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Pulling an All Nighter

Have you ever had so much work to do that you’ve said ‘there isn’t enough hours in the day’.  Well if so, you’ve probably considered taking some hours from the night and using them.  I have to get my thesis completely done by Friday morning, I don’t have loads left, but I have millions of other things to do during the day and before I know it I’m lying in bed thinking ‘where did the time go’.  So tomorrow night I am attempting to work through the night and get my thesis finished.

I don’t really sleep very much.  I go to sleep around three in the morning and wake up around half seven, also in the morning, for college, depending on the day.  I figure, due to my already lack of sleep, staying awake will be the easy part, but keeping my brain focused will be hard.  I’ve done all nighters before, but never for work purposes.

To prepare myself, I’ve done a bit of research on working or studying through the night.  I’m glad I did, because I had this mental plan of how I was going to keep myself going, but a lot of the things I intended to do where on the list of things not to do.  One of the biggest shocks was that you should avoid caffeine.  Apparently, things like caffeine, like sugar, perks you up but actually induces a crash that’ll make you more tired than you were before.  You should also never study/do your work on a bed or even in your bedroom.  You should sit at a table with your back straight.

Drinking ice cold water will keep you awake in two ways, the cold will wake you up and the water will make you need to use the toilet which keeps you awake (hopefully).  Instead of eating sweets you should eat apples, apparently they keep you awake.  Another good tip is too turn the light on your computer screen down so it doesn’t strain your eyes.  Having a friend around also helps keep you awake, plus they can be fun on breaks which you should take for ten minutes every fifty minutes.  It’s been proven that loads of short study/work sessions give better results than one big one.

Wish me look, I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday.  Be sure to vote and leave a comment below.  Also if you like my blog you can subscribe over on the left, you don’t need to have a WordPress account all you need is an e-mail address.