100th Post

While doing research on 100th posts I uncovered something that I wasn’t expecting.  Apparently for your 100th post you are supposed to write 100 things about yourself.  Since I write a post every day, I had to think of these all in one sitting and it took a while, but here it goes.

  1. I like to wear t-shirts that say things that are the opposite of me e.g. football on the brain.
  2. I take hours to eat, because I’m big into really tasting things.
  3. I mix a lot of foods together, for the same reason as above I like tastes, this means I’ll put chips on pizza, dip mars bars in tea, and millions of other things that could take up a whole post.
  4. I hate ads on TV I’ll do anything to avoid them.  I’ll change the channel or even leave the room, not just randomly I’d have something planned to do on the ad break; like next ad I’ll go put my phone on charge or let the dogs out.
  5. I have two dogs.
  6. I have a brother.
  7. I have a nephew, who is also my godson.
  8. I’m really bad with kids and babies, but my nephew likes me for some reason.
  9. I’ve never changed a nappy and hope to go a lot longer before I ever have to.

10.  I play the piano.  I thought myself when I was a kid.

11.  I love horror movies.  I used to be so afraid of them, but now I can’t get enough.

12.  I love foreign films, mainly, but not exclusively, Japanese.

13.  I don’t think that the number 13 is unlucky.

14.  I would love to write a book.

15.  I’ve been writing since I was a kid.

16.  I’m really bad at lying.

17.  I’ve had the same e-mail address since I was 17.

18.  I read really slowly, but I don’t always see that as a bad thing, because I get to live with the story longer.

19.  I’m not good at social networks sites.

20.  I’m a hoarder.  I’m not really bad, but I don’t like getting rid of things.

21.  I’m a really bad dancer.

22.  I’m not very emotional.

23.  I go on strange thought patterns, which lead to conversation skips that people can’t follow.

24.  I don’t eat fish.  I don’t even know what most fish taste like, I just don’t eat them because there fish.

25.  I’m put myself out for people, probably too much.

26.  When a family member asks for a favour I say no, then I do it.  It’s like an ongoing joke that has gone so far past funny that it’s just become a normal part of conversation, it was funny the first time I said it.

27.  I love learning about all the behind the scenes stuff, so I love watching deleted scenes and special features.

28.  I’m a fountain of useless information.

29.  I’m easily excited and when that happens my voice goes weird, it’s like I lose the ability to say some letters.

30.  I’m not afraid to talk to people.

31.  Sugar free jellies make me hyper.

32.  Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but only on days that I don’t have to rush it.

33.  I can’t eat breakfast first thing in the morning, if I don’t have to be in college I’ll wait until around 12 to eat it, by then I’d already have walked my dogs.

34.  I have the biggest bedroom, because my mam can’t sleep at the front of the house due to the noise of cars and my brother, who I used to share a room with, was told that if he wanted his own room he’d have to move into the spare room he couldn’t kick me out of the room.

35.  I can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 3 minutes.

36.  I have a whiteboard in my bedroom.

37.  I have two guitars that I can’t play.

38.  As a child I had white hair, then it went blond and now it’s a weird dark blond colour.

39.  I have a PS3.

40.  I recently got a HD cable for my TV.

41.  I have a wolf mask on my wall that is lucky, but only when worn as a hat.

42.  I strongly believe that you can only open one packet of biscuits at a time, even if you want a different type.

43.  I don’t care about the inner details of celebrities lives.

44.  I’m a huge lost fan.

45.  I still haven’t stuck my communion photo into my primary school graduation book.  I promised that I’d stick it in when I got home from school, because I’d forgot to bring the picture in, then we didn’t have clue so I just put the picture in the book, not glued, and I haven’t gotten around to gluing it yet and that was in 2004.

46.  I’m dyslexic.

47.  In primary school I wrote a book, with some other dyslexic friends, about my dog and it got put in the school library, we even had a book launch.

48.  I have Ulysses, but not think I’ll be trying to read it anytime soon.

49.  I have a book that I’ve been planning on finishing reading since 2004, I think I’ll have to start from the start if I want it to make sense.

