American Sniper review

American Sniper is based on the autobiography of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. The story follows Kyle as he serves four tours in Iraq.


For those who don’t know, Chris Kyle was a sniper who obtained notoriety for having 160 confirmed kills. He became known as the legend and had increasingly high amounts of bounty placed on his head during the war.

The film shows his journey from cowboy to military hero. Kyle’s personal life is also shown, though not in as much detail. As someone who’s not American it was hard not to see the film as US military propaganda. The military is glorified in the film, but that is largely because the story is shown from the perspective of a Navy SEAL.

Bradley Cooper has done an amazing job getting into shape for this movie. He looks so much like the man he is portraying, but that could be where the similarities end. Regardless of your stance on war or the US military, Chris Kyle accomplished a lot during his time in Iraq, but he was a human being and humans have flaws. The man that Cooper presented was practically perfect in every way, his biggest problem being that he cared too much.

Over the course of the movie Kyle is shown to have very slight amounts of PTSD. Most of the time he snaps out of it without any prompting, there’s just one time he loses control and even this is just used as a gateway into helping other people.

It could be the tragic death of Chris Kyle that inspired the filmmakers to present him as a two dimensional example of the perfect male or maybe that was how he saw himself in his autobiography, I haven’t read it.

Unlike the fictional Chris Kyle, the story was not perfect. It was an interesting character arc, but it seemed too long and got boring in the middle. The acting was good, but the characters spent so much time fawning over how great Kyle is and I just don’t see a group of men constantly doing that. They already nicknamed him the legend, do they really have to keep praising him?

If you enjoy war films then American Sniper is a nice addition to the genre, but if you are anti-war or don’t like hero worship then this may not be the right movie for you.

Are you excited to see American Sniper? Do you like war films? Have you read Chris Kyle’s autobiography? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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