A Very Glee Christmas

It’s Christmas time on Glee and they’re doing their first Christmas episode.  Ho ho hold on a minute, how can this be Glee’s first Christmas episode if this is the second season?  The reason is, last year Glee skipped Christmas.  They have a mid-season break at before Christmas and don’t return until after so the producers just decided not to do one, but this year the last episode before the break is Christmas themed.

I’m not accusing Glee of being depressing and dark.  It’s the opposite and fans expect that, but this episode was so sweet and merry that it could melt teeth.  Brittany, as usual, was one of the best things in the episode.  Her innocent belief in Santa was heart warming.  I do have to wonder why all her friends seemed surprised by her belief, seeing as at least two of them have known her for years.

Sue was evil, that’s nothing new, but this time I just wanted to punch her.  She’s getting a little flat, there’s only so long you can play the ‘I’m tortured because I had a bad childhood and a Down syndrome sister’ card.  Then again little ray of character development do shine through on occasion and I was very disappointed when she gave up the principal position, because it really gave her a chance to show another side.

Rachel and Finn are two of the most boring and annoying characters in the show.  I hate it when they come on screen, but independent of each other I can handle them in small doses.  This episode shows them trying to piece their relationship back together; well it’s more like Rachel trying to win Finn back.  As usual the Glee kids use song to get what they want.  I know it’s a show about twenty something year old teenagers that sing but I’m getting real tired of them saying ‘well we are in glee, why don’t we sing’.  Okay we all get autotune’s great.

The episode was watchable, but not really good.  Maybe if you’re in the Christmas spirit, and want to hear a million Christmas songs sung by some of the world’s oldest teenagers, you’d enjoy it, but bar that it wasn’t a masterpiece.  In fact very little happened to further develop any of the characters story and I couldn’t help but notice that there was still one character left alone on Christmas.  If you’re a devote Gleek then you’ll probably love it, if not you probably won’t.  Nothing really happens in this episode so you wouldn’t be lost if you gave it a miss.


One response

  1. Amy

    Nt a big fan of glee anymore !!!!! I gave up on it since d start of season 2….it kinda sucks nowadays

    December 11, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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