Portal 2

Portal gained much, unexpected, success in 2007 and now finally players will get the chance to return and learn more about what was a two character world.

Portal 2 should be landing on a shelf near you this April.  However I wouldn’t imagine it’ll be landing there for long, as it’s become one of the most anticipated games of the year.  Hard to believe it comes from such humble beginnings.

The first game follows Chell, a silent character that must navigate her way through a series of puzzles.  She is aided by the use of gun that allows her to create portals (aka portal gun).  The enemy of the game is GLaDOS, an artificially intelligent computer system that goes insane.

Despite being defeated at the end of the first game, GLaDOS will be returning in the upcoming sequel.  This may not be a big surprise as she did taunt, during the end credits, that she is ‘still alive’.

The second game takes places hundreds of years after the first.  Chell, who has been in suspended animation for this time, will reprise her role as the main protagonist.  This time she will have a sidekick, a personality sphere called Wheatly that she must carry around.  Wheatly comes in useful when you need a door open, but, most importantly, he provides comic relief.

Although it takes place in the same labs as the first game, the scenery of the second has severely decayed.  This is mended after you wake GLaDOS from her dormant state and she begins fixing the facility.  The graphics look very impressive, plus new types of portals have been introduced to make the game even more interesting.

The developers have listened to fans and added a multiplayer mode, which is co-op.  Players will get a chance to player either split screen or online.  In multiplayer mode you will get to play as Atlas, a modified personality core, and P-body, a turret gun.  Sounds interesting don’t it.  The two player campaign is not the same story as single player; reports say that it takes place in a different time.  The feature requires that players work together, so new abilities were put in the online version to make it easier, players being able to place icons to instruct the other person for example.

Both the co-op and single player campaigns should take, roughly, twice as long as number one did, which means that fans can enjoy making portals for hours (well around six).  Due to demand you may need to pre-book this game so don’t procrastinate.  It will be released on PS3, xbox 360, windows and Mac.

Vote and leave a comment below or a portal will open up and send you to Denmark and you won’t know that language and will look like a fool.


One response

  1. Amy

    I tink d game sounds good….I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot… I like d way it 2 player n d story sounds interesting…it sounds like it deserves 2 b d most anticipated game of d year !!!

    February 19, 2011 at 12:27 am

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