Vergil in DmC

Though it’s not yet clear if any other characters will be returning, Capcom have confirmed that Vergil will play a big part in the upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise.

Vergil appeared as a boss in the first DMC game and was the main antagonist in the prequel Devil May Cry 3.  His role in the third game has made him a fan favourite, rivalling Dante as the most popular character in the series.  It isn’t surprising that Ninja Theory are bringing him into the new franchise, but will they be able to do justice to the original Vergil?

As with Dante, Vergil has undergone some changes.  The old Vergil sought power and wanted to rule, while this new version seems to have the opposite in mine.  While Dante grew up in orphanages and detention centres, Vergil was adopted by a wealthy family and the two haven’t seen each other since.  Vergil grew up living it large and getting properly educated, but then demons killed his adoptive parents igniting hatred in him.  Determined to take down the demons that secretly run society, Vergil began the order and became the masked man that has been shown in previous DmC trailers.

Vergil’s appearance has been altered in keeping with the new character designs, though he still has blond, silver/grey, hair.  In fact, an old family photo, shown in the new trailer, shows that he has always had this colour hair while Dante’s has always been dark.  This essentially puts to rest the idea of Dante’s hair turning lighter as the game goes on.  As with the original Vergil, the colour blue is still a big part of his costume.  Interestingly, he is also shown to have a katana sword, Yomato, like he did in the previous titles.

Though he may be on the good side Vergil does not seem to have the same regard for human life as Dante.  Vergil is willing to let Kat, who is working for him, die while Dante insists on saving her.  This may be a sign that Vergil might not be as good as he’d like Dante to think and may actually have an evil plan up his sleeve, one that he needs to use Dante to complete.

What do you think?  Are you happy that Vergil is part of the new DMC franchise?  Who else would you like to see featured the reboot?  Would you prefer if the original characters were left alone?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe and like the like button.


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