Tron Legacy

In 1982, Steven Lisberger’s brainchild, Tron, was released in the cinema and became an instant hit.  John Lasseter, head of Pixar and Disney’s animation group, said the film inspired him and helped him see the potential of computer generated imagery in the production of animated films.  Over the years Tron has gained a cult following and rumours of a sequel have been around for a long time.

Due to the film’s large fan base, there was speculation in the late 90s that Disney was planning a sequel.  Then in 1999 Pixar admitted that they were considering making either a sequel or a remake of the hit film.  There were reports about planned sequels, but the next big leak wasn’t until 2005 when it was reported that Disney had hired Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal to write the sequel.  At Comic-Con 2008 a trailer was shown.  In the trailer Jeff Bridges reprised his role as Kevin Flynn.  Later, Bridges revealed that the footage seen in the trailer would not appear in the finished film.  Finally, in 2009, Tron Legacy was announced.  Legacy was written by Steven Lisberger, Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal.

The film is set in 2010 and follows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) son of the original lead Kevin Flynn.  Kevin mysteriously disappeared 20 years before the film starts, but one night a mysterious signal is sent from his old arcade, Sam goes to investigate, is pulled into the world of Tron where he is reunited with his estranged father, and the two must fight to escape from the now much more advanced world.

The movie is set to be released on the 17th of December, but before then we can look forward to the game which will come out on the 7th of December.  The game is titled Tron Evolution and is intended to bridge the gap between the two movies.  The story in the game is canon with the movies and the events of the game will be referenced in Tron Legacy.  The game will be cross-platform.  Versions will be released on windows, PS3, Xbox, PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS.  It will also have both single and multi-player modes, and post release downloadable content.

Tron has proven that it is truly unforgettable.  With thousands of pre-existing fans teamed together with the new fans, that the extravagant trailer has brought, success is almost guaranteed, and if the movie is anywhere near as good as the original then DVD sales should rake in a more than respectable sum.  Whether you’re a fan of the original, or new to the series the movie looks amazing and is sure to be a visual masterpiece, if nothing else.  It has a solid story and fans should be glad that the original has not been forgotten.  With a little luck this may be the must see movie of 2010.

Tron Legacy Trailer

Tron Evolution Trailer


One response

  1. Amy

    Can’t wait to see this….it looks amazin I’m definitely going to get the original and watch it before d new ones cinema release !!!!!

    November 1, 2010 at 6:08 pm

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