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Men in Black 3

On the 25th of May 2012 the third Men in Black movie will hit cinemas, a full ten years after its predecessor.  Will Smith and Tommie Lee Jones will be returning as Agents J and K, respectively.  Barry Sonnenfield, director of the first two MIB films, will once again be director and Steven Spielberg will be returning as executive producer.

This movie will see Agents J and K travel back in time, using an Apple Store, to the 60s were they encounter K’s younger self, played by Josh Brolin.  While in the past, they must stop, time travelling villain, Boris, played by Jemaine Clement, from killing young K.  If K dies in the best then Earth in the present will be destroyed, for some reason.  I assume it would be either because K never would have stopped some alien attack or that it would just mess up the very fabric of existence.  Several celebrities of the time make cameos in the film were they are all revealed to be aliens.  These include; Jimi Hendrix, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol.

The time travel angle had fans worried that it was being done as a way to replace Tommie Lee Jones, while still having his character in the film.  However, we now know that both Ks will be in the movie.  I’m not convinced that Josh Brolin, age 43, should play the 60s version of Tommy Lee Jones, age 64, seeing as Jones would only be in his 20s in the 60s.

The movie will be in eye popping 3D, which I’m glad about.  If any movie could really benefit from being in 3D, it’s this one.  The, sure to be over the top, alien attacks will look amazing as they fly straight at you through the screen.  This movie will definitely be a walk down nostalgia lane, but let’s hope it picks up some new follows as well, as it will be competing against all of the big summer blockbusters.

What do you think?  Are you glad they’ve resurrected this franchise?  If you could time travel what time period would you visit?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.  Also if you like this post, don’t forget to subscribe.


Sucker Punch

For years woman have bragged about how men do not understand the complexity of the female mind, well prepare to get the male theory of how woman think.

Sucker Punch is the story of a young woman, in 1955, who retreats into her own mind, and then she retreats from that fantasy into another one, much like the whole Inception dream within a dream concept.  The movie follows a twenty year old girl who goes by the nickname Baby Doll, played by Emily Browning.  After accidentally shooting her sister, while attempting to stop her stepfather from molesting them, Baby Doll is locked in a mental institution.  Her stepfather, to stop her from revealing the truth, arranges for her to be lobotomised, but it’ll take the doctor five days to arrive and do the procedure.

During this time, Baby Doll fantasies about being a dancer at a strip club.  In the fantasy world she is told that her virginity has been sold to a client who will arrive in five days.  Baby Doll then escapes this world by travelling to a different fantasy world where she is told that she needs five things to escape; a map, fire, a knife, a key and a mystery object.  To get these objects Baby Doll and her friends must go on an adventure in both fantasy worlds.  Will Baby Doll and the others escape in time and will that even matter to the real world?

The movies really girl power from a guys perspective.  Not many girls dream of becoming strippers or fighting demons in a school girl uniform.  However, from a special effect side, the film looks great.  Visually it’s a treat, no doubt, but the story may be too crazy for most people to handle.  The original pitch for the movie was Alice in Wonderland with machine guns, which is a fairly good description actually.

The movie comes out, in Ireland and the UK, on the 1st of April.  It stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Jon Hamm, Carla Gugino and Jena Malone.  It was directed by Zack Snyder, who is directing the new Superman movie.  Snyder, along with Steve Shibuya, wrote the film.

What do you think?  Is this an accurate depiction of the inner workings of the female mind?  Have you ever had a fantasy within a fantasy or a dream within a dream?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Superman: Man of Steel 2012

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s a British guy in a cape.

Next year Superman will be landing in cinemas once again.  The movie is going to be a complete reboot and will be unrelated to previous Superman films.  The plot is somewhat of a mystery, but, as usual, rumours have been circling the web, some ridiculous.  At this stage all we really know is that a portion takes place in Smallville, probably a big portion as they cast Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent.  A name has not been confirmed, but it is rumoured to be Superman: Man of Steel.

