Avengers: Age of Ultron spoiler review

Now that the movie is out, at least in some parts of the world, avoiding spoilers is going to be increasingly difficult. If you haven’t seen the movie, and want to remain spoiler free, then don’t read any further.

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If you’re still reading then it’s fair to assume that you’ve either seen the movie or don’t mind spoilers. You have been warned.

Let’s begin with the Maximoff twins and while I personally believe that Fox should own the rights to the characters, especially since Marvel/Disney completely changed Scarlet Witch’s powers anyway, I still enjoyed seeing the characters in Age of Ultron. I liked them so much that I was really disappointed when Quicksilver was killed. There were rumours floating around online that either Quicksilver or Thor would be killed, so it wasn’t surprising but it felt unnecessary.

There seems to be an idea in Joss Whedon’s head that a character has to die in each Avengers movie to get a rise out of the other characters, but it’s a little formulaic if you always rely on that tactic. It did cause Scarlet Witch to go a little crazy and have a moment that seemed similar to her “no more mutants” line during the House of M storyline in the comics, but she didn’t really do enough to justify the offing of what could have been a great character in the films going forward. I’ll miss their dynamic.

I actually thought that they’d heal him with the technology that made the Vision and fixed up Hawkeye, especially when they brought his body back, but I guess no one can survive that many bullets and I’m glad that they didn’t since they already brought Coulson back from the dead.

Scarlet Witch was ready to die, she didn’t want to live anymore and was saved anyway by the Vision. In the comics the two become a couple, which seems pretty out there but might be fun to see. I wasn’t sure that the Vision would fit with the Marvel movies, and I’m still not sure how non-comic book fans will feel about him, but I enjoyed it and am excited about the future of his character.

Unfortunately, romantic relationships between Avengers doesn’t seem to be a good idea considering how badly Black Widow and Hulk ended things. Depsite Nick Fury thinking he might have found Bruce Banner’s ship I think he’s wrong and that they could be setting up the Planet Hulk storyline that comic fans want to see. Universal apparently owns the solo movie rights to the Hulk, but maybe the storyline could be explored as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, Captain Marvel or the Inhumans.

Speaking of the Inhumans, it seems that Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are not part of that race as they got their powers from the mind gem.

Hawkeye got a lot of character development with the introduction of his secret family. He doesn’t have a lot of fans, but I think he might win some over with this movie. It was fun seeing how his friendship with Black Widow is personal as well as professional and she knows about his family.

At the end of the movie, the Avengers have an entirely new roaster, with Iron Man, Thor and Hulk essentially leaving the team. While it seems unlikely that they won’t return, seeing Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon and War Machine join gives new hope to the idea that the Marvel universe can continue without the original heroes. Even if I can’t stand Don Cheadle as Rhodes aka War Machine.

Over the course of the film, you can see a little bit of how the team will divide when Civil War comes about. My bet would be that Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Falcon will be on Captain America’s team, while War Machine, Vision and Thor will stand with Iron Man.


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