Movie Fest Sold Out

The first annual Film Fest in Cineworld Dublin was a complete success, selling out both days.  This unfortunately meant that I only got tickets for Saturday and had to miss Sunday, but on the upside it guarantees that the festival will be returning next summer.

Doors opened at ten in the morning and fans lined up to exchange there tickets for wristbands.  The first screening, Fright Night 3D, started at half ten.  The entire event was contained in screen 17, the largest screen.  On each seat was an almost empty gift bag.  They had either a CD, book or DVD, a packet of crisps, a voucher for a free movie online and a pair of 3D glasses.  Some got t-shirts.  It was disappointing that they didn’t prepare more t-shirts as some people rummaged through bags to ensure they got one.  These t-shirts were Film Fest ones, not the Spider-Man ones that were advertised on the website.  The Spider-Man shirts were only given out on Sunday, which is false advertising is you ask me.

After Fright Night ended, there was a ten minute break in which time everybody lined up for the toilets.  When we came back from the break, trailers and clips from upcoming movies were shown.  You could have watched most of the trailers online, but I enjoyed it because I hadn’t heard of a lot of them before.  A lot of the clips caused the crowd to laugh and this is the first time I noticed how hard it is to take a film seriously when it’s out of context.  We were given a 45 minute break after the clips.  During this time, The Woolshed, a pub that is next to Cineworld, had meals designed to have you in and out in 25 minutes.  Unfortunately, I went to Eddie Rockets, I was back before the next screening, but my seat had been stolen and I had to sit upfront for the last two movies.

The mystery film was Drive, a film about a guy who talks really slow.  Okay that’s not the plot, but it was the most prominent thing in the film.  I actually enjoyed it, for some reason.  Then we had a short break and were shown The Change Up.  At this stage my head was pounding, probably because I was sitting a few feet from the screen.  I actually had to move my head to see each character.  I don’t blame the people who stole my seat (yes I do), because sitting up that close is ridiculously bad.  Why put seats that close?  Also there’s a cut on the screen, it’s one of those things you don’t notice at first then you can’t stop seeing it.

Though I know it doesn’t sound like it from what I wrote, I had a great time.  The movies were good, especially Fright Night, and the clips and trailers were interesting, best of all was a longer trailer for The Avengers movie.  I’ll definitely be going again next year, only this time I’ll be getting tickets for both days and will never leave my seat unguarded.  For the next few days, I’ll be posting reviews of the films that were shown on the Saturday; Fright Night 3D, Drive and The Change Up.  Be sure to check back for that and if anyone from Cineworld reads this and wants to send me a Spider-Man t-shirt feel free (it’s worth a shot).

What do you think?  Did you go to the festival?  Do you want to go next year?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.


One response

  1. Amy

    Sounds pretty good. I wanna go next year 🙂

    August 14, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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