The villain hasn’t even been confirmed yet, though most believe its Zod.  We probably won’t have to wait very long before all the missing pieces are revealed, as the whole film is being rushed to avoid a payout.  The family of the original creator of Superman have won a case to regain some rights to Superman and his origin.  The judge ruled that Warner Bros did not have to pay the family for Superman movies that had already been made, but would have to start production of a new Superman movie by 2011 or the family could sue for loss of earnings.

So far four cast members have been announced.  Henry Cavill will play Superman, making him the first non American to portray the man of steel, Amy Adams was cast as Lois Lane, Diane Lane is Martha Kent and, as mentioned above, Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent.  The interesting thing about the casting is that there is almost ten years between each of the actors.  Henry Cavill is 27, Amy Adams is 36, Diane Lane is 46 and Kevin Costner is 56.  Maybe it’s a conspiracy.

Personally, I really like Superman and I’m looking forward to this movie, at least until I have reason not to.  Christopher Nolan is producing the movie and David S. Goyer is writing it.  Nolan became interested when he heard Goyer’s idea, so you know it’s got to be good.  Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen, is directing the film.  It’s beginning to sound like this movies going to be darker than other Superman films.  I just hope they make it serious, because comic book movies usual don’t work well unless they take themselves serious.  The movie will be released some time in December 2012.

What do you think?  What would you like to see happen?  Is the age gap a conspiracy theory?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Capcom has announced yet another new release, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  As with most of the others it is little more than fan service.  The game features multiplayer with up to four player co-op, giving fans the thrill of playing as part of a team.  Don’t get me wrong this would be great if it were part of the main series, but instead it takes place in an alternate reality where players can actually kill some of the main characters from previous games.

The game is set in Raccoon City, 1998, the same time as Resident Evil 2 and 3 took place.  Players will take control of a team sent by Umbrella to destroy all evidence of the outbreak and its survivors.  As well as zombies, Umbrella’s team will also be up against the government who have sent another team to retrieve the evidence necessary to expose the Umbrella Corporation. 

The game really sounds great apart from the fact that you can change the history of the game by killing off some of the old main characters, Leon Kennedy for example.  The multiplayer features alone are a pretty good reason to consider buying the game, but all the fan service in the world can’t save a game that goes against its own canon.

Competitive online modes will be included and it sounds like there will be a wider variety of online modes than previous instalments.  Let’s just hope for one without an annoying timer.  More information should be released at Capcom’s press conference next month, so we should know more then.  The game itself was developed by Canadian game company Slant Six Games and  is expected to hit shelves this winter.  It will be released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

What do you think?  Do you like the sound of this game?  Is the idea of killing previous main characters a good thing or a bad thing?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Rise of the Apes

Imagine a world were apes were the dominant species and humans were just pets.  Lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine, because they’ve made a film about it.  Actually they’ve made lots of films about it, but it started as a book call La Planéte des singes.  It was written by Pierre Boulle and tells the tale of a couple that find a message in a bottle floating in space.  The message explains that two men travelled from Earth to a planet that was ruled by apes.  On this planet humans were primitive servants, but when the apes find out these new arrivals intelligent they decide all humans must be killed.  One of the men escapes with a primitive woman, that he fell in love with, and the child they had together.  When he returns to Earth he finds that apes have taken over the world.

The first film came out in 1968.  In this version the apes planet is revealed to be Earth, which was not the case in the original novel.  The film was a success and has had four sequels, two TV adaptations and a re-imagining, plus the upcoming film, Rise of the Apes.

The re-imagining of the film came out in 2001 and was also a success.  It was all set to have a sequel, but Tim Burton, who directed the film, said he’d rather ‘jump out a window’ than do another one.  The end of this film was closer to the novels ending.  Leo returns to Earth and finds it is ruled by apes.  This ending confused audiences; it was not really done very well.  It kind of mixed the books ending with the ending of the original movie, he made it back to his time but it has to be the same planet because the Lincoln Memorial changed into a memorial for General Thade, the bad guy.

