Making Improvements

You may be wondering why this isn’t a movie, game, TV show, book, etc review/preview.  Well I’ve been really busy lately because the college year is almost over so I have lots of assignments.  This is the reason why a couple of times small previews of posts have gone up at the time I’d normally post then the rest got put up the next day along with another post.  I’m on Easter break now so I decided to use that time to stop this problem from happening.  I’m going to have posts pre-set to go up, this way if I have to miss a day of two I won’t have to just put up these small previews.  I problem is that I spent so much time today finding movies, games, TV shows, books that I wanted to write about, that I didn’t leave enough time to write about one.  So I’m posting this to celebrate what is, hopefully, the last time I have to post a small ‘preview of coming events’ (Scream 4 quote) in place of an actual post.  As usual this post will be replaced tomorrow and another post will go up also.


I decided not to change this into a proper post.  I thought about it and figured it would be counter productive.  I’m trying to build up some reviews/previews so I can get a head, by about 7 posts, this way if college work makes me miss a day a review/preview will still go up.  If I put up two today I’d be back at square one, so I’m using this post to explain what’s going on.  I also put up a review of the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer so check that out.  Don’t worry if something really exciting or interesting happens, regarding movies, etc, it will jump to the top of my post list.  Getting a head on the posts does not mean I’ll be putting up old news.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog.


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