Captain America: Civil War Review

The Avengers assemble for a mission in Africa, but when it ends in tragedy the United Nations step in to take control of the team. Not wanting to be forced to follow government agendas, Captain America refuses to sign up, but, a guilt ridden, Iron Man believes it’s a fair compromise. Have you picked a side yet? Warning some spoilers to follow.

Civil War.jpg

Captain America: Civil War is exactly what Batman v Superman should have been. The core of the movies are the same, they’re both about accountability and a clash of ideology, but, while Batman v Superman took itself extremely seriously, the Russo brothers mixed serious moments, character development and light hearted quips to make one hell of a movie going experience.

While Captain America doesn’t agree with the UN’s decision, it isn’t until they target Bucky that he actively goes against them. Trying to save his friend, Capt., and anyone who chooses to help him, becomes a fugitive. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is given 36 hours to handle the situation before the government take control.


Despite not technically being an Avengers movie, most of the Avengers take part in Civil War. In fact, there are enough Avengers to create two pretty kickass teams. This includes Ant-Man who had a brief interaction with Falcon in the past, but this is his first time joining the team and it was pretty great. He’s not a central part of the story, which was good because he’s far enough removed from the main conflict that he was able to be light hearted without it seeming strange. Still, it’s hard to imagine a man who went through so much trouble to not be seen as a criminal would join the side that automatically makes you a fugitive.

Two characters make their debut into the Marvel cinematic universe. Black Panther, played by Chadwick Bosemon, is great and anybody who wasn’t already excited for his solo film is sure to be after seeing him take on Capt. and the Winter Soldier. Marvel has been accused of being too interconnected, with a lot of Easter eggs going over people’s heads, but with Black Panther it felt as though it was happening in reverse, he made comments that will hopefully pay off when his movie comes out.


Tom Holland may be the best Spider-Man yet. He’s a tech savvy fanboy who gets the chance to fight alongside, and against, some of his heroes. His role is similar to Fox’s version of Quicksilver in Days of Futures Past. He’s recruited by Tony Stark, comes in, kicks ass and then isn’t seen again for the rest of the movie. The main difference is that his absence makes complete sense and it feels like he got just the right amount of screen time to get people excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Daniel Bruhl plays Helmut Zemo. His character isn’t your typical Marvel villain. He isn’t strong and he knows he could never take on the Avengers so he outsmarts them. Zemo is reminiscent of the Marvel Netflix villains. He doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but even so Bruhl was surprising sympathetic and it’s easy to see things from his perspective. Though small, his role may have a lasting effect on the Marvel cinematic universe.


Alongside great character moments, Civil War has some of the best superhero action scenes to date and for the most part everything looked great, but a couple of times the CGI became easy to spot and it was momentarily distracting. It’s a minor complaint and takes little away from the overall enjoyment of the film, which is so well constructed that it’ll have you second guessing whether you’re team Capt. or team Iron Man even after the credits roll.

What do you think? Team Capt. or team Iron Man?


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