The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

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Since the end of the first film, everything appears to be going great for Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man. He’s graduating from high school and taking down mobsters, but even though it looks like his life is perfect he’s still haunted by the memory of Gwen Stacy’s father and the promise that he made and broke.

The guilt destroys their relationship, which begins the teen love story section of the film. Though the acting by the two leads, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, is excellent, their relationship troubles occasionally crossed over from very adult and realistic to an almost Twilight stalker situation.

There are so many new characters in the film that needed to be established, which took up a large portion of the films running time. Max Dillion aka Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, was a little disappointing as a character. From the trailers, he looked like a broken man who was lonely and pushed around and I genuinely felt sorry for him. Seeing more of his development in the film, he comes off less sympathetic and more unstable and that’s before he gets any super powers.

The other big villain in the film is the Green Goblin, who, in this version of the story, is Harry Osborn. Harry, played by Dane Dehaan, was Peter’s childhood friend who transferred to a boarding school when they were kids, but has returned to take over Oscorp after his father passes away. Unfortunately, he is also the heir to a rare degenerative disease, which drives him to continue is fathers work in an attempt to find a cure.

Peter reenters Harry’s life to help him through the loss of his father. The two quickly reconnect and there are some nice scenes that show them reminiscing about old time. Ultimately, Harry ends up being a much more sympathetic villain than Electro. His motivation to survive his illness is very relatable and there are times when you might find yourself routing for him, which could help in the upcoming Sinister Six movie.

Though there has been a lot of fan complaining about having three villains in the film, the Rhino is actually more of an extended cameo appearance by Paul Giamatti. His accent was over the top and cartoony and his presence was unnecessary and one of the worse parts of the film.

Though her alter-ego Black Cat doesn’t make an appearance, Felicia Hardy does. Felicity Jones brings the character to life for the first time in a live action film. While she doesn’t do much, having her in the film does hint at some interesting places that the third instalment might go. That’s if she doesn’t get pigeonholed as the token female member of the Sinister Six.

Felicia is just one of many parts of the film that served to setup the future of this film universe. While some of them were fun, they do slow down the plot and rob the characters that they hint at of a real origin story. With Doc Ock’s tentacles and Vulture’s wings on a wall in Oscorp how can either villain have a decent origin?

While it was the previous movie that promised fans the untold story of Peter’s parents, it’s this one that actually delivers the goods. Don’t get too excited though as the revelation may actually disappoint some people who expected a bit more. It might have been better if Peter was left in the dark and just the audience was shown the truth behind his parent’s disappearance.

Electro is the villain with the most fight scenes. His power is very visual, which is fun to watch though it you may not need to fork out the extra money to see the film in 3D. Having said that, the 3D is clearly superior to the first film and who doesn’t like swinging around New York in IMAX.

The story is slow to get started, but the last hour is so fast and exciting that it almost makes up for dragging you through some pretty boring moments. With a running time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, it is a monster of a film and it’s easy to see that some editing would have improved the finished product.

Though you may be bored at times, the end is done so well that you can’t help but forgive some of the earlier flaws.

Are you a Spidey fan? Who’s you favourite comic villain? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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