J.J. Abrams IS the director you’re looking for

Despite previously saying that he would not like to direct the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise, reports have come out saying that J.J. Abrams will indeed be taking the job.


The story first appeared on movie site The Wrap where it says that Abrams was won over by Kathleen Kennedy, the new head of Lucasfilm. However, neither Lucasfilm nor J.J. Abrams himself have confirmed the reports.

Putting Abrams behind the wheel would be a smart choice for Disney, who recently purchased Lucasfilm. J.J. Abrams has successfully turned Star Trek into a mainstream success, making it appeal to more than the niche trekkie market, turning him into the ideal candidate to put Star Wars, which is already enjoyed by mainstream audiences, back on the right track.

While it would be hard for anyone to make a Star Wars movie that is worse than the prequel trilogy, not to say that it is without any merit, hopefully Abrams can return the saga to its former glory with episode VII which will be the first of a new trilogy set after the events of the original three films.


Disney has released a statement confirming that J.J. Abrams is the director for the upcoming Star Wars sequel.


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