The plot of the upcoming film, Rise of the Apes, has not been completely revealed, but we do know that it’s a prequel (to what I don’t know).  I assume it must be a prequel to the 2001 movie, as it differs from the canon of the older films.  In the film, James Franco will play a scientist who is experimenting on apes.  One of the apes, Caesar, begins to mutate and become intelligent.  The film is said to be a warning about genetic engineering.  This will be the first Planet of the Apes film to us CGI to create the apes.  The movie is expected to hit cinemas on the 5th of August, so be on the lookout for mutated apes.

What do you think?  Do you want the Planet of the Apes franchise to continue or would you prefer if it died out?  Which is your favourite Planet of the Apes film?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Wonder Woman Returns to a TV Near You

You may or may not have heard about the upcoming Wonder Woman TV show.  It was in production hell for a while, but it’s finally getting a pilot.  Adrianne Palicki will be taking on the role of Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, and Justin Bruening will be playing her love interest, Steve Trevor.

This show will not be connected to the earlier series, which spanned three seasons ending with Diana moving to Los Angeles.  Lynda Carter, star of the previous show, was asked to appear in the pilot, but could not due to scheduling issues.  However she remains optimistic about possibly making a cameo in a future episode.  It would have been great to have Carter in the pilot, but don’t get too upset as Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes will be there to distract you, both of which will be guest starring.

The plot of the show is something of a mystery, but since Steve Trevor, army vet, is in it, I’d assume it’s still going to have some connection with the military.  I did hear a rumour that it would be set in L.A. and Wonder Woman would be a corporate executive by day and crime fighter by night.  I doubt the rumour’s true, but you really never know.  Despite the criticism they’ve already received for the new costume, I actually think they could make this show work if they play their cards right.  This could put Wonder Woman up there with movie stars like Batman and Superman.

What do you think?  Are you excited about this show?  Do you like the new costume?  Let me know by voting and leaving a comment below.

Lucy Lawless Returns in Spartacus Season 2

Despite what you may have thought from the finale of the first season, Lucy Lawless will be returning for season two of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which has suitably been titled Spartacus: Vengeance.

At the end of season one, Lawless’s character, Lucretia, was stabbed in the stomach by Crixus and left for dead.  However, it appears that the wound was not fatal and she will be making a full recovery.  Can’t help but think that a trained killer like Crixus really should have notice he hadn’t cut deep enough to kill her.  Lawless, though happy to be returning, does not expect it to last ‘I’m in season two, but I probably won’t be in season three… I fully expect to die’.

Other characters may also be reappearing this season.  Rumour is that Gannicus will also be coming back.  I’d bet money this rumour is true, they introduced him for a reason and it wasn’t just to have him ride off into the sunset, plus historically he fought in the Third Servile War, which is the slave rebellion that started at the end of Blood and Sand.  Also Oenomaus is in the rebellion, so Gannicus has to join or he’d look like a jerk.

Who would you like to see return?  What do you want to happen in season two?  Personally I want Lucretia to kick Ilithyia for locking the door.  Don’t forget to vote and leave a comment below.

Resident Evil: Revival

Are you tired of playing Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PC and your mobile phone?  Well don’t worry because soon you’ll have the chance to play it on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Capcom as announced another addition to the Resident Evil series, well it doesn’t really add anything its just recycling old games, Resident Evil: Revival Selection.  The game is just Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica, except the graphics have been converted to HD.  It should be interesting to see, but will people really buy a game just for improved graphics?  Remember, new games cost between €50 and €60, so if you already have the game why would you buy it again?  Please somebody think of the economy.

If you are going to buy the game, you’ll be happy to know that all of the original extra content will still be there, this includes Ada’s missions in Resident Evil 4.  You should also know that these are the full games, it’s not like Umbrella Chronicles, they have not been edited down.  However, it’s unclear whether or not extra content has been added.  I for one hope they’ve improved the control system in Code Veronica.  A two player mode would be nice too.  It might be possible after the success of the multiplayer in number 5, plus it would make Ashley less annoying if she could at least run away from enemies.  Then again, when Ashley gets kidnapped, what would the second player do?

If you live in Japan you’ll be able to find this game in stores soon, if not you’ll have to wait until this autumn when they will be released as downloadable games on the PSN and XBLA.

