped on, are present, but never really explored. Then again it’s Angry Birds not Sad Birds, so that might not be such a bad thing.


Love it or hate it, the end makes it pretty clear that the Sony has a sequel on the brain so you might as well get on board. Are you a fan of the game? What level are you on? Do you plan on seeing the movie in cinemas? Leave a comment below.


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