Jackass 3D

Last Friday Jackass 3D hit cinemas and the box office didn’t stand a chance.  The movie set a new record for the most successful fall opening, a record that was, up until now, held by Scary Movie 3.  Jackass 3D grossed around 50 million which is 20 million more than producers thought, making it the most successful of the trilogy.

It’s not really ‘my’ type of movie, but you have to give credit to people who are willing to suffer for their ‘art’ and these guys have suffered… A LOT.  In fact Johnny Knoxville started Jackass as a way to test defence weapons.  He did this not to further is acting career, no it was to help his writing career.  At the time Knoxville was a regular contributor to a skating magazine.  He came up with the idea of testing self defence devices on himself and writing about it, but the editor told him to film it.  If it wasn’t for that editor then we probably wouldn’t have Jackass never mind Jackass 3D.

This movie marks Jackass’s tenth anniversary.  It’s hard to believe that a show/movie series about people injuring themselves has lasted ten years.  Then again, ER a show about injured people getting help lasted fifteen years, so it’s not just pain that sells… wait maybe it still is.

If you enjoy Jackass 3D then you don’t have long to wait to see what’s.  Jackass 3.5 is being released in January 2011.  Knoxville wasn’t lying when he said they’d filmed enough footage for two films, and Paramount are even considering a theatrical release.

Let me know what you think, with a comment or a vote, or both.


One response

  1. Amy

    I love jackass….. It’s so funny !!!! The 3D idea sounds amazing….. I hope jackass don’t end anytime soon….. So here’s to another 10 years :p !!!!

    November 7, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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