50.  I don’t like drinks with bits in them.

51.  I like Sims games (console versions mostly), but mainly for the multiplayer mode so I’m a bit iffy with Sims 3.

52.  I’ve known my best friend for about 14 years and the longest real fight we’ve ever had was about two days.

53.  I love family guy and American dad, but not the Cleveland show; I’d still watch it if nothing else was on though.

54.  I send a lot of text messages.

55.  Every year I seem to get a stalker, it’s not real psycho stalking or anything, but it’s strange.  Also every year I lose a stalker, because another one talks their place and they seem to fade into the background.

56.  I don’t like being wrong.

57.  I don’t curse a lot.

58.  My relatives used to be afraid to curse around me because I’d give out to them.

59.  I’m a bit of a control freak.

60.  My room is wired weird.  If I want better TV reception I have to put a pillow behind the headboard, if I move from one seat to the other the radio station sometimes changes, if I stand in certain places the radio gets fuzzy and one of my sockets only works in you leave the plug hanging out a bit and push up the bottom.

61.  I have a table that I made out of a drawing board and a keyboard stand.

62.  My brother and I rarely get along.

63.  I don’t drink.

64.  I love drawing and just art in general.

65.  I don’t have any tattoos.

66.  I love cold weather, rain and snow.

67.  I tan really easy and have only really gotten sun burn once, in Florida.

68.  When I was a kid I won an art contest, which I entered through my school, and forgot to tell my family.  A few weeks later my mam found the gold medal in my bag.

69.  My team came second in a school football tournament, that everyone had to take part in, and I turned down the medal out of protest because my team complained that they would have won if they had a better player instead of me.  I was made take the medal though.

70.  I have a house in France.

71.  I don’t really watch TV till midnight.

72.  I don’t sleep a lot, never have.  I stay up until about 3 and wake up at around half 7 on a day I have college at 9, or at 9 on a weekend.  There weren’t enough hours in the day so I took some from the night.

73.  I hate reality TV, with some exceptions.

74.  I’m bad at maths.

75.  I’m a learner driver.

76.  I own a Toyota Yaris, which I love.

77.  I went to New York the year before last and loved it.  Can’t wait to go again.

78.  I’ve never had a good time playing Quasar.

79.  I’m very competitive.

80.  I don’t drink fizzy drinks, I have water instead.

81.  I love milk.

82.  I hate getting my photo taken.

83.  I still have a VCR.

84.  I love languages and accents.

85.  I put a lot of thought into giving presents that people will actually want, for example; I once gave a friend a Canadian accent for Christmas and another time I made someone a giant card with a picture of them drawn on the front (I had to walk a fair distance and wait around holding this card in a really big envelope).

86.  My secondary school gave me a piano.

87.  I’m studying journalism.

88.  I’m editor of my college’s online magazine.

89.  I hate getting my hair cut.

90.  Sometimes I like movies just because they’re bad.

91.  I want to travel around the world.

92.  I love playing with Photoshop.

93.  I’m a big fan of Devil May Cry, even number two.

94.  I like to rearrange the letter of names to make new ones.

95.  I once wore odd shoes around to my friend’s house without realising it.

96.  I’m supposed to wear glasses, but rarely actually do.

97.  I have random nosebleeds.

98.  I’m not a morning person.

99.  I bake.

100. My favourite flavour ice-cream is Phish food (Ben and Jerry’s).

Thanks to everyone for reading, hope you like the list and I hope that you enjoy the blog.  Check back tomorrow for post 101.


4 responses

  1. Amy

    Cool post… Must of taken ya ages 🙂 still laf at d odd shoes one

    January 29, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    • It wouldn’t have been so bad if you hadn’t pointed it out to everyone even though I told you not to.

      January 31, 2011 at 2:37 pm

  2. Robbie

    Interesting list.

    I have noticed you rarely curse, especially considering I almost always do.

    And if sugar free jellies make you hyper, how do you react to thoser insanely sugary jellies?!

    January 30, 2011 at 5:09 am

    • Ironically sugary jellies seem to have no effect, it’s the natural confectionary ones that get me everytime.

      January 31, 2011 at 2:38 pm

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