Captain America: Civil War Spoilers

As Captain America: Civil War rolls out worldwide, it’s time to look back on some of the more Spoiler aspects of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you may want to turn back now. You’ve been warned.

Civil War.jpg

Though not a direct adaptation, Civil War is a famous Marvel comics story that ends with the death of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. In the movie the team is divided over whether or not to sign over control of the Avengers to the United Nations, in the comic they split over the government forcing superheroes to sign a registration act that would reveal their secret identities. It’s a necessary change considering none of the Avengers have secret identities in the films.

In the comics, a group of low level heroes making a reality TV show go up against a villain near a school. The villain explodes killing all the children and forcing the government to step in. The movie doesn’t do anything as drastic. Scarlet Witch uses her powers to lift an exploding Crossbones, but she isn’t able to lift him out of the way in time and people in a skyscraper are killed in the explosion. Since the incident happened in Africa, where the Avengers didn’t even have permission to be, the UN votes to take control of the team.

Captain America’s reaction is understandable. He saw how SHIELD got corrupted and he doesn’t like the idea that a disaster could happen somewhere and the team might be told to sit it out. Iron Man hasn’t been the same since the end of the first Avengers movie, so it’s pretty understandable that he wouldn’t be able to shake off the massive guilt trip that was placed on him when a woman blamed him for the death of her son.

Any chance of Captain America signing was pretty much destroyed when Zemo framed the Winter Soldier aka Bucky for blowing up the UN meeting and Killing Black Panther’s father. Going from future political leader to revenge monster, T’Challa aka Black Panther was a really cool addition to the film and having him be the one to talk to Zemo at the end brought his story full circle.

Who’s right? In the movie Iron Man realises that Zemo has been pulling their strings and has a bit of a change of heart in terms of helping Bucky, but their relationship is still broken when the film ends and it doesn’t help that Zemo reveals Winter Soldier also murdered Iron Man’s parents.

The text coming up explaining which location the team was in really helped build the tension for Spider-Man and then finally the word Queens popped up on screen. Seeing this little bit of Peter Parker’s life was fun because it was a bit of a glimpse at the style of the new Spider-Man movie. Still, it wasn’t until he suited up that it became obvious Tom Holland was right for the role. The movie explains the focusing lens eyes as a way of compensating for his increased vision, which is actually too good for him. It was a nice explanation though the real reason is likely to help make the full face mask more expressive.

The airport fight was amazing. It was weird to notice the bits on the trailer were Spider-Man must have been digitally removed to avoid revealing him too soon. Everyone had their shinning moment, but it’s hard to compete with a Spider-Man who points out Capt’s shield is defying the laws of physics. Deadpool would be proud. Ant-Man going giant was another bonus and he caused quite a lot of damage. Anyone who skipped the Ant-Man movie might want to go back and see it after watching Civil War. Iron Man benching an injured Spider-Man at the end of the fight made total sense considering Tony’s current emotional state.

In the comics, Spider-Man reveals his secret identity, but that doesn’t happen here because secret identities aren’t at the centre of the plot. Having said that, it was strange when Black Panther took his mask off and revealed his face to the police. An odd choice, maybe it was Sony, who owns Spider-Man, that insisted on his identity remaining secret. Definitely for the best considering the character is supposed to be 14-15 years old.

What was your favourite part of Civil War?


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