Being Human

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost walk into a house and…  Yes it sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it was actually the start of a beautiful friendship (and not a bad TV show either).

Being Human, like all shows, started as a pilot.  Even after the first episode aired the future of the show was still uncertain.  An online petition, which was signed by over 3000 people, encouraged editors to give the series the go ahead.  A lot of things changed between the pilot and the second episode.  The most obvious of these changes was the entire cast being replaced, that is except Russell Tovey, who plays George the lovable werewolf.

The recasting was blamed on the altering of the shows ‘tone’ and scheduling problems with Andrea Riseborough.  However the new cast proved to be a good choice as the show’s popularity took off.  The show is now so popular that it has caught the eye of the American’s and is being killed, I mean remade.

Annie, George and Mitchell, will be transformed into Sally, Josh and Aidan, played by Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington and Sam Witwer respectively.  Also joining the cast is Mark Pellegrino, who played Jacob on the amazing show Lost.  The new actors have been discouraged from watching the original series as the direct does not simply want to copy and paste the story, but instead he will make it his own.

Being Human (remake) will air on SyFy this January and will be the first scripted show the channel has made since they changed their name from SciFi.  The promo shows the show will not be made ‘tamer’ for the US audience, but does highlight some bad acting.  If nothing else this will draw more attention on the original series, so fans of the English version, myself included, should give this show a chance and we could be pleasantly surprised (look how well the US office turned out).

Comment below and let me know whether or not you feel that the remake is a good thing.


One response

  1. Amy

    Cant wait for this show to start !!!! I’m glad dey remade it but dat prob because Sam witwer is in it :p !!!!

    November 5, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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