The Rite

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t really I just couldn’t think of a witty icebreaker for a film about a priest, well I couldn’t think of one that wasn’t the obvious.  Still I should probably let you know that the youngest character in it is a sixteen year old girl, so don’t panic.

The Rite is essentially a modern day version of The Exorcist, without all the hype and charm of the original that is.  The story is about a Priest, Michael Kovak, who joined the church with the intention of using it to get a free college degree, and now wishes to quit.  After he quits, a dying woman, who sees his clothes and believes him to be a priest, asks him to absolve her sins, which he does.  Another priest witnesses this and asks Michael to reconsider, he even offer him a trip to Rome to attend a class on exorcism.  Michael accepted his, only because it came with a promise that a $100,000 would be levied.  Michael’s scepticism is challenged when he sees demonic possession with his own eyes.

The trailer says it’s ‘based on a true story’, which does not make the movie fact.  It’s easy to forget that based on a true story means that it was made more dramatic and less realistic.  Not that anything truly beyond belief happens in the movie, vomiting nails seems to be the strangest (not the nails on fingers and toes).  The film was generally received negatively, so this may be one to avoid.  Still if you enjoy The Exorcist and strong religious themes, then this could be the movie for you.  It comes to cinemas on the 25th of February and stars Antony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue and Alice Braga.

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One response

  1. Amy

    I tink it looks good but i ain’t gonna go c it

    February 22, 2011 at 10:40 pm

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