Every Computer I Touch Dies

It’s been a few days since I posted and I have to rush this post because I am currently working on a broken computer.  There is some sort of drive error and despite all my efforts I have not been able to fix it.  Sometimes it allows me on the computer for fifteen minutes before it crashes other times it doesn’t even turn on.  To maintain my blog I tried using my mini laptop, but for some reason it has lost the ability to connect to the internet.  I then borrowed my dad’s computer, which was working in one room, then I brought it to another and it will no longer turn on.  So basically I have come to the conclusion that I have a rare condition, which I have named techno-killiosis.  People with techno-killiosis (also know as technology killers) send out depressing data signals, which encourage computers, and other electronic devices, to end their lives in whatever way they can.  I hope to find a cure for this illness in the coming days so be sure to keep checking back and more posts will be up soon.


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