Avengers: Age of Ultron review – non-spoiler

The Age of Ultron is upon us.


Tony Stark, still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the first Avengers film, tries to eliminate the need for the Avengers by creating an artificially intelligent peace keeping program. He soon learns that peace among humans and the survival of the species may not go hand in hand as the AI turns into the Avengers next great villain, Ultron.

As far as villains go, the Marvel movies haven’t had many memorable additions, with Loki being the only one to truly capture fans hearts. Will Ultron follow in Loki’s overused footsteps or will he join the forgettable hoard of Marvel’s fallen villains?

Ultron back

The thing that sets Ultron apart from other villains is that he has inherited some of his father’s, Tony Stark’s, wit. He is surprisingly funny and while he doesn’t have the looks that have arguably made Loki so popular with female movie goers, his charisma and humour make him worthy of fan attention. James Spader is excellent in the role.

Joining Ultron we have the miracle twins, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, who were briefly shown in the after credits scene from Captain America the Winter Soldier. Pietro aka Quicksilver is played here by Aaron Taylor Johnson, but many movie goers probably remember the character being played by Evan Peters in X-Men Days of Futures Past. No matter which side you’re on in regards to who owns the rights to the character, comparing them is a non-issue.


Far from the hyper-active fun loving guy that Peters played, this version of the character is a troubled young man whose past shares a lot of similarities to that of Captain America. His sister Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, is equally as compelling and becomes one of the most visually interesting characters in the movie.

Unlike the first Avengers movie, this one is not Robert Downey Jr centric. His character, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, is hugely important to the plot, but the story is shared out very well between the ensemble cast. Finally, we learn what Hawkeye brings to the team as his character, who has been the butt of a lot of fans jokes, manages to get some major character development.

Group shot

Unlike the disastrous Amazing Spider-Man 2, which tried too hard to establish future movies, Avengers 2 manages to seamlessly allude to the future of each of the characters and the Marvel Universe as a whole without taking away from the current story. The dividing lines for the upcoming Captain America Civil War are a little clearer and some characters may be branching off in ways that fans have only dreamed of seeing in the movies.

Visually, the second Avengers film far surpasses the first. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver each have power sets that are interesting to look at, which is necessary since fans have seen each of the other Avengers multiple times before. Wanda and Pietro aren’t the only new additions to the team. The Vision, who has been teased in the ad campaign, is surprisingly well realised. His role is not particularly large, but he is important to the story and doesn’t come off cartoonish as he so easily could have.


Vision looks completely different from the other characters in the movie, but the visual effects team have done an excellent job making him a believable part of the world. The joined future he shares with a certain other Avenger is hinted at, but not to the same extent as a certain other romance that fans may have guessed from the trailers.

This is a much darker film than the first Avengers was, but it is not even close to the grittiness of a DC movie. There are a lot of laughs to be had throughout the film, but there is some tragedy as not all of the Avengers live to fight another day. Just like when Coulson died in the first film, this death was used to spur other Avengers to action, but it didn’t have the level of devastation that sacrificing the character warranted and it seemed a little unnecessary.

Money shot

Better than the first film in every way, Age of Ultron is in many ways the conclusion of one story and the beginning of another. Both hilariously funny and tragically sad, movie goers will be brought on an emotional rollercoaster involving impressive visual effects, extravagant action sequences and amazing characters.

If you’re a Marvel movie fan then you’re probably already sold on this movie, but if you are on the fence about comic book movies then this could be the one that helps you decide. Be sure to check back after the film is released on the 23rd to see the full spoiler review.

Which Avenger is your favourite? What character are you most excited to see onscreen? Who do you think will die in the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments sections.


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