Set Pictures from the Star Trek Sequel

Pictures from the set of the new Star Trek movie have been released, but what do they reveal about the films plot?

Not much is known about the, still untitled, sequel to 2009s Star Trek, except that it will include elements from the original series.  Fans have speculated about who the villain will be ever since the sequel was announced.  We know that British actor Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the character, but we don’t know which one he is portraying.  The set pictures do give some clues though, we now know that he is human, or at least looks human, and is a member of Starfleet.

The pictures show Cumberbatch’s character locked in battle with Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, and Uhura, played by Zoe Saldana.  Cumberbatch is wearing a black shirt and you can see that the Starfleet logo is on it.  What villain could he be?  Personally, I have no clue and I don’t want to insult any true Star Trek fans by trying to back a guess.  I’m going to leave it to the people that are more knowledgeable about the series, so if you have any ideas please comment and let me know, enjoy the pictures.

Let’s play spot the stunt doubles in the picture below

Vulcan nerve pinch (below)

What do you think?  Which Star Trek villain do you think it is?  Are you a Star Trek fan?  Do you like the rebooted film series?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also don’t forget to follow and, if you liked this post, click the like button.


One response

  1. Amy

    i loved the 2009 movie and i cant wait for this one. the pictures make me even more curious lol

    April 3, 2012 at 6:47 pm

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