Tron: Evolution

Even the biggest Tron fans could not pretend that Tron: Evolution is a good game.  The graphics weren’t up to scratch, the story development isn’t good and the game just feels like you’re constantly doing the same things over and over.  Considering how good the movies were, in my opinion, this game was disappointing.

The biggest problem I have is the repetition.  There are different enemies, but they all look similar and are killed in only slightly different ways.  Plus you fight them in surroundings that look identical to the last room that had enemies in it.  Also there isn’t an edge you can’t fall off.  This gets pretty annoying after a while, as you could get stuck for a while, because there are quite a few places where you must jump from platform to platform.  It can also be funny, because bad guys can also fall.  In fact there was fight that I was trapped on for a while, then he accidentally did a flip off the side of the platform.

The soundtrack wasn’t bad.  Two Daft Punk songs, Derezzed and The Grid, are featured in the game.  They did such an amazing job on the movie soundtrack, I’m glad some of their songs got put in the game.  The rest of the songs in the game were made by Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco and Kevin Manthei.

The graphics are surprisingly bad.  To be fair the scenery isn’t the worst, but the characters look horrible.  At times Quorra looks like a man and it’s really hard to tell if Gibson is supposed to look old or young.

I don’t usually play online, but I really wanted a decent run on a Light Cycle, so I made the exception.  Have to say, it wasn’t terrible.  It was pretty good in fact.  Going around killing real players in disc combat (I almost made a typo that would have changed how you look at the Tron world) or on Light Cycles is really addictive.  One thing that freaked me out was that I picked up some peoples chat line and end up listening to their whole conversation.  That’s not the games fault that just happens sometimes when you play PS3 online.

If you want to fill in some of the gaps between the Tron movies, then you probably should get this game.  It’s not necessary as you’ll still understand what’s going on without playing the game, but if you’re dying to know more than buy the game.  The online play is another good reason to fork out the money, just remember the bad graphics, slow story and repetitive game play before you buy anything.

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One response

  1. Amy

    It sucks….movies are way better !!!! 🙂

    December 30, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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