Do you want this game?  Which are you most looking forward to seeing in HD?  Do you want them to add multiplayer features?  Leave a comment and vote below to let me know what you think.

Paranormal Activity 3

Six months and one day ago, I wrote about Paranormal Activity 2, today I’m going to focus on the third instalment of the franchise.  I didn’t find either of the first too particularly scary, I’m weird like that, but there’s no denying that they are really good and unique movies.

The plot of the third one is still somewhat of a mystery, which has opened the imaginations of fans.  Some want another prequel that shows Katie and Kristi being haunted as kids.  A prequel going back that far would mean that HD cameras would not be realistic, so I’m pretty sure this will not be the direction they take the movie in.  Others wanted to go back even further and show the relative that started this whole thing off, which probably won’t happen for the same reason as before.

An interesting theory is that it will follow ghost hunters; no I don’t mean a sophisticated team of Ghostbusters, just regular people, with a camera, that want to see a ghost.  Of all the theories I read this is my favourite.  Others include the police setting cameras up around the city to try find Katie and Hunter, Katie recovering from possession and going up against the demon and the whole thing just being a reality show.

While reading all the speculation, I couldn’t help but come up with a theory of my own.  The trailer for the second one shows scenes that aren’t in the movie; Hunter disappearing from the crib and appearing in the mirror.  I think that this is something they may use in the third one.  Hunter could be trying to contact Ali for help and the movie would follow her, with cameras, trying to find and save her little brother.  I could be wrong, but it’s what I’d like to see happen.

The movie is expected to come out on the 21st of October, in time for Halloween.  Be sure to check it out if you’re a horror fan.  You can share you’re theories about Paranormal Activity 3 in the comments below and don’t forget to vote.

Six Month Anniversary of Blogging Every Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since I start blogging.  I’m really enjoying it and I hope that you’re enjoying reading it.  To honour my six month anniversary of posting everyday I’ll be talking about my experience writing a blog.

My first post was about Paranormal Activity 2, I wrote it straight after I came home from seeing it in the cinema.  I was babysitting my nephew, so it took a while to write the post, but I was glad that I had because it set my whole blogging career in motion.  From then on I wrote every day.  It was so easy at first, everything was fresh and there was so much to write about.  As time went on I realised that sometimes I would really have to work hard to get myself to write.  There’s always something to write about if you’re willing to look hard enough.

I have lazy days and there are days when I want to write about other topics, that’s why I added the random section.  For a while it did become a crutch, but as I got used to researching and writing a piece every day, I was able to reduce the amount of random posts.  Once I’d done that, the blog began to get more hits.  That’s not to say the random posts didn’t get views, they did.

If you write a blog the hardest thing to do is find the time to write it.  At one stage, I was posting all my articles at two in the morning (I don’t need much sleep).  It was only when someone told me that the quality of these posts was not as good as the ones written later in the day that I stopped and began writing in the evening instead.

Another tip I’d give is to only post stuff that you wouldn’t mind your worst enemy reading.  If you’re like me you won’t really mind people joking about what you write, but some people genuinely don’t like that.  Just make sure you don’t post anything you don’t want getting back to you.  I had a bad experience with the song I wrote for Near fm.  I wrote the song for an assignment in college.  We all had to do a group presentation and I thought it’d be fun if my group sang.  One of the members asked me to put the song on my blog so he could read it, I posted it and he liked it.  In the end the group wouldn’t sing it, but someone (Robbie) told everyone it was on my blog and it was read out as part of our presentation.  I would have preferred all of us making fools of ourselves together, but I got top marks so I don’t care.

As well as my six month anniversary (blogiversary), I also broke 10,000 hits today.  I didn’t ever expect to get so many hits.  I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, seeing the number of views makes me so happy.  It feels great to have my work read, so thank you all.  Well we’ve reached the end of this anniversary post, but tomorrow, in honour of my first post, I’ll be writing about Paranormal Activity 3, so be sure to check that out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve struggle through so many technical difficulties to get it up but apparently it’s Matt’s fault whoever that is.  Don’t forget to leave a comment below.