DC Universe Online

The battle between Marvel and DC has been a long one and there’s no end in sight, but DC could be pulling ahead with the upcoming release of its baby; DC Universe Online.  The DC universe is filled with heroes, and villains, that have lived in the imaginations of fans for years, but now it’s time to come face to face with your favourite character.  Will you fight alone side them or against them, the choice is yours.

The game looks amazing, no one could say otherwise.  The only problem I have is the price.  PS3 players won’t be used to having to pay to play online and DC Universe Online naturally has no offline mode, so players will either have to pay up or give it a miss.  Will you pay €14.99 (£9.99) each month to play?  There are other payment options; you could pay €27.99 for three months (saves €16.98), or even €49.99 for six (saves €39.95).  Even if you use their best deal it’s still like buying a new game every six months.  The price really got rid of any chances there were of me getting this game.

The story is clever and does explain the sudden rise in superheroes.  In the future war wipes out everyone but Lex Luther.  Then Brainiac comes to take over Earth, so Lex goes back in time to warn the Justice League.  He then releases something that gives humans superpowers, which was made by brainiac so he could make an army.  Lex instructs the Justice League to gather and train these new heroes, but some will naturally become villains.

You can design your costume, choose your powers and you even get to choose to between good and bad.  I must admit that the game does sound tempting and if the prices weren’t so steep my desire to play might win out, but I just can’t justify that cost.  Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think and don’t forget to vote.


One response

  1. Amy

    It sounds n looks so cool…kinda shit da u have 2 pay 4 it again after a certain period of time bu I guess if u pay it d first time n dnt like it dn u wuld defo no it ain’t worth it !!!! Mayb u shuld give it a shot !!!

    January 4, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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