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Source Code

Source Code was released in cinemas on the first of April.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan star as Captain Colter Stevens and Christina Warren respectively.  The plot reminded me of Groundhog Day, the film, so I’ve brought back Grandma Groundhog to guest star in the Source Code poster.

What would you do if you only had eight minutes to live?  I’d probably spend it thinking of something cool to do.  Luckily, the characters in Source Code have better ideas on how to spend their last few minutes.

The movie is about an army helicopter pilot who, after getting injured in Afghanistan, is put into a project called Source Code.  Source Code allows him to enter the body of someone to relive their last eight minutes.  His mission, in these eight minutes, is to find out who blew up the train, so he can prevent a future bomb attack.

Naturally, he doesn’t get it the first million times and after a while he begins to get attached to the girl he, the person whose body he’s invading, is travelling with.  However, he can’t save her or can he?  Probably not.

The movie is directed by Duncan Jones, who previously directed Moon.  If you haven’t seen Moon then you’re missing out, Jones is a very talented director and the movie is one of the greatest underrated films of all time.  From watching the trailer, it looks like Jones has done it again.  Source Code looks great, though the story may get a bit repetitive.  Movie goers have said that the time loop is annoying at first, but the second half of the movie makes up for that.

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