Guardians of the Galaxy Review

A human, an assassin, a man out for vengeance, a genetically engineered raccoon and a living tree team up in Disney/Marvels most ambitious film yet, but could it also be their best?


Peter Quill was taken from Earth and raised by a group of raiders when he was just a kid. Now, working as a raider himself, he tracks down an ancient artefact, which puts him at the centre of a war. Who can he trust with this mysterious orb and will he be able to keep it from falling into the wrong hands?

From there Peter runs into each of the future members of his team, but the story flows so nicely that none of the encounters feel forced and everyone has a believable reason to join the team.

Unlike the first Avengers movie, all of the team members get a fair amount of screen time and development, though you’ll probably care more about some than others.

Groot, who has the least to say, brings on most of the humour, proving that you don’t need to be able to tell jokes to be funny, move over Harpo Marx.

Though Groot is funny, he’d be lost without his best friend Rocket who is the king of one liners while also being a walking political protest against animal testing, though thankfully the film never gets too heavy into the subject.

Gamora and Drax may have to share the title of the most badass member of the team, but she’s definitely got him beat on personality. Though Drax’s literal interpretation of Star Lord’s, aka Peter Quill’s, metaphors is pretty funny.

The story stands alone in the Marvel universe, while also introducing us to Thanos who will play a big part in The Avengers 3. However, the two main villains in the movie, Ronan and Nebula are pretty forgettable.

The reason for that is probably that the movie is really about the heroes and setting up the team and, unlike Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy do not get upstaged by their villains.

Visually, the movie also does something that’s always left out of Thor films, it shows streets on alien planets and by doing that it helps build a believable world. Come on Thor Asgard can’t all be temples and skylines.

Full of all the things that made the first Iron Man film so great plus space travel, the Guardians of the Galaxy is the shining star of the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s fresh, fun, funny and well paced.

What do you? Who’s your favourite Guardian? What fictional planet would you like to live on (Star Wars answers welcome)? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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