Annabelle review

Could Annabelle replace Chucky as the most well known possessed doll this Halloween?


A fictional spinoff to a movie that’s supposedly based on a true story might sound strange, but if Annabelle had lived up to the quality of The Conjuring it probably wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, Annabelle fails to recapture the atmosphere of The Conjuring, but what does that mean for the future of the franchise?

Anyone who has seen The Conjuring will remember the scenes depicting the Annabelle doll haunting a student nurse who had received the doll as a gift from her mother. This movie attempts to give an origin story to how the doll may have ended up in the used toy store the mother bought it in and how it became possessed by a demon.

The plot follows a young couple, John and Mia (played by Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis), who are about to have a baby. The two survive an attempted murder, but one of the killers is shot while holding on to Mia’s doll. Sounds more like Child’s Play than The Conjuring, doesn’t it?

While the lead actors do a good a job portraying one of the most boring and least passionate couples ever, that doesn’t make the characters any more interesting. Though it’s always nice to see someone in a horror movie being believed when they claim they’re being haunted.

Annabelle’s not as well put together as it’s predecessor, but it is still an entertaining ghost story. One of the main problems was that the decision about whether to tell a self contained story, or one that flows into the Annabelle story told in The Conjuring, was never made.

The end result initially came across as an independent piece, but then the established rules were broken in an attempt to better tie the films together. In fact, obvious comparison to The Conjuring may be the biggest obstacle the film has.

People who don’t necessarily like gory movies but are looking for a good old fashioned horror movie to watch this Halloween, might find everything they’re looking for in Annabelle. Just don’t expect it to be as good as The Conjuring.

What do you think? Do you like The Conjuring? Are you excited about Annabelle? Who scares you most Annabelle or Chucky? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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