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Mad Max: Fury Road review

Mad Max is back after a 30 year absence from film, but can director George Miller recapture the excitement of the world he created after all these years?




Legends of Tomorrow first look

CW is quickly becoming the DC comics TV network and while CBS is definitely able to pump more money into Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow looks like it has a much more interesting premise. Unfortunately the lower budget is really obvious when you look at the ambitious special effects.

Special effects are something both Arrow and Flash have struggled with, but this show seems to use way more and it looks really bad. Legends of Tomorrow is still a year out, so it is possible that the effects shown are not fully finished. It’s a really ambitious project so let’s all hope that they pull it off.

Supergirl extended trailer

For anyone that saw the Black Widow spoof on SNL and thought “I really want to see that movie” Supergirl could be the show for you.

Unfortunate similarities with the SNL skit aside, the effects are impressive. Check it out.