Last Minute Christmas Shopping

I can’t see the future until it becomes the present, but here’s what I know about the first of January.  It will be a Saturday, the start of a new year, it will start just after midnight on the 31st of December and I’ll be starting Christmas shopping for next year.  It may be an unrealistic goal, but I pray that I stick to it.

I spent today searching for a present for my almost sixteen month old nephew.  I must have gone into every shop in the centre at least twice.  After hours of looking I eventually found something, but the more interesting story is what happened while I searched.  Before I start I’d just like to specify that it is not quite as exciting as that intro made it sound.  It’s close, but not quite there.  If you have now lost interest this would be a good place to stop reading, if not please keep your arms and legs inside of the vehicle at all times, because this journey starts in a car.

The traffic moved slowly along the roads, each driver being cautious of the snow.  Eventually we made it to the centre, I was drop off.  I had never entered the centre from this side before, made everything look interesting.  The familiar shops quickly destroyed this feeling of wonderment.

I paced from shop to shop, getting more and more desperate as I went.  The tone deaf choir sang songs that barely qualified as Christmas songs.  It was strange watching them; I just couldn’t understand how they couldn’t see the looks of pain on the passerby’s faces.  They must have known, deep down they must have known how bad they sounded.

Eventually I decided on a present, but first I would have to make it back to that shop alive; a task which I thought would be easier than it was.  The shop was on the other side of the car park.  At first I was fine, like every other time I’d crossed it that day, but then a car stopped driving, as I was crossing behind him, and he began to reverse.  After the initial bump, I managed to make it out of the way alive, but then the driver decided to yell at me.  Naturally I argued back, neither of us could hear the other through the window, but I was so angry I didn’t care.

I then went and got the present.  It’s wooden, so I felt like going back and smashing in that guy’s windows, but I didn’t.  Partly because I didn’t want to end up locked up over Christmas, and partly because I wasn’t a hundred percent sure which car was his.

The stress of last minute Christmas shopping, as well as the stupid drivers that are obviously mentally damaged, has convinced me to start my Christmas shopping on the first of January.  So next year everyone gets outdated Christmas presents.


One response

  1. Amy

    Awh hope ya ok… n at least u got something in d end n ur nephew will love it !!!

    December 23, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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